Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Dec 26 - Today is Boxing Day - So, How Many People Did You Knockout ?

Dec 26 is Boxing Day, it is celebrated in UK, Canada, NZ and Australia and a few other Commonwealth member countries. Now the first thought that springs up in anyone's mind when asked about the origins of the celebration would be that, it could be something related to boxing - the combat sport ( at least i thought so ). I then decided to look up the origins of the celebrations, and i was suprised to find it had nothing to do with fist-fights at all. Boxing was infact is a celebration related to Christmas.

Back in the middle ages, on the day after Christmas people gave out gifts to the poor or the lower classes in the society, Or the employers gave their employees presents for working for them through the year. And these presents are usually given out in boxes, hence the term ' Boxing Day'. Most countries declare a public holiday on Dec 26, and if Boxing Day happens to fall on a Sunday, the public holiday is observed on Monday, to make sure everyone gets a day off from work to spend time with the family.

Boxing Day in Sport.

The Boxing Day Test match begins on the 26th at the Melbourne Cricket Ground in Australia, and the Australian Cricket team plays the National team touring Australia that summer. The first Boxing Day test was played in 1950 at the MCG, and ever since then the BDT has been an annual event, but between 1953-67 the BDT moved away from Melbourne, also at times the Australian team played on Boxing day in other nations. However in 1980 the MCG and the Australian team secured the rights to hold the BDT every year.

This summer in the 2007-08 season it is the Indian Cricket Team on tour playing under Anil Kumble, We know how the ACT has been on a roll for the last 7 years or so, and how they have been topping the ICC Test rankings, with a very comfortable lead, very few teams have been able to challenge them, forget defeating them. So India had to start with the aim of challenging them first, and then maybe could think about defeating the Australians, and they did just that today in the BDT.

At the end of the first day the after choosing to bat first the Australians are tottering at 337/9 riding on Kumble's 35th 5-wicket haul in tests( they still managed a pretty good run rate though). But still the job isn't done, the Indians have just created a opportunity, they need to work real hard for a win from here, cos' the Australians aren't going to give in so easily. But, India has its task cut out though, they have to play positive, sensible cricket for the next 4 days, that is 12 more sessions of play. They couldn't have asked for a better situation, a win here in the first test would boost the morale of the Indians for the rest of the series.

Trivia: The Australians have won every single Boxing Day match for the last 8 years, ie since 1999, and it was the Indians who started off this winning streak in 1999, so will it be them to end it ?

This series promises to provide awesome entertainment to all Cricket fans and been hyped to a huge level by both the Australian and Indian media, and the start has been well worthy of all the attention it has been getting. Too bad we don't get the match on TV because of the sic CAS, the govt. is robbing us fans of this treat.

Though if you have a fast Broadband connection, you can catch the action live on the net. Check this post on Vijay's blog for details about the live web streaming of the Ind-Aus match. For the unfortunate few like me, who do not have a sufficiently fast connection, there is always Cricinfo.



vijay said...

wow..Never thought so much was assosciated with the boxing must have done quite a lot of reseach...really good piece of work...

n thanks fo the backlinking..that was really humble of you to do that...

anyways, looking forward for more such wonderful posts...


Guru said...

But.. Not much research da .. Just Wikipedia for both the Origins and Boxing Day Tests..

Just took the effort to put the info in my own words. Thats pretty much all..

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