Friday, October 26, 2007

Movies ...

My tryst with movies started immediately after i got my net connection for the first time, that was three years back. Back then i never was interested in movies, but when i had a unlimited net connection and loads of time to kill, i started watching movies just for the heck of it. The p2p clients like Limeware and Bearshare, and after that torrents supplied a endless stream of movies for me. I almost started watching one movie each day in that initial phase.

I remember googling for ' Top 100 movies' and stuff like that, and i used to download movies from those lists. I've watched a lot of movies between then and now , now i'm just going to list some of my favorite movies. I would recommend these movies to anyone.

Saw - You can't exactly call this horror , but for me Saw qualifies as horror, i've never been a great fan of horror movies, horror movies howsoever stupid scare me really badly. But this first movie was recommended by a very good friend who insisted that i watch it, i can't thank her enough for that. After that i went on to watch the second, third sequels on my own. And now the fourth part is being released today, October 26th 2007 .. Jigsaw's puzzles or rather death situations really scare the shit out of me, but the stuff is so well picturised and makes it worth watching. There is nothing much i can say about this series, but i'm sure everyone'll love it.

The Shawshank Redemption - Found this movie on almost every top rated movie list, when i first checked out the movie at IMDb i wasn't exactly impressed. It seemed like just another boring prison flick, but when i finally downloaded this one i was really impressed. To say anything more about this movie might take away the suspense for who've not watched it yet, i don't want to spoil your movie experience for such a good movie, so i just leave it at that . Awesome movie , don't miss this !! Cast: Tim Robbins, Morgan Freeman.

A Beautiful Mind - It is a biographical film about John Nash, the famous Nobel Laureate Mathematician. Won four Academy awards including Best Picture. Starring Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly.

Saving Private Ryan - Voted the Best War movie ever. Set in WW II , 1944 during the Allied invasion of France. The first half hour of the movie depicts the Omaha Beach Assault and after that moves onto a fictional search for a Private Ryan. Starring Tom Hanks, Matt Damon, Tom Sizemore.

Troy - This movie works because of Brad Pitt. he plays the legendary Greek warrior Achilles and the movie is set in the Troy. The fight scenes between Achilles and Prince Hector played by Eric Bana are just awesome. And the rest of the battlefield scenes are so well shot and realistic.

Fight Club - A David Fincher movie , starring Edward Norton and Brad Pitt. The movie explores themes of psychological emasculation in modern white-collar society. The movie is pretty violent, but the best part about the movie is the way it leaves the viewer to make his own interpretations. A very dark movie, but awesome acting performances by Norton and Pitt make this movie worth watching.

A Walk To Remember - This was the first romance movie i watched i think, and it surely is the best so far. I must've re watched this countless times and i remember almost every single dialogue. This movie will get tears even out of a rock. A feel good movie, Starring Mandy Moore and Shane West. Tagline: ' Love is like the wind. You can't see it but you can feel it.'

Pursuit Of Happyness - Based on the true story of Chris Gardner who becomes an intern at a stock brokerage firm while he is homeless, the movie stars Will Smith and his real life son Jaden Smith as Gardner's son Christopher. Worth watching ..

To be continued ...


*Sajith* said...

wat abt 'Departed', 'Pursuit of happyness, 'Cars' and.. and.. oh.. thats all i can think for now.. post it soon macha..

Guru said...

Yeah .. More movies coming up soon .. Macha , but there is so much on my mind that i want to write about. I think this is cos' its exam time. I don't know how this happens. I really get into blogging during exams .. I need to stay off this for a while . Seriously . .

Anyways thanks for the support ..

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