Friday, December 21, 2007

21/12/2007 - Tidbits

This day is worth blogging about for two reasons, first i had a chance to use a I-phone for the first time ever ( it rocks !!) and after that had a small g2g with my school mates, caught up with each other after a long long time.

The I-phone was Vivek's, he had his phone shipped to him from a cousin in the US. And after so much delay the package finally arrived yesterday. So i went over with Vijay and Baga to take a look at the most hyped gadget of this year. It pretty much lived upto our expectations. Some points i want to make,

  • The I-phone looks slim but it actually is pretty heavy, a lot heavier than any other i've used ever.
  • The screen is bigger than i visualised and it looks real good ( the brightness is good, and the screen looks very rich ), again better than anything i've seen.
  • The internet experience is absolutely fab, the phone has a Safari browser, the wi-fi connection was pretty slow at his place, but the browsing experience was a lot better than i expected. ( even checked out how this blog looked on a I-phone, it was awesome).
  • The audio quality is pretty good, just like the I-pods, but the I-phone has a different 35mm jack, so you cannot use your other normal headphones.
  • The interface, camera, text entry were pretty ok, but i was expecting it to be even better than this.
Conclusion: This is surely 'the' gadget to own, i would go ahead and buy one right now esp. for its internet browsing experience, if only i had the money.. hmm..

But then there is a chance that i'll get to use the I-phone for a week, that is if India manages to at least draw the test series with Australia, i'll get to have the phone for 10 full days, a small bet between us, i really hope he'll honor the agreement if i manage to win.

Next up, the g2g - there were 8 of us in all; Vijay, Baga, Kaks, Kicha, Angel, Srini, Arvind and Me. Of this lot i'm meeting Srini and Arvind after a pretty long time, it was very nice catching up with them today. We met up at 5.30 at the new park opposite Thiru.Vi.Ka park, and had a real nice time. And then we also spoke a lot about our plans for the Sunday ride to pondy, everything is almost finalised, and around 10 of us will be riding to Pondy.this Sunday.

Had something to eat nearby, Baga wanted to go for some movie then, but no one was really intent on going for a night show, and we were saving up cash for the ride too, so we all went to Crescent park to just hang out there, we took turns are riding each other's bikes, lotsa discussion about nothing at all, the usual stuff. We finally split up at 7.45.

It was a pretty good day today, and hopefully the ride on Sunday will go without any problems, we don't want anything like this happening.

Thats pretty much all, signing off now ..



vijay said...

machan no problem ra ....ride is goin na be very fine...

about iphone , in one word "rocks"

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