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GIR Ride - Nov 12th 2006

i was one of the very first to reach the meeting spot .. was waiting along with legend_alive aka Varun for a long time .. bunny was the first one to come , all geared up on his monstrous sounding comet along with prahalad .. the next to arrive was sunny with the CBR along wish deepak, badri , suren and steve... and i still remember that first sight of the Blade rolling towards me .. damn gorgeous babe ... it started to rain then , and we were waiting for the others to come and were havin a real nice time by takin snaps alongside the CBR .. then stoneycold aka Arun joined us ( he came today inspite of havin semester exams starting the next day , and thanks machi for givin me a lift on the way back .. ) .. then everyone started firing up their bikes and got going, i was supposed to ride with arun , but due to some confusion i had to chase him down and get on with him later on ..

it was after that the fun really began .. and i saw the Blade in action up so close for the first time, when it zoomed past me in the adjacent lane .. and almost everyone started ripping right away .. everyone was dragging around with everyone else .. we reached viewpoint and started riding out in a formation for bunny to take pics and sunil to take videos .. and in the formation the Blade was right in front of me , so i could feel the rev in my face and it was so bloody orgasmic ... reached mahab and went to hotel moonwalkers .. spent a lot of time in the restaurant with the guys esp with steve .. had a nice time discussing everything from bikes to movies to digi cams, touring etcetera ... started back for chennai .. and i rode with steve on the way back ( thanks to him for getting me with him even though there was a lot of headwind and it became extremely diff to ride with a pillion ) .. then everyone decided to go offroad to the beach to take some pics .. the guys had nice fun there digging the bikes onto the sand .. and finally managed to come out of the terrain unscathed and on the road we got to see some stunts by deepak .. there were some good wheelies and stoppies ... i rode arun's Bike back to chennai, and it was so much fun( thanks machi for givin me a ride on ur Bike , it was by far my best ride till date ) .. and on the way back suren and stoneycold got caught with the cops for speeding .. we were held up there for quite sometime .. and it was stoneycold who took me back from there till the place where i had put my Bike .. took my scooty and got back home .. overall the day was so much fun , it provided a glimpse of the bikers world cos this is the first time i am goin such distances on a Bike .. and it was such a wonderful experience for me ... thanks to the GIR team and the chennai xBhp clan for this day ...


Pondy Ride ( It was Planned to be one .. ) Jan 26th 2007

Date : 26th Jan 2007 , Republic day ..

Riders : Venki , Vijay , Srikanth , Arun Nair , Tintu , Me ..

Rides : 2 P150 V2's , 1 Honda Activa ..

We were plannin to meet by 7 at kilpauk , surprisingly we were just 30 mins late .. It was the 5 of us meeting there , we would later pick up Tintu on the way , from St. Joseph's hostel .. Fuelled up the bikes from a pump on Old Mahabalipuram Road ( OMR ) .. We were to take this road to reach St. Joseph's , and later planned to reach ECR thru the kelambakkam road ..

Picked up Tintu from St. Joseph's after a lot of confusion and finally we were off by 9.00 am .. ( we were plannin to reach pondy by 11 , and it was still 130 kms away ) ..

Next stop was view point , some 7 kms before mahab , clicked some pics and took a small butt break , it was then we saw 2 sbk's fly past us , jumped on the bikes immedietly and started goin after them , not that we were looking to catch up with them ( they were doin a comfortable 150 k's), but i knew they would stop at Mamalla for sure..

Reached Mamalla in few minutes , and then we got the shock of our life , it wasn't just any other SBK , but a MV AUGUSTA F4i.. damn .. there was also a Triumph parked nearby ( dunno which one ) ,we kept ogling at the Augusta , it really looked as if it was rolled out from a art gallery or somethin .. snapped a few pics with both bikes , the people around were reluctant to let us get close to the bikes , else we could have clicked some pics by sittin on it as well ..damn ..

went into the place had nice, filling breakfast .. even while we were eating a porsche Boxster S rolled in , .. gulped down the food quickly to get a look at the porsche , the bill came to 201 bucks .. then , rushed out to look at the porsche , took some pics of it as well ..

