Friday, January 18, 2008

18/01/2008 - Tidbits

Bought a new PC for my friend Srikanth, so i was very busy the whole day. This is the first time i'm assembling a PC all by myself(?). Well, that is not exactly true i had Venki and Srikanth with me, but this was the first time i was incharge(i think). I've done this before ( this comp. assembling and upgrading stuff, i do this all the time) but then every time someone else would be in charge, usually it'll be my friend Karthikeyan( kaka ), (my first PC was put together by him) and i'll be helping him. But this time around there was no one else. So incase something goes wrong, or i screw up i had to take all the shit. Now not that putting a PC together is some rocket science, but then my friend had given me 15k of his money, and i really could not afford to screw up. I kinda learnt how difficult it is to take charge for (even) a simple job, cos in the end if anything goes wrong you are held accountable. Thats scary, and 15k isn't small money, right ?

Hmm, but then today's job was a breeze. First we had to sell his old rig to get some extra cash ( which we'll get only tomorrow) and then went off to ritchie street, and directly to the one place we know, Supreme Computers. Bought everything, took it up to their service center to check the mobo, processor and RAM, and then put everything into the cabinet, that way we could get it home on our bike ( no 150 bucks for the auto). And after we got home put everything together in little more than 20 mins.

Now if someone is interested in the config,

Intel Core 2 Duo - 4600 bucks
Intel 945 Mobo - 2600 rs
Transcend 1 Gb X 2 DDR2 RAM - 1900 rs
Seagate 160 GB SATA HDD - 2100 rs
Samsung SATA DVD RW - 1200 rs
Cabinet - 1400 rs

That comes to around 13800 bucks, we'll be buying a Viewsonic 17'' LCD display ( 7200 bucks ) tomorrow, so that makes it 20k exactly. He just wanted a basic PC for the internet and movies, so no high end stuff, just the basic bare minimum config.

[ For current computer hardware prices check out ]

After we were done with all the work he took us to Saravana Bhavan for lunch(:-)), full sappadu at HSB today thanks to Srikanth.

Then in the evening went with Vijay and Venki to Moore Market to buy books for the 6th sem. Had a narrow escape on the way back, i was flagged down by cops, i did not have my license with me, and i was riding Venki's bike which did not have insurance papers on it, and my bad luck the cop asked me for my insurance papers, i knew we were screwed bigtime, but then all of a sudden he just let me off, and told me to go on. Wow .. Very narrow escape, we would've been poorer by 100 bucks if not for my good luck.

BTW i'll be attending TransITion ’08, a tech forum for pre-final year engineering and MCA students by Cognizant Tech Solutions(CTS). This is happening at the Image Auditorium ( of which i have very fond memories from my school days ). And in the morning there is some crappy panel discussion on 'Engineering Education: How to Foster Entrepreneurship and Innovation’. Lame right ? Why would i want to hear shit about engg even on my day off, but then there is this other presentation by the ACP (Cyber Crime), Chennai on ‘Tackling Cyber Crimes’. I'm guessing that will be a little better, anyways i will be there cheering for the quiz team from my college ( too bad i couldn't get into my college team, what crap ? they quizzed us on history and geography during selection, maybe next time.. ). BTW Quizzing rocks .. Check this.

Thats all i've got for today, looks like tomorrow is going to be a pretty full day too. I better get some solid sleep now, so fricking tired.

BTW i'm starting with this new sitcom called ' Dexter', i'm watching this cos' this friend of mine says its awesome. Lets see.. So finally after ' My Name is Earl' i have something else. So no more movies for a while, it is back to sitcoms, and if anyone has some sitcom suggestions, please leave me a comment. I'm so vetti.

And with my new unlimited plan i've been downloading stuff for more than 36 hours now, and i don't think i'll ever stop. Need to milk my ISP to the fullest.

BTW the Macbook Air rocks !!

Adios !!


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