Thursday, November 8, 2007

My Blogging Plans - November 07

The purpose of this post is to archive my blogging goals for the coming months.

Those of you who did not know already, i've started actively promoting my blog through sites like Orkut. If you reached here through Orkut that means i'm starting to succeed( pretty heavy term !). This blog was started with no initial plans or purpose, a year back i just needed a place to put down my write up on my first ever biking trip, so happened my first post this January, and like any other newbie i sucked at this, but i must say i've managed to learn quite a few things about blogging the past one year i've been here, though i've not been a very frequent poster.

Now coming back to things on hand, I'm looking to take things forward from here, so obviously my first step must be to increase my blog readership, but i have very limited choices.

The initial difficulties i'm facing right now, when i'm looking to get a foot hold on the blogosphere are , ( these are problems i think every newbie faces )

1. A good blog requires simple good content if not extraordinary content, but i neither have the time nor the skills to create good content ( honest !). But then i guess the only way to learn is through persistence, and i guess i'm improving at a pretty decent rate. Also another observation successful blogger's are not always great writers, so it really doesn't matter. But, If you are good at writing already, thats a bonus.

2. I can't have a separate domain for my blog, at least not right now. So i'll have to stick to for now. And that makes it impossible for me to get readers through search engines, if you didn't already know - most new blog visits happens from search engines. I really don't have any other choice but to promote my blog through social networking sites, online forums etc. And i think a site has a better chance of visitors with a own domain name. But still the chances of me getting a own domain any time soon is very remote. Thats still a distant dream for me. But then, Blogger works fine for me.

3. The web is too huge for a newbie like me, take this for instance, there are over 235,000 bloggers on from India, then there are sites like, and many more. I'm just a tiny speck in the sky. Of course i can take solace in the fact that; though the number of bloggers is so huge, you generally don't have a problem getting readership if you are good at what you do. Bottomline: I need to get better. ( Long way to go )

4. Also having a network of already established bloggers is just great, cos you can always get referrals from them, a single blog post on their blog about you starting up will bring a stream of visitors your way, but sadly i don't have such a network. I'm going to have to rely on my individual efforts alone. But then i have a few like minded newbie bloggers like myself, which i think will suffice. We just have to get it on its feet, then the rest will fall in place ( hoping !)...

So, that was just a small preview on the difficulties in seeing success with a new blog.

Here is how i intend to tackle them,

1. I'll be trying to create better content, also i should be posting more frequently henceforth.

2. Promote my blog even more, need to get the support of all my friends.

3. I should get a domain name for myself as soon as i can afford it. That way i can't have better site design and a improved layout. Though i must say Blogspot is pretty good for a free service.

Also i'm looking to do a few online jobs, not get rich quick schemes, but simple data entry jobs with normal payouts. I'll be posting soon about my experiences. If i find some good ways, i'll put up those ideas for sure.

Also you can help me by ,

1. Being a regular reader, please bookmark my blog and check in maybe twice a week for updates. Also you could subscribe to my RSS feed and read my blog posts on the reader of your choice.

2. Clicking on the ads you are interested in. But please understand; i'm not forcing anyone to click on ads on my site- cos' that will be Click Fraud, just visit the links you find interesting and you could help me in a big big way ...

3. Giving me backlinks or reviews in your own blog. That would be great, just mentioning my blog someplace would get me visitors, for which i'll be really thankful. Also very soon i'll be posting a lot of excerpts from the interesting posts i find anywhere.

4. Participating in my blog, by commenting on posts, criticism is always welcome. And also it helps to know people are reading your blog.

Thats pretty much all for now, also there could be slightly reduced activity for the next one month, cos' i'm having my semester exams this month. In a month all my plans will start rolling full time.

Thanks for your support !!

Cheers ..

P.S: Right now i'm getting around 4-5 unique visitors a day leaving out the regulars ( my friends who've supported me through their comments on each post ), but even most of the new visitors are just curious clickers and they really don't read the posts.

My immediate goal will be to increase daily visits to maybe 20 a day.Thats a pretty stiff target really.

Looking to achieve that target in another 3 months time.


Vyaas said...

No offense...
I don't see any peekaboo acknowledgements on your site,and i do recall that it's the least they expected...
How can you possibly expect to get loyal readers(forget money) if you can't adhere to basic internet ethics??

Your manifesto seems reasonable,but getting your own domain name isn't going to get you better search results...check out google's search term policy.

Guru said...


None taken,

So, you were really quick to jump at me for not acknowledging hackosphere on my blog . BTW I made the changes late yesterday, after i noticed the hackosphere links on your blog, but i am still not through with the site. That site still has a lot of stuff i would like to use, I was going to link it in the end anyways ..

But, now that you've pointed it out, I've included the link ..

Maybe i was wrong when i said a own domain brings in more search results. But, I think a own domain works better cos' it gives you more freedom with your site, my blogger page has started blocking googlebot for no reason.And blogger does not let you change the robots file, if i had a own domain i could've set the robots file myself.

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