after this it was me on a P150 with venki as my pillion , Arun on the other P150 with Tintu behind him , poor vijay and srikanth were on the activa .. it was here the fun was starting .. we decided to go all out from there ( ie the two pulsars atleast ) .. so we both started redlining in each gear and held her steady at 105-110 kmph all the time , the needle hardly dipped below 100kmph and the engine never saw anythin below 8.5k rpms, and once after about 20 kms i came face-to-face with a bus which came out of nowhere .. managed to avoid to narrowly by braking hard and goin off the road .. aby now Arun was having a great time too .. after that we started goin out against each other , he would overtake us , then i would give him the finger on the next corner ... we kept doin this till the next incident happened ..

after that it was my turn to narrowly avoid another accident , i was on the wrong side of the lane tryin to over take this lazy moving santro , it was a risky maneuver cos there was this M 800 on the other side closing on us ,i expected to pass the santro and get onto the safe lane , but then the unexpected happened , the santro suddenly swerved to the right to over take a slow moving two-wheeler i believe , at this moment i was jus 1 feet away from the side , after it swerved towards me i panicked , but somehow i quickly reacted and pulled hard to the right , all this was happening at a speed of around 100kmph , then started dropping speed really fast , and i was actually crouching during the whole incident so my face was jus inches away from the window of that car , i really thought i was doomed , somehow managed to avoid that and passed the santro , but now i was directly in the path of the M800 , well thanks to the evasive action by the driver ( he quickly hit the brakes and swerved away to the left end of the road ) i managed to avoid a head-on collision , and made it through the situation .. dropped the speed to 40 kmph immedietly after that , my legs were shakin , so we stopped for a butt break under a shady tree .. by now we had done 40 kms from pondy , all in less than 27 mins .. seems that Tintu was timing the run , to have a better statistic we did the first 20 kms in 12 mins flat .. how it that ??

when we stopped we expected the activa to be behind by atleast 20 mins , but to our surprise they reached very soon in some 10 mins or less , seems they were holding it at 80 kmph ( speedo indicated top speed ! ) all the time .. now i chose to take vijay as pillion with me and srikanth hopped on to arun's bike , according to plan the next stop was marakkanam 25 kms away from there .. again started ripping away , took corners with even more confidence and arrogance .. then we found this road to the alamparai fort , jus 6 kms after the previous stop, we had originally planned to go there , but it was'nt possible cos we were already behind schedule .. but on srikanth's suggestion we decided to stop for tea or somethin ..

while waiting i got a call from venki's mom , i assured her that all was well and told her we were nearing pondy .. even while i was speakin to her , vijay got a call .. damn , that was when all hell broke loose , it was venki tellin us that they had a CRASH .. Arun quickly rushed back to the spot , i was too tensed by then , cos venki's mom was on the phone , somehow managed to cut the call without lettin her know anythin about the situation .. now vijay was riding and i was really very tensed .. i prayed that it should not be very bad .. reached that place and found venki standing by the side of the road all bruised up , seems that Tintu had been riding , He had gone wide while taking this corner at 80 kmph and lost control , they were dragged along the road for some 10 metres and the bike fell down the other side of the road .. all this happened on a blind curve , thankfully no vehicle was around , or the situation could have been much worser .. Tintu was in a worser state , managed to get the Activa runnin and started looking for a place for First Aid for both of them .. Found this little clinic on the way to the fort , bought the necessary stuff from a medical shop , the so-called docs then rolled up both of them in bandages , and patched up all the bruises .. spent 400 bucks for this alone , actually the place wasnt really good and the bandages were put on clumsily , they rolled up venki in plaster as if his whole leg was broken .. anyways it was jus first aid and we decided to get better dressing after reaching home ..

then decided to start riding back towards chennai , we were about 120 kms away from the city then , the handle bar of the activa was bent and the front brake lever was broken , the right side was full of scratches , anyways it ran without a hiccup ( thankfully !) ..

now when we were doin the ride back , the wind was against us , so we could not do high speeds consistently .. so had to maintain the needle around 60-70 kmph max , also i was really tacky by now , cos i realised we were all in trouble , venki's parents were goin to screw us badly and also srikanth's bike was damaged , actually srikanth had got permission to take the bike to some college for some project work , so we had to cook up a story .. during the ride back we kept thinkin abt the story and finally managed to find a decent enough explanation for both venki and srikanth ..

