Sunday, November 25, 2007

I'm hooked to a lot of 'Make Money Online' blogs lately, not that i'm looking to make money online anytime soon, but these blogs are pretty good. Every possible money making technique is researched extensively by these bloggers and every single way to earn money is milked to the maximum possible extent, so reading these blogs is like learning completely new stuff, and also anything related to money is interesting. Right ? Though there are a lot of biggies like and in this category of online money making blogs, there are other beginners or mid level blogs that catch the eye, One such blog is If i remember right i reached Yeepage through a review on Blogging fingers a month back. The best part about Yeepage is that the owner Simon is just a beginner in the huge world of make money online blogs. And that helps cos' you can connect better with blog posts like his than the other professional bloggers. He has a few useful features on his blog like his weekend links package. In those posts he links back to those who take part in the discussion on his blog and a few other interesting posts, and again you can never expect such stuff from a pro blogger. Overall pretty good site,you should drop by Yeepage sometime.

And, now Simon is having a contest on his blog. Click here for details.

And click here to reach the home page.

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