Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Rant 1#

The blog name might suggest that this space is full of rants, but if you’ve read through the few posts I’ve made till now, none can really be termed a rant really. So I guess this is my first rant. Read on....

This is rather an outburst of anger, the anger in this post will be mostly directed at a completely screwed up character- in my opinion at least. The person I’m talking about is my DSP staff this semester.

We’ve taken his shit through this semester, and at no point I made a blog entry about him, right? This is cos’ nothing he did happen to set me off; I was just content with despising him, and cursing him et al. But this time I’ve taken it a little further and have decided to actually take some time off to archive my thoughts, the reason is , I’m really disappointed with the screwed up marks he gave me in his lab paper.

I had my DSP semester exam yesterday – 23/10/2007 and I got 72 marks on 100, this in spite of the fact that i did just about everything right, and got the right output for both my experiments, had I been evaluated impartially, guess I would’ve managed at least a 85, damn but that is not why I’m pissed off. Its cos’ everyone else, even the students who screwed up their exams got real good marks. I guess there were marks allocated for being a suck up, I must’ve missed out on those marks.

Now I know this is not such a big deal, everyone must’ve been in such situations when complete injustice is done to them. But I guess I'm really pissed this time, I really want to ask him on his fucking face about this using some real foul language, but then the only thing that stops me from doing that is the theory internal marks that he controls this semester. Not that I expect good internal marks anyways, but I just don’t want to screw up my semester any further really.

And I guess all these good-for-nothing cunts- the staff, have understood that internal marks is the only way of keeping the students from rebelling in class, so they resort to cheap tactics like threatening to screw up these marks if we step out of line. And these suck-ups in the class are so content with jumping through his hoops; I guess they’ll just about do anything to get good marks. GOK what they’ll do with the marks they’ve saved up this way. Its cos’ of these suck-ups the staff expect the same sort of behavior from the rest of the class. I can’t stop fantasizing about the good times we could have, if the class did not have even a single such suck-up. That way the lecturers will realize that they can’t get away with giving us this shit every semester.I can only dream...

Damn, I guess this truly is a rant. Finally I’ve done some justice to the blog name I picked.

More on this later, if I feel like writing about that sick bastard.



*Sajith* said...

that was a few lines of truth.. but seriously, hez a kinda sick cunt wit a i-rule-the-world kinda attitude.. i remember this one time when he bought his laptop to our class for his so-called 'presentation class' and struggled to operate his laptop.. and then someone helped him out (i guess its u..) and the whole period went on lookin at his antics.. and about the internals, he actually gives mark to those who really smell his cunt.. if you go saying "sir, everything you say or do is correct".. voila, you'll hit the number one in the internal marks chart.. but that something wat v cant do, or possibly would'nt do.. but one thing i still wonder.. how did i get 87..?

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