Friday, December 14, 2007

Remakes Can Never Recreate The Magic Of The Original - Billa 2007

After all the hype Ajith's Billa finally released today. After watching the trailer, i was really expecting the movie to be real good. I had tickets for Saturday morning, but i couldn't wait till then, so i went ahead paid 100 bucks for a evening show today. But i was very disappointed with the movie, cos it totally sucked, at least according to me.

The only good part about the movie is Ajith, almost everything else is so out of place, however hard you try to ignore the flaws, you just can't get past them. The direction is so amateurish, Vishnuvardhan needs to watch a lot of other movies in the genre, before setting out to make big budget movies like this. I've never seen such stupid cops in any other movie till date. The bad guys escape from the cops at will, the cops always reach the spot where the gang deals are happening at the time of the exchange,but all they do is point their guns and watch, order the bad guys to surrender, and the bad guys always outrun the cops in the ensuing chase. Drug consignments are handed out in a attache case in the middle of a beach, weapons that would fit in a sack, are delivered in a huge container trailer, with the weapons mounted on the walls as if it were a exhibition of some sort. If the director had enough brains he would've understood that gangs no longer deal with a few packets of drugs, but they handle drug consignments in tonnes, and there are always better places to handover drugs than a beach or a warehouse. I could go on endlessly like this and point out so many other foolish goofs , but i guess this will suffice for now. This movie completely insults the viewers intelligence, and generally movies in this genre leave you bewildered with the fast pace and the slick thinking, atleast the few good movies i've watched, or at the bare minimum they manage to convince me.

One last dialogue from the movie (i couldn't resist)- after looking for evidence at the dead police chief's house, a officer takes his walkie talkie, and in a fake macho voice says ' Standby unit, lets go !' in the stupidest possible way. Now what does that fcuking mean, do they expect the audience to appreciate the english dialogues even if they mean shit ?

Also there is one other reason why this movie could be good - Nayantara. We see her in a heavily glamorized and sometimes to the extent of obscene avatar. I was told yesterday that there was not a single scene without Nayantara exposing her cleavage, but i counted two scenes where she actually covers up ( around 2 % of her total onscreen time ), even then it was cos' she was in a fencing suit and had no other choice,but if there was a fencing suit with a dropping neckline somewhere in the world, then i guess we would've seen her cleavage in that scene too(too bad they don't make fencing suits like that). We even get to see her in a bikini in a scene that was created just for her to show her tits, and the scene obviously has no relation to the movie whatsoever, i think the director intentionally decided to buy her clothes two sizes too small, and we all know how voluptuous she is, so we see a ample portion of her 'whatever' spilling out all the time.

It is so obvious that the movie is big budget, but all of it has been totally wasted with a sick screenplay and third rate direction. What is the point in all the grandeur when it makes no sense anyway. The director tries to make the movie look very chic and western, but just having skin show, south east asian extras, sleek black sedans,italian suits does not make a movie western.

And today i realised the reason Rajnikanth is liked so much by his fans, i would rate Rajni's Billa more than this movie, even with all the grandeur this movie just cannot hold your attention. While with the original Billa, though the movie is outdated, it still stands out for Rajni's performance, he manages to convince the audience with his acting and screen presence, which unfortunately is missing in Ajith's Billa.

So i guess the magic of the classics can never be recreated by the remakes, however good, modern the remakes turn out to be, the classic movies still rule.



vijay said...

remakes do create the magic if well thought of before delivering the stuff as a movie package...for instance don was a remake too,it went on to become a hit...

but billa lacks the basic need for a movie(if not a good movie)- -a thoughtfull director..

the entire movie is used as a platform to showcase ajiths sex appeal and nayathara's sexual appeal...other than these two stuffs there is nothin you could watch for in this movie..

only two categories of people would like this movie-

1)all men(for nayan)

2)all ajith fans...

other than these two categories of people if any one found this movie really good or even watchable then surely they are really amateur to the world of movies

Guru said...

Yep ..

Macha, Don managed to be commercially successful, but it still sucked as a movie.It was filled with so much gang cliches and had no logic at all.

But one interesting point is that Ajith's Billa looks richer than Don. Ajith has the looks to carry the role, even more than Sharukh.

Also i think the Hindi audience are more forgiving when it comes to stupid movies, even the urban audience tend to appreciate 'crap', but i think we are more mature here. A movie usually gets what it is worth.

Like you said, right now the movie is supported by Ajith and Nayantara. And i guess this will be sufficient for it to be commercially successful. But then just imagine if it had a third support, by way of good direction, this movie would've surely rocked bigtime.

Balakrishnan said...

Movies are supposed to entertain... and Billa does that wholesomely... I'm no Ajith fan... and i disagree with Vijay's point of view saying only Ajith fans would like it, and one more thing ... what does being 'amateur' to the 'world' of movies mean... movies are made to entertain, atleast in India and especially in tamil and telugu, a vast majority of the audience prefer movies as being a way to unwind and relax, they don't see movies as a work or artistic nature or whatever...there's no need also for tamil movies to start being non-commercial ... I liked Billa to a decent extent, maybe because it was a rajini movie remake ... but the fact remains that the indian film industry is totally star driven, and to expect 'logical', 'non-amateurish', and 'crap-less' movies from Rajinikanth, vijay or ajith would be foolish to say the least... if u will watch only such movies, i suggest u stay far away from these actors' movies... if u are prepared to keep ur mind totally blank and just appreciate what they are doing to entertain u ... u will be satisfied... I accept aadhi, tirupathi or aalwar were bad even by these standards ... but i wouldn't put billa into that category... it was completely watchable... and to a fair extent enjoyable

Guru said...


Hmm, macha you seem to be expressing your POV. But there is nothing wrong in expecting a movie to have average logic, i do not want a perfect, no goof movie, but still have a right to expect a movie with some logic, right ? Is there a any rule that says entertaining movies have to be stupid necessarily ? Cos' this movie is just stupid according to me ..

And why do we have to settle for something in our movies less by telling ourselves that Tamil movies are always like this ?

And why do we have to be contented with movies that have such huge plot holes, abstract dialogues that make no sense at all - the so called commercial movies. We could be entertained along with logic in a movie..

I guess the negative review was cos' i had real high expectations for this movie, but it failed me bigtime. Could be anger more than reason.

But still Billa is no good than the rest of the crappy movies .. My POV ..

priya said...


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