Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2008: New Year's Day Post - Memoirs Of The Bygone Year

I wish all my readers a very Happy New Year, may you succeed in all your endeavors and get what you truly deserve in this new year. Now moving on, i would like to use this post to talk about the few mentionworthy moments of 2007 and my blogging plans in the year 2008.

The last quarter of the year 2007 has been really special for me ( at least from a blogging perspective).This blog was originally started almost a year ago, back then i just needed a place to put up my ride logs, and i was done with it, there was very little posting activity on the site other than my trip logs. But then my interest in blogging was revived around September this year, and i've never looked back since. From then on i've really been putting my heart, soul and body ( what the heck ? I'm writing this post at 2 am on Jan 1 while probably eveyone else is either sleeping, partying or having sex fornicating(?)) into this, and you see the result in front of you. For this, I need to thank my friend Sajith, it all started with him asking me about setting up a blog for him, and in no time we started blogging together as a team, we were just helping each other with our blogs and i felt much better when i had some company. In the initial phase he was all the support i had, i still remember how we used to read each other's posts, discuss about how to improve the blog etc. Thanks for all that macha ..

Now after that when i told people i was into blogging, i sure was mocked at by a lot of people, they probably thought it was another one of my foolish ideas. But then i had the support of Venki and Vijay, cos' even they had similar interests and so we started forming a network to help out each other with this, now we've managed to get a few more people on the network like Kicha, Ramanan, Sajith, Baga ( though he's been blogging for a long time, you need to check his blog, he writes really well ) and a few others ( like Srikanth, Vamsi ) who are in the process of setting up their blogs. My interest had become viral and had started spreading around, and i'm very happy for that. With such an awesome network of bloggers, we should be able to help each other and should find it easy to go up the blogging ladder. And if you want to ask me what we could possibly gain by all this: well i thought up a few things, just tell me whether this convinces you - a group activity like blogging helps us network with more people, we could learn new stuff from others and in turn pass on the little stuff we know, thats one reason.. Want more ?

We could improve our writing skills with blogging, remember how we were used to writing long essays back in our school days ? Our writing skills were pretty good then, at least we could sit down and put together a few hundred words on any topic, now we're totally cut off from any sort of writing activity, so blogging might be our chance to stay in touch with writing, and hopefully we'll get better or at least stop sucking at it.

Now i'm leaving out the best part of blogging itself - you could make money with your blog, i'm not going to go into the actual details right now ( you could take a look at my post about Sponsored Posting to get an idea). But tell me, who wouldn't want a few extra bucks to supplement their monthly allowance while in college ? I definitely do. Also I know it is pretty difficult to believe that there is money to be made by just blogging. Then comes out the thought that, blogging is an inborn talent and only a few people are blessed with it, and only those who are already good at it can make it big, but that would be totally wrong. Blogging requires no special skills, absolutely nothing!! With a little interest, little work and a lot of dedication you can learn all the stuff you need to know about blogging in no time. So you need to ditch the thought that blogging is only for other people, and should go ahead and give it a shot. Well, you don't have anything to lose do you ? Except maybe a little time of yours( what good use do you put that time to, anyways ?) , and even that time spent can't be said to be entirely wasted, for the reasons mentioned in the previous paragraph. You can still network with people you can start writing better if you can't make money. But trust me, it so fcukin easy to make a little cash!!

Henceforth the content on this blog will be aimed at driving this blogging network ahead, and i'll also write articles that might help you with blogging itself ( it'll basically be ME presenting my views or suggestions on a particular service or topic ). Also we're going to try and broaden the blogging community that we've started. So feel free to join our community, just drop in a comment to let me know you're interested and we'll discuss about this later ( i'm not expecting any replies really ). Thats pretty much all for the year ahead when it comes to blogging. So i don't have any proper blogging goals for the year, my goal will be just to get better at this.

Even if the above reasons don't inspire you to start blogging, you should just go ahead and start a blog just for the heck of it. You could post your thoughts, your emotions, your ideas, your experiences and then you could keep it to yourself ( don't disclose the URL to anyone, ie you're just archiving all your work for later), that way when you look back after a few years you'll actually have something to look back at. Don't you think it'll be superawesome to be able to read in the year 2012 about what you ate for breakfast ( and maybe even whether there was enough salt in the day's lunch )on the second Sunday of January 2008 ?

Well i think i really drifted away from the actual topic, but i guess thats fine this time. This was just a rant, i just wrote down anything that came up in my mind, and i'll be really happy if i inspired at least one person to start blogging. Then i'll consider the purpose of this post to have been fulfilled.

Please don't forget to comment, if you chose to read all the way till here, you could as well drop a comment to let me know your views.

A few tidbits about the year 2008 ( cos' this is a post on the first day, right ? )

According to the Chinese calender this is the Year of the Rat.

This is a Leap Year (if you didn't already know that).

This year has been declared as the International Year Of Planet Earth ( now whatever that means, what are they going to do about this ?).

This year has also been declared the International Year Of Potato.

Signing off..

P.S: Don't forget to comment. ;-)


vijay said...

Year of potatoe???

what was the last year known as??

Balakrishnan R said...

Lets do this machi ... I will start posting regularly from now on, atleast one post a day ... not any new year resolution...but something that will in the end benefit me in someway, right- improving the blog means u can earn more out of it...would atleast help fuel our bikes for a trip - check my blog in two or three days

p.s. ur blog somehow takes longer to load than the others...check what the problem is-it's one of the drawbacks of any blog

Guru said...

@Vijay: I have no idea macha, just found that info on Wikipedia. I was expecting a more on topic comment da. Enna aachu ?

@Balakrishnan: Eh, thanks for that encouraging reply da. I'm pretty intent on making it big ( at least a little big ) through this. Lets see how this goes for me(us). And like i said with a network we surely can move ahead real quick.

And ya even i noticed that, my home page is taking an unusually long time to load. I'll clear that up tonight okie ? i think it'll mostly be one widget hold everything up.

vijay said...

chillax da...was just kidding...

i was like tired of saying
"good blog machan"
"nice one da"
"keep going "

and stuffs....

anyways,as i sai dearlier iam following ur tblog posts so closely,so come up with ideas really very frequently

*Sajith* said...

Nice post macha.. one can easily find how interested you got into blogging jus by looking at your blog archive.. You got me into blogging but i hav'nt become as much interested as you are now.. anyway thanx.. It was one time you started posting only when you go for some ride or something.. but now, each day you post something.. i guess, you dont even need a topic or a reason to post.. gethu da.. only by reading this blog i came to know ramanan also has a blog.. that arsehole did'nt tell me.. anyway.. a new year has come and i wish this year brings us all happiness and a better shoulder to bear our difficulties (Amen..! lolz.. jus kiddin.. is it like a prayer or something..?).. well.. keep posting.. and i wish this 2008 brings a lot more happiness..


Krishna Prasad said...

Good one..Hey anywayz u have gone through one of ur targets.u inspired me to get into blog.

Try to add a comment section in ur feeder.i need to get into ur blog everytime to add a comment.Can't access it from my reader...Find a way plzz...
keep rocking..

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