Monday, January 7, 2008

Jan 7th - My First Blogging Milestone !!

If you just take a moment off and look at the right sidebar of my blog, among all the other junk stuff you'll see this little text Unique visitors counter, and today on 7th Jan, this counter went past 1000, and that is my first blogging milestone.

The count as i write this post is 1007, and if you still can't locate the counter; look between the 'NoNoFollow' and 'Hackosphere' pics, that is where i've hidden my counter.

Now, does this milestone really mean anything, hell YES !!! For a newbie blogger like me who just started working on this blog two months back, this number means i'm going at least going somewhere. Now i'm sure a good percentage of that 1000 unique visitors, is cos' of my visits. I use a ISP which provides dynamic IP's. So everytime i clear the cache on my browser, disconnect and reconnect my visit will be counted as yet another unique visit. But inspite of all this i still consider this a mile stone. Cos' this is all i have. And no one can take that away from me ( rather no one will bother to disagree with me on that, right ?).

It took me almost 3 months to reach this little milestone, that's pretty good by newbie standards. But then some other small blogs i read get 1000 unique visits in a week, a few medium level blogs get 1000 visits a day, and the probloggers get 1000 unique visits in a hour. But, still we all are bloggers, and our sites are called blogs. It is this part that keeps me hooked, inspite of being a tiny speck in the blogosphere i can still have an identity of my own and rub shoulders with bigger, better bloggers.

Also i need to talk about my niche today. I'm really comfortable with my current niche, which is 'no niche'. I've sure read a lot of articles about how having a niche helps, blah blah blah !! but i really don't think i can write on a particular niche, at least not right now. I just needed a place to rant out, write about anything i feel like( crap!) and here i am typing into the night in my very own 'no niche' blog, and i'm proud of it. I swear. You'll never understand the emotions behind blogging if i explained it to you now. You should experience it to understand it. Even if is a personal rant blog that no one reads ( or a blog that only [1000-300] people read in 3 months ), it just doesn't matter. It is totally worth it.

Thats pretty much all...

Now coming back to the milestone discussion, In addition to the unique visitor counter, i also use two other tracking tools, a complete site monitor tool from scroll down to the end of the page for this tracker) and then Google Analytics, both these tracking tools return much more information about my visitors than the unique visitor counter, i'll be writing a detailed post with stats from Google Analytics real soon. That should be an interesting read than this post i hope.

Hmm.. My milestone post will be incomplete without this, I need to thank my friends and fellow bloggers Venkat, Vijay, Kicha, Baga and Sajith for their encouragement and support. This milestone happened cos' of you. Keep rocking !!


Arun Sundar said...

Good luck and keep goin :)

vijay said...

machan...look up...our networking works i guess..
anyways,nice ..nice ...nice...that you are now talking about "no niche" coz wen u first came up with "niche blogging idea" i was like thinking "oh my god!!!i can't really go on writing about any particular thing"....coz i think i need to do justice to my blog name...may be niche blogging has some more time for us to keep our hands on...

even iam contempted with wat i have acieved,even ma visit went past 1000 recently,out of which 500 should have been mine....who cares ,even then,it is 5oo rite???iam happy...

Guru said...

@Vijay: I was so dumb in the beginning da, i just got carried away with all the stuff i read in various blogs, about how important it is to stick to a niche, and about everything else. But then i realised this wasn't going to be fun if i did it by the textbook, so decided to trash all the ideas i gathered from reading other blogs, and decided to make up plans of my own.

Under this plan, i'm just going to go all out and enjoy here, what results it brings me does not matter. For now i'm enjoying this, and i'll continue doing this till i stay interested.

And with your blog, you can expect a traffic boom very soon, with all the promotion on Orkut n all. You'll surely to make it big real soon. Rock on !!

@Arun Sundar: Thanks Bud..

Holly said...

Congratulations! I've been blogging for several years, but just started my own blog on my own site, about a month ago. So to see it approach its 1000th visitor is a treat (should happen this week); I never really kept close track before.

I do have a writing site that's accumulated some 14,000+ views (pretty cool, but I've been there for five years now...)


Holly said...

I hit enter too quickly.

I was going to add that having fun is the important thing. I get so weary of all the blogs on how to blog and how to make money blogging and how to increase your SEO (I get bored with online role-playing games where it's all about the "stats," too). I've decided my "niche" is my personality and outlook on life.

Make yourself a cup of tea and drop by, if you like.


*Sajith* said...

oh.. this is something i was expecting.. awesome man.. keep posting.. !

Guru said...

@Holly: I'll be around to see you celebrating 1000 visitors, even you should probably write a post then. 1000 might seem to be a very tiny milestone, but then even if you get bigger after this, you'll never get back your first 1000 visitors milestone back. Right ? So enjoy it while you can .

And i should confess here that even i was too obsessed with the MMO niche, but then i realised there is no way i could write anything like that. When i look back after 5 years, i don't want to see posts like ' 12 ways to mint money using *insert money making service here*. So i'm back on track writing what i wish. And sometimes i might even stray a bit to write 'making money online' posts, but that will never be my permanent niche. Never ..

@Sajith: Thanks bud >..

Holly said...

Thanks, Guru! I don't think MMO is a "niche" anymore, really. It's more like the ubiquitous dollar store. The novelty has worn off, the market is flooded, and the product is generally overhyped.

Ironically, for me, it would be so very wrong to pursue that sort of blog niche - as a writer, my "niche" would naturally be related to writing - specifically, my writing and books. But as a human being, that's not all I'm about. I have a family, hobbies, a sense of humor in my outlook on life, insights to share (my kids want no part of that, so my readers get to read about it)... And ultimately, I think it's more important that my blog just be As a writer and a human being. So that if, God willing, I have any fans - and they come to see who is this person who wrote the book they enjoyed - they'll find that, and not a bunch of commercial pitches that are likely to earn me a pittance, one penny at a time. Seems tacky, you know?

I think the only thing I want to SELL anyone from my blog is my books. I'll happily promote (and even earn a small commission on) books I like, or books by authors I like (thus the book store on my site), but anything else is just - not me. And it's not fun. If it's not your passion, it's just not worth doing.

Thanks again for the tip on inviting people to comment. Did I get too wordy? :)


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