Monday, January 14, 2008

Tyler Cruz Vs Gyutae Park - Head 2 Head

If you know me personally, you'll surely remember that phase two-three months back when i was really into making money online niche blogs, not that i was intent on making money(actually i was), but i really found the MMO niche very interesting with all the techniques to drive traffic to your blog and monetize your blog with the available traffic. But then my focus shifted to personal blogging, when i realized there was no way i could write about MMO and be happy with my work, i just wanted to have a personal rant space for very long. But then i stay in touch with the MMO blogs(a few blogs are still stuck on my feed reader), and now i decided to write about this interesting contest going on between Tyler Cruz of and Gyutae Park of

The Contest

You could vote either for Tyler or Gyutae, and to vote you need to write a post of at least 300 words on your blog and explain why you are voting for whoever you are voting for( or why he deserves to win this contest) and then link back to both of them(which i already did). And then you need to post a comment with your url in the contest page(Tyler and Gyutae) of whoever you are voting for.

What can you win ?

Initially the contest started a 100$ prize through PayPal for three people who voted for the winner (paid for by the loser). But then when the contest heated up, things got quite ugly and both Tyler and Gyutae started giving out extra goodies for their voters. So now if you vote for Gyutae you get a free t-shirt, a linkback and 100 Entrecard credits. And Tyler on the other hand is giving away 150 Entrecard credits and a linkback to his voters.

Who gets my vote ?

My vote goes to Gyutae Park from I chose him cos' inspite of being the underdog( in terms on stats and blogging experience) in this contest, he has managed to do quite well. The numbers are definitely in favor of Tyler(who has close to 1100 RSS subscribers compared to Gyutae's 262), but Gyutae has not let that deter him and still entered this contest, and as a result he is in a very comfortable 38-20 lead, with just one day to go i really doubt there will be any sudden reversal and Gyutae should go on to win this easily, and it is very important to be on the winning side, to have a chance at winning this( need to be little selfish here).

Looking back at this contest, i don't think Tyler is going to lose much even if he does not win this contest, at the end of this both Tyler and Gyutae will be so much richer with all the backlinks they gain and the publicity they've managed to generate. So it is a win-win situation for both of them, and i guess they both deserve this cos' they at least made this contest interesting by adding in so much spice. This one is so much better than the lame ' $20 giveaways for RSS subscribers', ' Post about my contest to enter in the draw' etc contests.

So even you could vote for Gyutae and have a easy chance of winning 100 bucks and also get a assured t-shirt, 100 Entrecard credits and a linkback ( i'm really interested in this cos' i'm looking to boost my PR a bit)

I'm guessing that with the current number of votes( with Gyutae managing to win this contest) i'll have a 6% chance of winning 100$, and if i manage to win, i could use the money to make up for my internet usage screw up, if only i manage to win ...



Venkat said...

Let me see who wins the contest.But ya I hope that even you get to win this and make up for that blunder which you did.

vijay said...

I thought not to write ma views,but,then i decided that i could use it as a declaration:

"machan,these things suck da....just by visiting two to three times how can you decide which blog is good enough...and simply coz money and other benefits are being given how can you be so stupid as to contest in something like this(no offence....jus ma view)..."

Guru said...

@Vijay: That is your POV, and you are entitled to one. No offence taken.

But then the vote does not really mean i certify who is the best( well do i have the authority to do anything like that ? Actually i do, cos' this is my own blog right ?), i just looked through both their contest posts, and then decided to choose one who i thought deserved to win.

I chose the underdog hoping to help him, i actually chose him even before i knew the current standings. And the prizes being given away are something i don't mind having.

And also another reason why i posted about this contest was cos' i liked it, as i said earlier this one is so much better than so many other lame blogging contests. This one was planned extensively and executed well.

And i still respect the MMO niche and their ideas, in spite of knowing really well i'm not cut out for that kind of stuff. So what the heck, i just take part in contests that i think i can win. After all this is my own rant space, and i guess i get to decide what i need to rant about.

