Sunday, January 6, 2008

Something Is Already Good, How Do You Make It Better ? - Edit It !!

I came across an interesting piece of Academy Awards trivia the other day on this awesome blog that i read regularly, and i thought i'll share it with you here.

Turns out that for the last twenty-seven years, every single movie that managed to win the Oscar for best picture was also nominated for best editing.

Now this really does not mean anything great cos' it could just be some weird coincidence, or NOT ..

This trivia( if you hate the Academy Awards, then think of some other example where well presented products have been successful and have won over products with relatively better content on virtue of their presentation ) clearly suggests that a for a product to be liked by everyone, or if we could safely assume that a product that is liked by all is a good product, then for a product to be good(which is then synonymous with successful) it should be presented well, even we could go to the extent of concluding that it is only the presentation or the packaging that matters, not the content. Cos' in the end even 'awesome' content could be overshadowed by poor presentation and could be denied the audience or attention it deserves.

So everytime you put in effort into something( and expect to get results) make sure you direct some effort into presenting your work in a good way. That way in the end you need not sulk and whine about how all your efforts did not return proportional results. Cut the crap and look at your work as an outsider and rate yourself, don't stop till you're satisfied with what you see, if your work cannot satisfy you, then chances are that it is not going to be appreciated by anyone else.

This applies with everything really, when a student does a project, he should be able to present it in a real good way for the examiners to take notice, and by then the examiner already has a good impression, so with just a little bit of work from there he could get awesome reviews. This can be applied to everything else; employees in a firm, movie makers ( the initial trivia confirms this ) and Bloggers too.

So how does a blogger make his work look good, he does it by having a simple, non-fussy,efficient blog design, by using attention-grabbing post titles, by integrating visual media like pictures and videos effectively to support his story, by making sure his writing style is not repulsive and by providing a rich total reader experience.

So what he really needs to do is, put himself in the shoes of a visitor and then work on improving his work.

Well i'm quite far from doing all this myself, but i'm trying to get better and the first step towards a cure is to accept and understand the disease right ? I've made a start and so should you.

So, If you want to make something good - Just Edit It !!

By that i mean you should infuse something creative in everything you do, to make it stand out( in the good way). Thats the only way you have to get noticed.


vijay said...

You are improving machan,no doubt...this post was quite refreshing one, breaking our traffic building posts...keep goin

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