Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Shreya Gets A Taste Of Moral Policing & DC Sucks

I'm not going to go into the details of the actual issue, we all know know what happened( if you don't check this) at the silver jubilee celebrations of Shivaji held at the Madras University. I think this is actress Shriya's first brush with the moral policing crowd(fools?) ( who seem to have forgotten Khushboo for sometime now, good. We get so see someone else in the front pages of newspapers, and if it is Shreya, who is going to complain? ), but then Shreya was very quick to tender an apology, and looks like she is out of trouble now.

That was some quick thinking from Shreya or whoever is incharge of her PR, and with that we are saved from having to endure this news on the front pages of newspapers through this week. I learnt about her apology today morning from this front page article on our very own superawesome Deccan Chronicle( we started subscribing to this paper long back, and did not bother to cancel it, actually i love reading all the crappy stories in it, makes a very good read when you are totally vetti), now this post is not about all that. It is about how this newspaper managed to print unverified facts on the front page of their newspaper( actually it is not as huge as i make it to be, so chillax) about Shriya having to return from the shooting of the Hindi film Mission Istanbul in Thanjavur and her tight schedule was the reason for her dressing like that, now the actual story is that she had to get back from Istanbul( makes sense right, why would you shoot Mission Istanbul in Thanjavur ?) to Chennai via Mumbai.

Now i dunno where this DC reporter Mr. A Selvaraj, picked this Thanjavur story( maybe Shreya was coming back from Thanjavur after all, and she was chuma peter otufying about Istanbul, and maybe Mr. Selvaraj is Shreya's secret boyfriend, so he knew the truth and also being a journo he gave us the true story even at the risk of losing his sweetheart forever( did i take it too far ?), or probably not) but he had real guts to print unverified facts in his article just like that.

This is just one of the many foolish blunders that you get to see everyday in the DC, now coming to think of it, all this could be part of a plan by the people over at DC to improve readership, they are trying to make their product more appealing by intentionally sneaking in errors, that way the common man will be able to relate to their paper cos' then it is so synonymous with his life, not always right( i suck thinking up something like this, so please forgive me), anyways i think DC sucks cos they dare to print unverified news on their front pages, with people actually reading their content and believing it blindly( we do that, right? we consider articles in the newspapers to be trustworthy, at least i do), they really need to improve on this and on so many other things, they could even start with trashing their tabloidish style of writing( the other day there was this news bit(?) about Deepika Padukone, and the article plainly suggested that DP was a bitch).

Consider this a rant and don't even take this seriously, don't bother arguing with my points, cos i know my arguments is full of flaws and my anger has no real foundation.

Now, time for some eye candy. Here are the pics of that dress that caused all this controversy( honestly i don't think this attire is so bad, this is way better than the b & p kinda costumes she wore in Shivaji, right ?)

Lucky old man ( this pic looks a little weird, right ?)

BTW Shreya rocks !!! Whatababe ..



vijay said...

First of all WTF maaaan.......It's somebody's personnal wish to dress up as he/she likes(chillax!!!even i was a guy who used to argue against this sayin,public presence is different....but hey,this was sreya.....and i would kill every one of you who would dare to say ,she should have dressed the other way)

Secondly,guru,we need dc....dunt on the whole go against it....it's like our sex story book....the whole dc as news paper(hahahahahha)sucks big time.....but i view dc as a daily magazine on films.....i appreciate dc for the hard work they do in analysing minute facts like what colour panties a particular actress was wearing a particular day,which actress had a boob expansion recently etc.....so,my vote is FOR dc....

naresh said...

macha........nice pics da.....i love shriya da.....gethu da.

Arun Sundar said...

Thaatha is lucky.

Guru said...

@Vijay: Namma ellam DC fans, DC poganumnu solluvena.. But DC sucks.. Isn't that true ?

@Naresh: You love* Shreya ? Chillax macha.. Nee romba tension ayite ya ? Cos' of the pics ?

Anonymous said...

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