Sunday, January 28, 2007

GIR Ride - Nov 12th 2006

i was one of the very first to reach the meeting spot .. was waiting along with legend_alive aka Varun for a long time .. bunny was the first one to come , all geared up on his monstrous sounding comet along with prahalad .. the next to arrive was sunny with the CBR along wish deepak, badri , suren and steve... and i still remember that first sight of the Blade rolling towards me .. damn gorgeous babe ... it started to rain then , and we were waiting for the others to come and were havin a real nice time by takin snaps alongside the CBR .. then stoneycold aka Arun joined us ( he came today inspite of havin semester exams starting the next day , and thanks machi for givin me a lift on the way back .. ) .. then everyone started firing up their bikes and got going, i was supposed to ride with arun , but due to some confusion i had to chase him down and get on with him later on ..

it was after that the fun really began .. and i saw the Blade in action up so close for the first time, when it zoomed past me in the adjacent lane .. and almost everyone started ripping right away .. everyone was dragging around with everyone else .. we reached viewpoint and started riding out in a formation for bunny to take pics and sunil to take videos .. and in the formation the Blade was right in front of me , so i could feel the rev in my face and it was so bloody orgasmic ... reached mahab and went to hotel moonwalkers .. spent a lot of time in the restaurant with the guys esp with steve .. had a nice time discussing everything from bikes to movies to digi cams, touring etcetera ... started back for chennai .. and i rode with steve on the way back ( thanks to him for getting me with him even though there was a lot of headwind and it became extremely diff to ride with a pillion ) .. then everyone decided to go offroad to the beach to take some pics .. the guys had nice fun there digging the bikes onto the sand .. and finally managed to come out of the terrain unscathed and on the road we got to see some stunts by deepak .. there were some good wheelies and stoppies ... i rode arun's Bike back to chennai, and it was so much fun( thanks machi for givin me a ride on ur Bike , it was by far my best ride till date ) .. and on the way back suren and stoneycold got caught with the cops for speeding .. we were held up there for quite sometime .. and it was stoneycold who took me back from there till the place where i had put my Bike .. took my scooty and got back home .. overall the day was so much fun , it provided a glimpse of the bikers world cos this is the first time i am goin such distances on a Bike .. and it was such a wonderful experience for me ... thanks to the GIR team and the chennai xBhp clan for this day ...


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