Friday, January 25, 2008

Evolve @ Cognizant !!

Another post related to CTS, they just seem to be everywhere these days ( i mean around college campuses, they've created this buzz with all their events and the CTS brand is totally hyped up right now, good for them) , last week i wrote about my experience at their tech forum - TransITion 08. The reason i'm having to write about CTS for the second time in the week, is cos' of another workshop from CTS as part of their campus outreach program, we had this workshop today in college and it was pretty good.

Evolve is a workshop which aims at training college students to meet corporate expectations and prepares them for a smooth transition from campus life to corporate life. The workshop covers topics like understanding of employability and communications skills, leadership and teamwork, time management and career planning. A major feature at today's workshop was the inputs on facing interviews from the company HREs themselves . And all this training was given with lively team exercises and simple ppt presentations. The mock GDs and interviews gave the students a real time experience of the campus recruitment process.

I was (not) a volunteer for the mock interview, but still i got to take part in the demonstration. Pretty good experience, today i realized i suck at this, at least i'm not as good as i thought i would be. For one i'm not all that good with the fundamentals of my core ( electronics related ) subjects, thats cos' i never bothered to learn anything at all. Overall i was 'Ok' i guess, but then there are a lot of areas i should really work on, like for example my body language, or my academics.

After the mock interview session the HREs spoke about the mistakes we made during the interview session. Next there was a short mock GD session followed by some Q & A time. They gave us all some literature on GD and interview skills development, and the workshop ended with that.

I've got so much more to write about a lot of other stuff that happened through my day today, but all that will come up as a separate post tomorrow, for now i need to get some sleep. But this weekend it is going to be raining posts, cos' there is so much i want to write about.

By the way, this is post #50 on my blog. Another little milestone for me. yay !!

Stay tuned, a lot of interesting ( controversial ?) posts coming up real soon.


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