Sunday, January 28, 2007

Pondy Ride ( It was Planned to be one .. ) Jan 26th 2007

Date : 26th Jan 2007 , Republic day ..

Riders : Venki , Vijay , Srikanth , Arun Nair , Tintu , Me ..

Rides : 2 P150 V2's , 1 Honda Activa ..

We were plannin to meet by 7 at kilpauk , surprisingly we were just 30 mins late .. It was the 5 of us meeting there , we would later pick up Tintu on the way , from St. Joseph's hostel .. Fuelled up the bikes from a pump on Old Mahabalipuram Road ( OMR ) .. We were to take this road to reach St. Joseph's , and later planned to reach ECR thru the kelambakkam road ..

Picked up Tintu from St. Joseph's after a lot of confusion and finally we were off by 9.00 am .. ( we were plannin to reach pondy by 11 , and it was still 130 kms away ) ..

Next stop was view point , some 7 kms before mahab , clicked some pics and took a small butt break , it was then we saw 2 sbk's fly past us , jumped on the bikes immedietly and started goin after them , not that we were looking to catch up with them ( they were doin a comfortable 150 k's), but i knew they would stop at Mamalla for sure..

Reached Mamalla in few minutes , and then we got the shock of our life , it wasn't just any other SBK , but a MV AUGUSTA F4i.. damn .. there was also a Triumph parked nearby ( dunno which one ) ,we kept ogling at the Augusta , it really looked as if it was rolled out from a art gallery or somethin .. snapped a few pics with both bikes , the people around were reluctant to let us get close to the bikes , else we could have clicked some pics by sittin on it as well ..damn ..

went into the place had nice, filling breakfast .. even while we were eating a porsche Boxster S rolled in , .. gulped down the food quickly to get a look at the porsche , the bill came to 201 bucks .. then , rushed out to look at the porsche , took some pics of it as well ..

after this it was me on a P150 with venki as my pillion , Arun on the other P150 with Tintu behind him , poor vijay and srikanth were on the activa .. it was here the fun was starting .. we decided to go all out from there ( ie the two pulsars atleast ) .. so we both started redlining in each gear and held her steady at 105-110 kmph all the time , the needle hardly dipped below 100kmph and the engine never saw anythin below 8.5k rpms, and once after about 20 kms i came face-to-face with a bus which came out of nowhere .. managed to avoid to narrowly by braking hard and goin off the road .. aby now Arun was having a great time too .. after that we started goin out against each other , he would overtake us , then i would give him the finger on the next corner ... we kept doin this till the next incident happened ..

after that it was my turn to narrowly avoid another accident , i was on the wrong side of the lane tryin to over take this lazy moving santro , it was a risky maneuver cos there was this M 800 on the other side closing on us ,i expected to pass the santro and get onto the safe lane , but then the unexpected happened , the santro suddenly swerved to the right to over take a slow moving two-wheeler i believe , at this moment i was jus 1 feet away from the side , after it swerved towards me i panicked , but somehow i quickly reacted and pulled hard to the right , all this was happening at a speed of around 100kmph , then started dropping speed really fast , and i was actually crouching during the whole incident so my face was jus inches away from the window of that car , i really thought i was doomed , somehow managed to avoid that and passed the santro , but now i was directly in the path of the M800 , well thanks to the evasive action by the driver ( he quickly hit the brakes and swerved away to the left end of the road ) i managed to avoid a head-on collision , and made it through the situation .. dropped the speed to 40 kmph immedietly after that , my legs were shakin , so we stopped for a butt break under a shady tree .. by now we had done 40 kms from pondy , all in less than 27 mins .. seems that Tintu was timing the run , to have a better statistic we did the first 20 kms in 12 mins flat .. how it that ??

when we stopped we expected the activa to be behind by atleast 20 mins , but to our surprise they reached very soon in some 10 mins or less , seems they were holding it at 80 kmph ( speedo indicated top speed ! ) all the time .. now i chose to take vijay as pillion with me and srikanth hopped on to arun's bike , according to plan the next stop was marakkanam 25 kms away from there .. again started ripping away , took corners with even more confidence and arrogance .. then we found this road to the alamparai fort , jus 6 kms after the previous stop, we had originally planned to go there , but it was'nt possible cos we were already behind schedule .. but on srikanth's suggestion we decided to stop for tea or somethin ..

