Monday, January 14, 2008

Now, I Suck At Spelling !!

I've never been so good at spelling, not that i have a big problem with spelling as such, i was just not the kind to take any particular interest in finding the exact spelling for a tough word and then etch it in memory - never, life just went on with my own way of spelling, and i was doing fine. Though i had a very peculiar problem, i sometimes find it very difficult to get very simple words right - words like definitely, immediately ( i spelled both of them wrong even this time, there are a few more words that truly baffle me every single time, can't really remember them all now). But, then i've noticed a different pattern these days, i've become really bad at spelling even simple words and find it difficult to write my class notes without errors.

Now why this sudden regression ?

I think all the net usage has finally caught up and had caused this, i'm so used to having the spell checker every place i write something (online) that it has become almost impossible to write properly without the spell check looking over my shoulder. Every text entry box has the spell check tool by default now, be it this post text area, orkut scraps, comment forms on blogs, email compose pages.

I've noticed this pattern of late, when i write something real fast(online) i don't take a conscious effort to get the spelling right, i just key in the word as fast as i can and move on, and even if i notice a error i don't stop to set it right. After the entire text is done, i get back to every highlighted word -> right click -> choose the right spelling. Earlier i used to screw up maybe 5-10 words in a 400 word entry, but these days i spell at least 50 words wrong in such a entry. If this situation continues i'm going to find it very difficult to write anything at all.

Also it gets really difficult during my classes, i find it really difficult to write at a good speed and also to write without mistakes cos' i'm really used to typing with the spell check and also holding a pen to write on paper sounds foolish to me ( thats the effect of 6 hours on my PC every single day)

So i'm going to take a resolution to try and spell words right from here on, and i'll not be using the spell check options for sometime(till i improve a bit), i need to start getting words right the first time, that means i'll have to slow down while typing, and even if i spell a word wrong, i'll never use the suggestions from the spell checker, i'll try and edit the word manually.

Hope with all this i'll get better at spelling. And if you are facing the same problem as me, i think it is time for you to start as well.



Arun Sundar said...

Or u can do something else : before you type, pray "Karumaari", as the song goes ...."Kavala padaathey sagotharaa..."

vijay said...

I come as your close contenter...even i suk in spellig theese dayz....after this dictonary ,and predictive tech has come into existance ,this is how my speeling loooks...

MEE to Got to improove....

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