Monday, December 24, 2007

Successful Ride To Pondicherry - 23/12/2007

The title says 'successful' cos we've had one unsuccessful ride already. This infact was the second time we're riding to Pondicherry. Last time around there were only four of us, and its was the biggest turnaround experience for us. The rain was coming down hard in the morning, and just like true bikers we didn't let the rain deter us and decided to go ahead with the ride. And then the rain stopped altogether after we got out of chennai and the ride turned out to be one of the best rides ever. Only to be replaced by yesterday's ride. Read on...

Meanwhile, some pics from the previous ride - 21/6/2007

We were really excited about the ride after the wonderful time we had on the last one. And this time Vijay and Srikanth did not want to miss out so we were 6 riders in all, on three bikes - a Cbz, Libero and a Dio(Mine). We were really hesitant to take the Dio for the ride, but we were left with no other choice cos' of a few last minute drop outs, but in the end it turned out to be really good.

Started the day at 6 am, a lot earlier than we usually start - but it was well worth it, cos' surprisingly there was a dense fog cover at that time. Vijay and Srikanth came over on time and we were off to Kaks's place exactly at 6. The city roads with zero traffic the fog really got things going and we were even more excited. We wanted to get to the highway before the fog could clear up. Met up with others at Kaks's place and we were off by 6.45 and we were expecting the fog to clear up anytime now, and we lost all hopes of riding through the fog. But then mom nature had other plans, the fog waited for us till we filled fuel, had breakfast and then rode through the city traffic, and then when we finally got there it was there waiting for us with her arms outstretched andit looked as if the fog had become more intense. We're not used to seeing anything even remotely similar to this in Chennai, the visiblity was hardly 100m and we could feel the fog coming at us while we rode through it. The roads looked like they were out of a dream sequence in a Tamil movie . And we were enjoying every moment of it.

And mom nature decided to let us enjoy a little longer infact a lot longer than expected. The fog did not clear up even after 10 am, it was as if we had earned all the good climate after a taxing semester at college, and i guess the fog was nature's christmas present for us and all other Anna University students in chennai, i guess not , but it feels good to think of it that way. But then finally the fog lifted at around 10.30 and then sun came out to greet us, just imagine the sun comes out at 10.30 and it wasn't a rainy day. There aren't many days like this, and we were really lucky to pick one such day for our ride. We were cruising along at speeds of 60-65 Kmph, at that speed we could easily take our eyes off the road and enjoy the ride, thats one thing we don't get to do when we're tearing down the highway at 90 Kmph.

Reached pondy at around 11.45 am and went straight to the restaurant where we ate last time. We were in no mood to look around for other places to eat. Went over to the beach immediately after that, and had a nice time taking pics, throwing rocks into the sea ( the usual ), and then Sunil, my classmate from college came over with his bro to help us with the routes, initially we were planning to go boating. but then decided against it cos' we had to ride for another 10 kms to reach that place, and we weren't ready to spend a lot of money on boating crap. Decided to hit the nearby park and after a 30 min break we were all off on the ride back home.

Ripped our bikes to the hilt till the outskirts of pondy and we made the distance in good time, then it was fuel time. The fuel price in pondy was just 41 bucks, a whole 6.5 bucks cheaper than chennai. It felt really good to fill up at those prices. Started riding in formation at a steady 65 Kmph. Decided to go off road, so we just took a road and started following it, the road reduced to a mud track and then ended completely, it was beach sand after that, we weren't sure whether the scoot could make it, but then the Dio simply exceeded expectations and crossed the sand stretch without even a whimper.

Too bad we couldn't get the bikes to the shore, cos there were thorny bushes all around, we decided not to risk it, so we ditched the bikes and headed out to the beach. Had a lot of fun clicking pics (again), trying to get interesting pics, then i came up with the idea of writing my blog name on sand and taking a picture with it. But then i had little success cos' my blog has a really long winding name, but Baga,Vijay and Srikanth got great pics for their respective blogs. Started riding back towards Chennai, but not for long,we were stopped cos; the Tn CM's convoy was coming behind us, and they had to clear the road for the CM to pass. Damn wish i had such a wonderful life, thats the best anyone could ask for, the whole of ECR without a single traffic, after about 10 mins the convoy finally crossed us and we even tried to take a video of the passing convoy.

We then realised we just just opposite the Alamparai fort, so we decided to ride in 3 Kms to take a look at the 'Fort'. It was getting really late, but we decided to go ahead and just drop in, we don't do these rides everyday, right ? When we reached we saw no fort, but just a few ruins, we knew the fort was in ruins, but expected something a little better. Looked around for a while, took a few pics as evidence of us being there and we started off, by now it was really late and we had to get on our headlights, so we had to ride back 100 Kms to chennai on the ECR in the dark, this was something that we always wanted to avoid. The ECR isn't all that safe for night riding cos' staying on the road itself becomes difficult with the headlamp glare from the oncoming cars, the only respite was the reflective strips which really helped us find the road. After a few kms of hard spirited riding, we decided to slow down cos' it was getting too risky, and the last thing we wanted was a accident. Rode back all the way till chennai at a very sedate pace, it was 8.30 by the time we reached the outskirts of the city. Rode to Kaks's place to pick up the various stuff we had left there and we finally split at 9.30, 15 hours after meeting up at the same place. We had ridden over 350 Kms in those 15 hours. Reached home at 9.45 pm after dropping Vijay at his place.

Overall; it was one of the best rides ever for me, the fog in the morning and the night ride on the way back was really interesting. It was also a very safe ride, and had no reckless riding from anyone, we were really intent on keeping this ride accident free . The other guys who missed out on this ride have a lot of reason to repent, cos' the whole ride experience was just rocking. This was so much fun, that we decided to ride again this Thursday. Plans are still on, but look very promising as of now.

Thats pretty much all for now, hopefully i'll be posting another trip log in 2 more days.

Forgive me for the long narrative, i just wanted to archive every little part of the ride, and this is just the shortened version with a lot of details left out. No way i could sit and write a comprehensive log, it would take me a whole day and no one'll be reading it ever. So i guess this will more than do for now, i'll surely to make my trips logs brief in the future.


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machan,really really good stuff....
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couldn't help it...

n please machan call him "FATHER NATURE"....

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