while waiting i got a call from venki's mom , i assured her that all was well and told her we were nearing pondy .. even while i was speakin to her , vijay got a call .. damn , that was when all hell broke loose , it was venki tellin us that they had a CRASH .. Arun quickly rushed back to the spot , i was too tensed by then , cos venki's mom was on the phone , somehow managed to cut the call without lettin her know anythin about the situation .. now vijay was riding and i was really very tensed .. i prayed that it should not be very bad .. reached that place and found venki standing by the side of the road all bruised up , seems that Tintu had been riding , He had gone wide while taking this corner at 80 kmph and lost control , they were dragged along the road for some 10 metres and the bike fell down the other side of the road .. all this happened on a blind curve , thankfully no vehicle was around , or the situation could have been much worser .. Tintu was in a worser state , managed to get the Activa runnin and started looking for a place for First Aid for both of them .. Found this little clinic on the way to the fort , bought the necessary stuff from a medical shop , the so-called docs then rolled up both of them in bandages , and patched up all the bruises .. spent 400 bucks for this alone , actually the place wasnt really good and the bandages were put on clumsily , they rolled up venki in plaster as if his whole leg was broken .. anyways it was jus first aid and we decided to get better dressing after reaching home ..

then decided to start riding back towards chennai , we were about 120 kms away from the city then , the handle bar of the activa was bent and the front brake lever was broken , the right side was full of scratches , anyways it ran without a hiccup ( thankfully !) ..

now when we were doin the ride back , the wind was against us , so we could not do high speeds consistently .. so had to maintain the needle around 60-70 kmph max , also i was really tacky by now , cos i realised we were all in trouble , venki's parents were goin to screw us badly and also srikanth's bike was damaged , actually srikanth had got permission to take the bike to some college for some project work , so we had to cook up a story .. during the ride back we kept thinkin abt the story and finally managed to find a decent enough explanation for both venki and srikanth ..

at first i was riding the P 150 with venki as my pillion , but after the next break vijay and srikanth took over the P 150 , now venki and me were on the Activa , the same bike he crashed on 2 hours back .. found it a little difficult to even do 60 kmph as there was too much headwind , and the handle bar was also bent , and the front brake was not working .. next stop was mahab , we decided to seperate there , cos Tintu had to be dropped back at the hostel , we were to go on the ECR thru thiruvanmiyur .. i was still with the activa and filled up fuel for 60 bucks as the fuel level was really low .. next stop was after kovalam , after this shifted to the P 150 with venki , very soon we reached the city and stopped at Hot Chips near Adayar , had a nice meal and anusha came there to give srikanth some money for repair ... left the place and reached venki's house .. we reached 10 mins earlier than vijay and srikanth , but we waited below his house .. went in after they both reached ..

then the drilling started , told them the story we cooked up .. they were very angry ( what else do u expect ) .. they said stuff like , they'll never allow venki to touch a bike again .. damn .. some how we managed to convince them that the damage wasnt big and then took venki to KHM hospital to redo the dressing again .. this time it was better work and he never looked as if he had been in a 80kmph crash on the ECR ..

well , not a very great end really .. but we had our share of fun too , like when we got to see the AUGUSTA and when we were doin that high speed ride for that 40 kms ..

learnt a lot of stuff with this experience .. thankfully it did not blow up , and we could some how come out unscathed ..

well , no more long rides for sometime atleast ..

cheers ..

Links: Venki's blog post about the same incident.


Venkatesh said...

Hmmm...Nice work Guru...Seems that you have covered all the fun,frolic and disastrous part of our ride...One good ride in my life...Love to do a few more...But as you said not for sometime now...A very memorable ride experience...I guess it was me and Tintu who tasted the whole pie unlike you guys who tasted only the sweet part of

Guru said...

Yep , ure right abt that .. but it really scared me and made me cringe as much as you .. so not much difference .. only that u had to bear the pain physically ..

well , when i think back , i keep telling myself abt how worse it could have been , thank god it turned out this way atleast ...

PlaneMad said...

I still dont get why people risk their lives by riding a bike on this road. Even worse are the morons who refuse to wear a helmet.

Already three of my friends have spilt their brains on the ecr. anyway, ride safe.

Anonymous said...

what an asshole u are...ppl like u SHUD get killed.

Anonymous said...

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