at first i was riding the P 150 with venki as my pillion , but after the next break vijay and srikanth took over the P 150 , now venki and me were on the Activa , the same bike he crashed on 2 hours back .. found it a little difficult to even do 60 kmph as there was too much headwind , and the handle bar was also bent , and the front brake was not working .. next stop was mahab , we decided to seperate there , cos Tintu had to be dropped back at the hostel , we were to go on the ECR thru thiruvanmiyur .. i was still with the activa and filled up fuel for 60 bucks as the fuel level was really low .. next stop was after kovalam , after this shifted to the P 150 with venki , very soon we reached the city and stopped at Hot Chips near Adayar , had a nice meal and anusha came there to give srikanth some money for repair ... left the place and reached venki's house .. we reached 10 mins earlier than vijay and srikanth , but we waited below his house .. went in after they both reached ..

then the drilling started , told them the story we cooked up .. they were very angry ( what else do u expect ) .. they said stuff like , they'll never allow venki to touch a bike again .. damn .. some how we managed to convince them that the damage wasnt big and then took venki to KHM hospital to redo the dressing again .. this time it was better work and he never looked as if he had been in a 80kmph crash on the ECR ..

well , not a very great end really .. but we had our share of fun too , like when we got to see the AUGUSTA and when we were doin that high speed ride for that 40 kms ..

learnt a lot of stuff with this experience .. thankfully it did not blow up , and we could some how come out unscathed ..

well , no more long rides for sometime atleast ..

cheers ..

Links: Venki's blog post about the same incident.


Ooty - Mysore - Bangalore ride .. Dec 23rd-26th 2006

First the essential details ..

Date: Dec 23rd to 26th , 2006

Total Distance: 1350 kms ..

Riders: 1.Varun- Pulsar 150 classic- legend alive
2.Arun - Unicorn - stoneycold
3.Steve- Pulsar 150 v2 - steveburnside
4. Guru - pillion rider - gurumurthy88

Route: Chennai - Vellore - Krishnagiri - Dharmapuri - Sathyamangalam - Mettupalayam - Ooty - Mudumalai - Bandipur - Nanjangud - Mysore - Ranganathittu - Bangalore - Chennai


The days events started on a bright note .. I woke up 'on time' and got ready to meet varun at 5 am near koyambedu signal .. met up with arun near 80 ft road and headed straight to steve's house ..

Steve was already outside and we also met his mom .. snapped some pics with steve's sparkling new digi cam .. secured all the baggage to the unicorn and the v2 and headed for the petrol pump .. all bikes were filled to the brim and we were out of chennai by around 6.30 ..

The next stop was not before long .. it was 5 kms away jus after porur , where the baggage started to slide off the bikes .. stopped to re-tie them properly, and by then we were already behind the planned schedule .. to make up for the lost time and responding to our grumbling stomach's started going 'all out' towards vellore ...

Had breakfast at vellore and then got to know the best route from the cab drivers around .. next stop was krishnagiri , till this point we were on the chennai-bangalore 4-lane highway .. after that we got to taste some different roads , i guess we had gotten bored of the 4-lane and we needed a route to spice up proceedings .. the road from krishnagiri to dharmapuri was two lane with fields on sides .. the only problem was the pot-hole ridden road .. in between had to stop at a small town to check up the bikes .. steve had some prob with his disc , which was actually holding even when riding .. varun's pulsie needed some chain tightening .. and also got all the chains oiled and engine oil level checked ..

Next stop for lunch was at dharmapuri at around 3 i guess .. the restaurant we chose was a good choice not only cos we had good unlimited meals but also cos it had someone from ooty working there .. so we got to know the diff routes and the condition of roads to expect .. he suggested the slightly longer safer route through erode and mettupalayam .. we instead took the sathyamangalam route which we were told was not safe for bikes ( we never knew why it was unsafe which we later realised .. ) .. from there got to ride through some good ghat sections with mountains on either side and twisties in between .. varun really cornered hard on his Bike and we tried to get some videos of it .. final result : not very successful cos a truck came inbetween i guess .. then after that started heading towards mettur ..

