Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hockey: India Takes On Belgium At Chennai

The Indian team is scheduled to play their Olympic Hockey qualifier matches at Chile in the first week of March. As part of its preparations for the crucial qualifiers the team will play a 5 match test series versus Belgium at the Mayor Radhakrishnan Stadium here in Chennai between Jan 25 and 31.

The schedule:

January 25, Friday: First Test;
January 27, Sunday: Second Test;
January 28, Monday: Third Test;
January 30, Wednesday: Fourth Test;
January 31, Thursday: Fifth Test.

The matches start at 6.30 pm and now why am i writing about all this here ? thats cos admission to the matches is free. The Belgium team has already qualified for the Beijing Olympics, so you probably understand the kind of game that can be expected from them.

So if you are free on any of these evenings you could just drop by the stadium and cheer for the Indian team. I'll surely try and attend at least one match this time, Sunday or Monday for me.

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Arun Sundar said...

Hey Guru,

Thanks for the info. I'll try and see if I can make it one day and maybe take my dad too, for he is an ardent hockey lover.

And btw, let me know u'r experience if u get a chance to go see a match.

Guru said...

Yep, but make sure you reach the stadium a little early, from what i hear the place will have a good crowd, not that you'll not get a seat. But make sure you get in a little early that way you can get good seats.

I'll surely write about my experience here if i get to watch a match, that goes unsaid.

Anonymous said...

Thank you friend thanks for this Information.

I will surely make it on sunday.

Guru said...

Glad to be of help !!

ela said...

Hmmmmm.....have tons of fun and on the side also give some cheers to the indian team...

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