This is my POV, and again like i said i'm not trying to enforce my view( hint.. hint..), i'm just presenting my side of the argument.

Now, time to get ready for your next charge.. Make it good !!

Arun Sundar said...

Semester exam ellaam mudinjaachaa?

vijay said...

Its your attitude of totally rude approach to a arguement and and bossy behaviour that bothers me da n not ur comments or views......(if i can walk away by sayin "this is jus ma view, no offence meant" ,then take it said)

Dunt think this is too much,but,you really gotta learn to be polite...

Guru said...

@Vijay: Macha, i swear i wasn't being bossy in that reply. I completely understand your views, and i might have felt the same way sometime back, but then i'm beginning to realize i'll have a better time by writing what i feel like rather than what people expect from me.

I know i run the risk of sounding too pompous, but again if i were to sit and worry about phrasing my replies to not hurt any living organism, it just wouldn't be me. I hope you understand this little trait in me. And if you think i'm actually being rude, it was totally unintentional and i'm sorry.

But then i've decided to cut out all fake niceties from now on( even you should do that). This way is more fun macha, write what you feel, just don't give a fuck, and with that i should also learn not to whine if someone takes a dig at me.

Again i need to repeat this, i wasn't being rude intentionally, i just wrote what i had on my mind, and i'm not being disrespectful to your POV.

@Arun: onnume puriyala..

Arun Sundar said...

So was u'r post to me.

Why do u think of earning money, when u got other better things to do?

I agree with vijay.

Guru said...

@arun: Bud, what do you mean by other better things to do ? Like what ? Don't get you.. And why is trying to earn money sick according to you ?

And i replied 'onnume puriyala' cos' i could not understand what you were trying to say when you wrote 'Semester exam ellaam mudinjaachaa? '.

Arun Sundar said...

Dont get serious. Being a student, I thought its a little precocious to think of earning money. Earning money is definitely not sick, just that when and how you earn matters a bit. And by other better things, i meant learning.

Your thinking might be totally different from mine. I do respect yours. As I read u'r post, just a small thought struck and I thot of asking about semester exams, in a lighter note. Maybe it turned out otherwise.

Guru said...

Yep, i completely agree with you when you say there are better things than earning money, and the reason i posted about this contest was not just for earning money, but i was interested in this contest cos' it caught my eye, and also i thought i could use a free t-shirt( if i get one) or a linkback. And like i said, the reason for me being like this is cos' i was too addicted to the MMO niche sometime back, but now i've learnt to see things differently, and prioritize my needs.

And bout' my sem exams, exams got over last month, the results are expected in a week or two.

And i couldn't really understand what you meant when you wrote 'Semester exam ellaam mudinjaachaa?' cos' i thought the reply was in response to this post.

I couldn't quickly understand that you were asking about my sem exams . My bad .. Chillax ..

Peace ..

vijay said...

dei,iam always like that only da most,even ma last comment was totally pointless and unnecessary....with u and me staying next streets,i could have very well said that to you in person,but i thought i should be totally honest in expressing ma comments....

Freea vidu....Freea vidu....anyways,iam ur big fan....keep going in your own style...That allows me to be frank too.....

Guru said...

The results of the above contest was announced earlier today, and Gyutae from Winning the Web managed to trounce Tyler Cruz.

But then i did not win the cash prize( if i had won this, i wouldn't be writing about it here, right? the draw contained 51 entries, and i was not one of the three winners picked randomly, Unlucky me..

But then i still get a free t-shirt and a linkback, so good for me.

And this post saw some opposition from my reader(s) and also from my blogger friend Vijay, so i've decided i'll not post bout contests like this anymore (happy macha?), but unless ofcourse something really really interesting comes along, then i might have to break this promise..


vijay said...

Yup!!!!congrats for your tshirt.....

it looks really odd to post something like that in your personnel blog machan....anyways we got the OTHER blogs na....lets work even for that...

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