the roads started gettin very scenic from this point and we next stopped at a reliance pump to fuel up the bikes .. filled all the bikes to the brim again .. here we discovered that out of the three bikes the classic pulsar was returning jus 38 kmpl .. but the Uni and the v2 managed above 48kmpl .. it become a cause for concern , but we never had the time to revel in it .. had to move on and our destination was still 250 kms away and it was already 5 in the evening ... next stop at mettur and we got there jus during the sunset .. got to click some good pics with the dam background and after that had to stop for a while to retie the baggage again .. this time we were needed to secure them really properly cos the next 200 kms or so was jus 2-lane pot-hole ridden roads and it was already dark .. headed towards sathyamangalam from there .. the ride was a real relevation cos it was a narrow road which was actually supposed to be two lane .. we would be blinded by the oncoming headlights everytime a truck passes us ..
the other prob was as we were already behind schedule .. we needed to maintain a good 80-90 kmph on such devillish roads .. next stop was at sathyamangalam and we were told that mettupalayam was 50 kms away and they also added that the roads would be better ... and as we had been told the roads actually became much better... by then it was already 9.30 , so we decided to end the day's ride by mettupalayam .. still 45 kms short of actual plans .. found a decent little lodge for jus 200 bucks for four people .. and finally hit the bed at around 12 .. first day thus ended there..

total kms covered : 525 km ...


we all woke up to the tune of varun's alarm from his mobile at around 6.30 and started gettin ready with great enthusiasm .. after all the necessary visits to the adjoining room we all were busy packing the bags .. thats when the thunderbolt struck .. cash from arun's purse was missing .. around 1000 bucks went missing without a trace .. we guessed either he must have lost it while paying for dinner the previous day or we doubted that some one could have sneaked into the room while we were asleep .. searched all the bags again , turned the room upside down looking for it .. we also tried to figure out whether there was some way anyone could have entered the room in the night .. all this activity set us back by a good 30 mins ..

then we resigned to the fact that the money was actually missing and there was no use in staying ack and looking around .. thankfully arun had some spare money in his bag .. and we all decided to put up money for him through the trip .. started from the hotel at around 9 after securing all the baggage to the bikes .. this time the baggage went to the pulsars and Uni was selected for pillion ride cos it has the best seats and decent enough suspension .. and also that it was returning a decent mileage ./.. stopped for breakfast jus after mettupalayam and started riding towards the welcoming hills with fog extending its arms to beckon us .. the 50 km ride up till ooty took us almost 3 hours cos we kept stopping to take pictures and also shot a few action videos .. in that stretch every inch was filled with so much beauty that we had to literally pull ourselves on till ooty ... the increase in altitude was very obvious as it was getting increasingly chilly after every hairpin .. by the time we reached coonoor there was heavy fog and all our fingers became numb , and ooty was still 15 kms away ... managed to stay on road and reached ooty successfully by 1 ..

arun had already booked stay at his friend's place for us .. so he called him to know the location of the hotel .. and we were tole that we had passed the hotel on the way to ooty as the place was 3 kms before ooty .. backtracked through the roads and found the place , we met arun's friend joey at the hotel .. in no time we dumped all the bags in the room and rushed to the restaurant nearby .. this place was by far the place with the best view ever and i was actually goin to dine there looking over the mountains .. we all had steaming fried rice there and went back to explore the view from the room .. the view was stunning nevertheless , we were nestled on the top of a hill with the balcony overlookin the slopes .. we could even see the roads some 10 kms below us through the fog ..

next we left the room at around 4 to explore the town .. first task was to buy some woollen gloves and jerkins which we bought at a roadside shop and then moved on towards mudumalai .. we had nothin else to do as there was not much light left in the day to go to far away spots , so we jus decided to take a look at the road we would be using the next morning .. went on till the place where the roads separate for mudumalai check post .. we had two choices after that , one was a road with 36 hair pin bends downhill roads and the other through pine forests and very good scenery albeit 40 kms longer .. no points for guessing which road we decided to take ... turned back towards ooty from there and on the way saw the warm inviting doors of a coffee day .. nothin could keep us from goin in to get some warmth .. had a little snack there and got to eyeball some real eyecandy there .. there was this girl there with a mini-skirt , i wonder how she was able to wear that with the temp hovering around 5 degrees .. damn ..

