Thursday, October 25, 2007


I've started watching English sitcoms off late, this maybe cos movies have become too monotonous. And just like any other noob, i started off with F.R.I.E.N.D.S . The perfect show for newbies like me, i was totally taken in by the show and downloaded the entire collection through torrents , i guess 30 GB in all, well i know 30 GB is not really huge, but with my 256 Kbps or 32KBps, unlimited nights connection it really took me long to download the whole thing.

The 10 seasons of F.R.I.E.N.D.S got over so soon, thats when i stumbled upon ' Scrubs ', which by far is the best sitcom i've ever watched (tho' i've watched only these two). While the F.R.I.E.N.D.S was targeted at the younger crowd, and had pretty simple characterization and a very simple plot, actually it did not have a plot really, it was just the lives, loves and laughs of six friends living in Manhattan. Moving on ..

Scrubs is a more modern sitcom which focuses on the professional and personal lives of several characters working at Sacred Heart hospital, here the central character is J.D - ' John Dorian' who plays the narrator, the rest of the story revolves around him. As a matter of fact our hero, is not hero material at all. He is just a normal medical intern, who has a normal life with normal emotions and that is just what makes it so interesting . Also the support cast is incredible, Elliot J.D's on and off love interest provides the eye candy, J.D's best friend is Dr.Turk - surgical attending physician, the hospital head nurse Carla who eventually marries Turk.

Two other important characters are Dr. Perry Cox - the medical attending physician, who J.D considers his mentor and the Chief of Medicine Dr. Bob Kelso - who is portrayed as a cold, heartless individual in most of the episodes , but sometimes we get to see softer shades of him which suggests he is as normal as anybody else. Another very important character is the ' Janitor ' of the hospital who is out to get J.D throughout the series right from the very first episode .He is the only non-medical lead character in this show. Other characters include 'Dr. Todd ', Nurse Roberts, Ted and Jordan - Cox's ex-wife and others ..

The series is into its 7th season right now, I've watched the first 6 seasons, downloaded them all , 20 GB i guess .. Waiting for the season 7 episodes on torrent now, the 7th season is slated to be the last one, so that makes it all the more interesting, can't wait to see how the show ends.

Anyways, after I was done with Scrubs, i got off sitcoms for a while and went back to watching movies . But , now i've started watching ' The Office' which is a US spoof of the original The Office -UK. Just done with season 1, and again this is completely different from the other two shows i've watched.

Thats pretty much all , downloading ' The Office' now as i write, 10 GB in all , 3 completed seasons , and the 4th one is on right now .. I guess i'll move on to other shows when this gets done , but this purpose of this post is to archive my thoughts about the first two sitcoms i watched and these definitely were a treat . I would recommend these two shows to anybody, complete entertainers and with great characters.

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Cheers ..


vijay said...

Thanks guru...for introducing me to the wonderful world of sitcoms...
N special thanks for all the material of scrubs that u gave me...

Guru said...

@Vijay: Yep .. Nice way to kill lots of time, we needed a change from the dreary movies. And also they being really really entertaining is a bonus ..

Scrubs ---> AWESOME ...

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