Saturday, December 29, 2007

So Close To Joining The Sponsored Posts Bandwagon

If you've been talking to me about my blogging plans in recent times, you must've surely heard me discuss Sponsored posting. And now i'm pretty close to starting sponsored posting on my blog. Read on ..

What are Sponsored Posts ?

Advertisers have found that the best way to advertise on the net is through blogs, when they place ads using ad networks like Adwords or Bidvertiser, the quality of visitors who enter their links cannot be monitored, and a major percentage of the visitors they get are just curious clickers, who will never even bother reading their content. But when the advertisers advertise through blogs, they are assured quality traffic. This is because the when the blog visitors hear about a offer from a blogger they know personally or whose work they read regularly they trust the offer. So these visitors are sure to browse your offers and even participate in deals they are interested in. But then as a blogger you should be careful about the offers you suggest to your readers. And so you just cannot post about absolutely crappy offers just cos' it pays you.

So in a nutshell, you get opportunities, or offers to blog about a particular service or a firm, and you get paid for the review post you write in your blog. The concept like i said is that your blog readers will follow the links and check out the advertiser's services, offers etc.

How much do they pay ?

As a newbie the posts you make won't earn you much. The payout usually starts from $5 and can go on till maybe $1000 for a single post, the money is sent to your Paypal account or some services even have the option of payment by Cheque, the payouts are usually prompt if you follow the rules of the services. And later as you climb the blogger ladder you could get paid insane amounts for your posts like i said. And the for the few people who say crap like 'earning money online is impossible, you'll only get fooled', you can always look away or don't even bother taking your head out from inside the donkey's ass, but i'll suggest you try and move out of the dark ages mindset that's still stuck on you. No offence !!

Tip: Try and start with PayPerPost, they give a start up opportunity worth $20 for blogs that are approved by their service. So with just your start up post about PPP you could earn $20.

How do you start making Sponsored Posts ?

You could go about announcing on the web along with your mail id, that you're open for Sponsored Posts, and then wait for offers at your inbox forever, but if you want offers real soon, you could go ahead and join services like PayPerPost, Smorty, Blogsvertise ReviewMe etc which will help you interact with advertisers.

Now getting accepted into these services is another thing, else anyone can start a blog and then start writing Sponsored Posts, right ? Yep, thats true, everyone can write sponsored posts, but you cannot start right away. You need to work on the blog for a few months to qualify for these services. These services select blogs on different criteria, which could be based on Page Rank, Alexa Ranking, Technorati Ranking, Traffic etc. So you need to work on improving these factors, which could take anything between 3 months and 1000000 years. My point is : if you really work hard with proper research, you could be ready for sponsored posts in 3 months, else you could be getting ready forever.

And by my estimates i'll be ready for Sponsored Posting by the next Page Rank Update. Which could be in another 2 months.

I'll try and post more about this later, i'm going to try and present all the information one would require to start Sponsored Posts. Or you could always look up for info yourself, that way you'll benefit more..


vijay said...

GREAT stuff guru....I am really looking forward for payper post as well ....

Please do come up with whatever you learn,it would be of a great help for some lazy ass like me....

keep going...

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