reached the hotel at around 8.30 after trying out some truly eccentric stuff on the way back ,... we tried to ride with all the head-lights off with the fog on our face .. a true rang-de-basanti type try .. anyways was fun .. we even missed the hotel on the way back because of the thick fog blanket .. thanks to joey we found the place and hit the rooms immediatly .. we all had dinner in the room and varun hit the bed very soon as he wasn't feeling well .. arun was enjoying the ooty chill by standing out on the balcony after eatin, i guess the temp must have been around 4 then .. steve went on to speak to the residents of the next room and had a nice chat with them discussing the routes and stuff .. finally hit the bed at around 11 with plans to start at 5.30 the next day ..

total kms covered: 100 approx ..


it was christmas day .. and the seemingly impossible was actually made look so easy by us , i'm speakin abt rising at 5 in the ooty winter .. yea , we did it .. as planned we were out of the hotel by 6, the fog was a little down at that time, we were tole that it would rise up again to cover the whole place .. secured all the bags onto the Uni and the v2 , this took a lot of effort as our fingers were becoming increasingly numb due to the harsh weather .. we guess the temp must have been around 5 degrees then .. bid adieu to the hotel very soon and moved on towards the mudumalai road ..

stopped in the town of ooty to have tea , which seemed our only respite .. the hot glass of tea was like heaven for our frozen fingers .. and we also managed to stuff some hot vadas .. left ooty town at 6.30 and rode on the route we decided on the previous evening .. this time as it was morning time we discovered hitherto unseen places along the road .. made a lot of stops to take snaps , while steve proceeded till the spot where the roads to mudumalai seperate .. and as decided we took the shorter route with 36 hair pin curves .. we could sense the increase in temp as we were losing altitude , very soon the jackets and the gloves were off .. the best part abt the ride through the 36 hairpins was that we were goin downhill .. so engines were switched off and we started rolling the bikes down .. all my cries of 'plz , dunt do this .. cos this is unsafe .. u need engine breaking when goin downhill ' fell on deaf ears .. and i'm thankful for that .. else i would not have had so much fun that day .. and even with the engines off we managed to reach 110 kmph on a slight straight .. And the acceleration without engine braking was really cool , pity the brakes but . The disc pads must have lost a fair bit of thickness ..

varun took each hair pin with increasing confidence and he even managed to scrape his stand on a couple of corners .. and my knee was jus half feet away from the road half the time .. this stretch was so much fun that we even felt like goin back and coming down again .. but we had not time and so we decided to move on .. by now it was gettin warm and we had reached plains .. no more roads full of inclines or declines , we were enjoying the ride and were also eating the chocolates bought the previous day .. then 'it ' happened .. i fell off from the classic pulsar cos i was thrown off the Bike when it hit a huge hole in the road .. exactly before the bump varun had jus passed a group of cows on the road .. when he looked back to see how arun was takin it he missed the hole .. but i was looking ahead and when i noticed the hole i immedietly knew i was goin to be thrown off the Bike .. also i wasnt wearing a helmet then .. so the helmet was in my hand and the chocolate box in another , i could nbot hold onto anything .. after hittin the bump i was thrown up 1 feet up from the seat .. and i landed little uneven and as a result slided off the Bike .. fell on the side and scratched me left knee .. my jeans were torn in the knee and became very bloody .. the visor on the helmet i was holding broke and thus we removed that and threw it away ..

now that we had a small incident , we decided to sit down for a few mins and then move on .. stopped at the next little village to get water to wash my knee .. by now it was drawing blood so at the little town just before mudumalai decided to stop at a medical store to get some medicines .. arun got some ointment kind of medicine and applied it on my wound .. pulled up the pant till the knees and started moving on .. finally reached mudumalai checkpost where steve was already waiting for us .. in that place there was too much monkey menace and one even sat on steve's tank .. even when we tried shooing it away it refused to budge , had to really scare it away from there .. mebbe it had taken a liking to the sleek pulsar tank styling .. entered mudumalai sanctuary and started riding at a very slow pace with all eyes rooted to the sides with the hopes of spotting a wild animal .. we were told that there was not much chance cos we were goin at the right time .. animals are spotted only during dawn or dusk and we were jus passing through the main road .. rode at speed of 15-20 kmph for the remaining distance .. even stopped at a spot to click some pics .. steve even managed to spot a small herd of deers and took pictures .. finally completed the mudumalai stretch and entered karnataka state from here on it was bandipur .. diff name but similar forest and similar luck .. we could not spot any animal here ..

