Sunday, December 16, 2007

Hitmen Of The Roads

It was a regular Monday morning, i was riding to college, and i was unusually well on time,so i decided to cruise at a very sedate 50 Kmph, with no major traffic ahead of me, i immediately knew it was one of my luckier days, and i nicely settled down expecting an uneventful ride to college as usual, but God had other plans. That was when i saw him, he was about 100 meters ahead and hadn't noticed me yet, but there was no way i could miss him, i didn't remember seeing him before today, so he was new.But I knew he was waiting for me, and by reflex i quickly scanned the road ahead looking for any detours i could take to possibly avoid him, but then today there was none, damn..

But then even if i had a chance to avoid this one, there would always be another guy waiting for me on another road,they seem to be everywhere these days and they have gotten pretty organized, it looks like I'm on top of their hit list and every single member of their clan is on a high priority mission to get me. So by avoiding him i was only delaying the inevitable.This time I decided to take my chances and have a go at him, though deep down in my heart i was wishing there would be some way out of all this, maybe i could negotiate a truce with their leader, i could even pay them off, maybe then they will stop bothering me.

But now coming back to the present, he was just 50 meters away now, and he still hadn't noticed me (or at least he was pretending to look in the other direction). Then he turned to look at me, now i could feel his cold eyes settling on me, i've never felt so naked ever and i knew he was going to get me this time. Damn, i must've gotten away whilst I had the chance. As i got closer i could notice a gleam in his eyes, but he did not look at me directly, so i guess he was very well trained for missions like these, the plan was timed to perfection and it suddenly occurred to me that his presence there on my regular route to college at the exact time could not be just a coincidence. Damn, how could I be so stupid to get suckered into something like this, I should have taken the day off, and I must've never left the house. Or i could've even risen in time to catch my college bus and escaped. Damn the bloody alarm.I could try explaining that it was the alarm's fault that i was riding to college, maybe then he would let me go.

Then i came to my senses, what was i thinking, there was no way i could talk my way out of this, the only chance for me to get out of this was by staying confident and use my riding skills to my advantage, i took a deep breath and held my line firmly and was prepared for the challenge, he was just 25 metres at this point, this time the gleam in his eyes was replaced by surprise and even a hint of fear, but i was not going to fall for his little trick now. I knew he was waiting there all along, so the surprise was all fake, and the fear - I'm sure the only one who is scared right now is Me. But he hadn't made his move yet, maybe my lucky charm was still working, maybe i was not the target this time around, It was the guy behind me, Wow !! That was close .. ****, that was the exact moment he made his move, when i was least expecting it, he jumped across and stopped in the middle of the road, i had rehearsed my reaction many times in my mind, I checked my rear view mirror to check for traffic behind me, and then i swerved to the left, but he jumped back on my line again, he wasn't going to make it easy for me, i jammed my brakes and this time leaned to the right and avoided him by inches, I had finally done it. I had gotten away from him, I had beaten him, i was free and more importantly I was alive. Now that i was past him there was no way he could get me, i took the chance to scream back at him " Not today ******** ! Today is my lucky day'. He still was trying his' i'm not part of that gang' act with me, he still acted as if i surprised him there, but i'm not going to fall for his trick, not now not ever.

Yep, if you didn't already realize, all this was about the random guy choosing to cross the road just below the nose of your bike, i'm sure all motorists have their share of experiences with him. These jaywalkers are every riders nightmare, but then we all have gotten used to these stuff, almost every single rider has gained the skill to dodge these guys in their daily commute. Life just goes on ...


*Sajith* said...

wow..! really nice post.. i jus felt like i was riding pillion with you.. you took us man..! Very narrative..

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