Monday, January 21, 2008

Back To 'The System'

By 'the system' i mean my boring, useless, dreary, monotonous, tiresome, dull, uninteresting, unexciting, unstimulating, mundane, unremarkable, ordinary and totally fucked up routine( yep, i used the thesaurus). If you still don't get me, i'm talking about my college . I'll have to get back to playing circus at college again after 8 days of freedom. I'll hardly have anytime to write here, so i guess i'll be doing the world a great favor. I'll not have time to read blogs for hours together, I'll not have time for hours of wikipedia link following. I'll not have time for those long chats with my friends on YM, i'll definitely not be able to watch Dexter for 5 hours straight like i did today. I'll not be able to do anything i like.

Today is the last day of my last break, i won't be having another one for a long time. First my semester results will arrive ( and i expect it to be really fcuked up, how fucked up ? i'll have to wait and see) in a week or two, and then all through February we'll have college all six days a week( to compensate for all the days we got off this week), and with a schedule like that the one day off i get will not even be a break, cos' i'll be sleeping late on Saturday night (obviously) and then rising late on Sunday morning and then watch the rest of the day disappear, and even before i know, it it'll be Sunday night and then fcuked up Monday. Crappy times ahead..

Just thinking about all this makes me so sick. I'll really be missing my freedom and i'll be waiting for the away time from 'the system' ( that should take another 40 days, i have my department symposium coming up mid-march, so i'll get to take a lot of time off from classes starting two weeks before the D-day). Till then my alter ego will take control .. No, actually thats not true ..


CoNfUsEd said...

Sigh! College seems like another lifetime :)

ela said...

Ennnathu idhu...ippadi oru polambal?
College inna appadi thaan irukkum...adhukakha ella rule ayum follow panni class ellam attend pannanum innu arthama? naanga ellam samalichittu varala...actually it all this things that makes college life interesting...makes u come up with new and wonderful ways to piss off ur lecturers and princis and not to mention the over enthusuatic Vice princis who are in search of a meaning for their existence....And of course u are not going to run out of manpower in the colleges, do u? so enjoy.....

appuram advance all the best for ur results!

Guru said...

Hey, i dunno what made you think i was actually put off by college. I've learnt to walk around with a i-don't-give-a-rotten-shit attitude, and not care about what anyone else thinks of me. I've perfected that art and i'm totally on my own out there.

Approm, all this no holidays ellam chumma. In another week i'll start taking one day off in a week minimum, minimum attendance to sit for the exam - 75 %. My last sem attendance 78 % .. Ippo therinjutha naanga eppadi innu ?

And i don't need to take an conscious effort to piss of my lecturers, most of the time me being in class seems to be enough.

And about my results, i need all the 'all the best's', 'good luck's' i can gather. Hope all this will make it a little less worse.

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