stopped at a place jus after bandipur checkpost to freshen up .. now the next stop was mysore .. after about 15 kms of bad roads we came to the mysore highway .. eventhough the roads were two-lane we were able to do 100+ speeds easily .. stopped at nanjangud at my insistence first bought a can of engine oil as we feared that the oil might be low in the pulsar .. topped her up a little and then proceeded to the shiva temple at nanjangud .. while steve and varun decided to wait outside , arun and me decided to go into the shrine .. well when we saw the winding queues we decided it was not our day and when we enquired abt how long it would take they said two hours .. damn ..decided to have lunch at a hotel in nanjangud itself and then moved on towards mysore .. entered mysore and we had find the way to the bangalore highway throught the city .. finally after some 20 mins managed to get onto the bangy highway .. here we decided to get our bikes checked by a mechanic .. steve's Bike was havin some disc probs again and we decided to check up all the bikes again .. this took abt 30 mins and we were off to the mysore- bangalore highway in a jiffy . next stop was 10 kms from mysore at the ranganathittu bird sanctuary .. the roads that led to the sanctuary were too scenic and the sanctuary itself was even more scenic .. went into the place and checked out the lake .. crocs were basking in the sun on the rocks .. there was boating and stuff but we did not have the time and had to move on ..

called santoosh from the bangalore xBhp and he said he would meet us on the way a few kms out of bangalore on the highway .. from here started goin all out towards bangy .. more than 150 kms left and it was already gettin dark .. maintained speeds of 90+ kmph all the time and managed to reach the meetin spot .. santoosh along with karthick( id: drunkdriver ) came there soon on a 180 pulsar .. from here moved on towards the city .. still 20 kms to go .. very soon we were met by traffic and that slowed down us really .. now next spot was venu sir's workshop .. before that stopped at a helmet shop to get the visor for arun's helmet .. then we all got to see the man who till now we had known online .. he used to patiently reply to all the queries posted by us , thats all we knew .. when we met him we understood why everyone called him venu 'sir' .. he was so down to earth with all of us and he also let us take rides on the 200 cc apache and the 200 cc fiero .. we have read abt his creations on threads before , but gettin to feel the power ourselves in another thing really .. even at his workshop he repeated his online behaviour by patiently replying to our questions .. we lost track of time we spent in his workshop .. we got to see his work place , the gixxer 400 inline-4 cyl engine he was working on .. also got to see santoosh's 242 pulsar .. but its heart was missing as it was being worked on by venu sir ..

by then it was 10.30 already so we decided to move onto to a lodge .. went to the area near majestic and started scouring the places for a room to stay in .. but arun and varun were really hungry and went off to eat .. so it was me and steve looking for rooms .. finally managed to find a place for the four of us for jus 500 bucks .. put my baggage in the room and then went onto the place where the other two were eating .. santoosh and karthick were also waiting near there .. it was around 11.30 by that time .. and the bangy guys were still with us there .. we really would have had difficult times in bangy without their help ,... they jus rock really .. now it was time for everyone to get back to the room , put all the baggage in .. now steve wanted to go to eat and varun managed to give him company .. while arun and me decided to go to MG road .. it was already 12 by then , we went there thinkin that it would be empty ... to our surprise the place was pretty crowded .. we got to see a few pimped up honda city's .. some K & N ed bikes .. the crux was a honda CBR 1000RR .. got to ogle at the bikes , cars and a few more stuff there .. finally decided to return back to the room at around 1 .. hit the bed as soon as we got back and slept off .. it was a realy tiring day today ..

total kms: 300 kms approx ..


We were very tired after the previous day's ride , and so we could not get up earlier than 8 , not even to send steve off ( steve , sorry da ) .. anyways we had planned to leave by around 12 that day , so that we'll be able to reach chennai without too much riding in the night .. but all plans crashed cos everythin got delayed after that , went to MG road at 10 and had breakfast around there , we were jus roaming around till we got the call from santoosh , he was to come and meet us again today , and he was waiting near the hotel , went back with some difficulty cos we did not know the roads ..

met up with santa , and was chattin with him for quite some time , he also set up varun's carb properly , as he felt it was runnin very rich .. very soon karthik ( drunk_driver) joined us .. we lost track of time , and it was around 12 already , then we decided to break up and leave for chennai , too bad we could not go to venu sir's place that day , cos it was already late ...after that we checked out of the room and tied all the bags onto the bikes, this time there was a problem cos there were only 2 bikes , but 3 bags .. two bags went on the classic and i had to have a bag on my shoulder ..

first we were plannin to take the chitoor route ( the 2 lane ) and we tried askin for directions , but we were told that the hosur road ( 4 lane ) would be a better choice cos it was 2 already and night riding on 2 laned roads will be difficult .. after that a few wrong turns , we had to back track the route to find the hosur highway , managed to find the road after that , but to our dismay there was so much traffic on this road .. the first 40 kms till hosur were done by riding between stationary truck traffic .. damn we knew we would reach very late , we earlier thought reachin by 7 would be possible , but now 9 seemed more realistic ..

stopped at a place near hosur to have lunch and filled fuel on both the bikes , here i found a easy way to hold the bag .. i let the bag rest on the grab rail and tail section of the Bike and i tied the rope for support around my body , after that riding pillion became a lot more easy and then the traffic also thinned down and we could do 100k's with ease ..

next stop was krishnagiri , after that we decided to take some snaps of the speedo doin 120kmph , i was holding the cam on the tank to click the pic , managed to get some decent enough pics , then put the cam away and started ripping away .. by that time the two bikes had gotten seperated and the pulsie was ahead of us , then we had some small niggles with the Uni , it was struggling to maintain 100kmph , we guessed the engine oil level could be low, topped up the oil from the can we had and then moved on there was some improvement , next stop was very close to vellore when the riders exchanged bikes, now this time it was continous 100+ from arun , the Bike reached that speeds easily , mebbe because of the decrease in weight to the tune of about 30 kgs ( hope i'm right )..

actually the plan was to ride non-stop for the rest of the ~ 170 kms , but it was not possible cos it was dark already and we were facing problems due insects , the visors were splashed all over with insect muck , and after that there was a slight mishap with varun's Bike , the bags we had tied had come loose and suddenly at a speed of 40 kmph it swung to one side, that almost pulled down the Bike , thanks to the reflex he leaned over to the other side and saved himself .. after that stopped immedietly at a roadside eatery ..

after seeing the place , our stomach's started grumbling and we ate some omlets and stuff , after a smoke , some bag tying , some phone calls we were on our way again .. this time i was riding the Uni ... it was almost 7 by this time and we very facing a problem with the roads cos there were no reflectors anywhere , so it was very difficult to spot the road , also there were frequent breaks in the median where some vehicle or pedestrian would cross , untill the very last 100 mts or so nuthin would be visible in front ..

we came upon the idea of riding with the pass light turned on , the pass light beam of the unicorn can even beat the head lamp of a car down , the throw was so huge and the spread was equally good .. so we decided to tie up the pass light in on position , and then night riding was very easy actually ...

then all of a sudden the Bike came onto reserve and reserve of the Uni is only 1 ltr , so stopped at the next petrol pump to fill fuel for some 200 bucks , at that time we were about 80kms from chennai , the traffic started increasing after that , when Arun took over the Uni , after this it was completely rip mode by redling the Uni in every gear other than the fifth , we were doin a cool 110k's most of the time .. it was this time we were playin around with a few cars , a qualis and a swift were our victims .. we would over take them at some 120k's and then fall back again to let them pass and then do it all over again .. it was so much fun seeing the bewildered expression of the faces on the ppl inside the cage .. continued till the outskirts of chennai in that way and finally we lost the cars in the traffic , we were lookin for varun , cos after the stop at the eatery some 150 kms back we had gotten seperated again ..

found him at the 80 feet road , the original meetin point when we began the ride on 23th morning ..

4 days and 17 hours later we were at the same place again .. it might look small in terms of time , but we were left with 1350 kms worth of experience and memories .. parted ways there and varun dropped me back at my place ..

thanks to

Varun , Arun and Steve for takin me along with them on this ride , it was my first and it was somethin i never could have done if it had'nt been for u guys ..

Cheers ...


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