Friday, January 4, 2008

Wednesday - The Second Sickest Day Of The Week

I was just thinking about which day would have my vote for the sickest most irritating day of the week, and obviously i chose Monday, everyone has a huge problem with Monday, right ? Monday hate is universal, but then Wednesday was close on the heels of Monday in the race for the sickest day of the week.

What makes Wednesday so sick ?

Well this day is right in the middle of the working week between Monday and Friday, all the good times we had during the previous weekend is forgotten after two continuous days of torture, and then the weekend is still two days away. It is like you've managed to endure two days of the week, only to find that there are two more days to go still.

Wednesday is also known to as "hump day", a reference to making it through to the middle of the work week as getting "over the hump".

Random bytes about Wednesday.

According to the Hebrew Bible, Wednesday is the day when the Sun and Moon were created.

Most of the Indian Languages the name for Wednesday is Buddhavar, which is derived from the Vedic name for Mercury, Buddha.

Only one holiday typically recurs yearly on a Wednesday. Ash Wednesday is the first day of Lent( forty day long prayer and fasting season before Easter) and occurs forty-six days before Easter. On this day ashes are imposed on the foreheads of the faithful, reminding them about the mortal condition of flesh - and the fact that humans are just dust.

Source: the free encyclopedia.

So according to me Wednesday is the second sickest day of the week, only because Monday is stuck there on top, nothing can topple it from there.

So, what is the second sickest day of the week for you ? Or if you have a different choice for most sickest day (Monday for me) just let me know why ..



Krishna Prasad said...

hey..u are back with a good one after a couple of days...Hope this is the shortest one for the week..

vijay said...

for me it would be all of my coll working days,especially sucks bigtime to work on a saturday.....

to be in general,it would be munday obviously

Guru said...

@Kicha: I do understand when you ask for smaller posts, and even i try to keep it short. But in the end it always ends up like this.

So i'm going to try and follow your advice, i need to split up long posts into multiple posts.

@Vijay: Yep, even for me all days at college are sick, i wanted to include that, but then didn't want to sound too whiny ..

And like you say nothing can beat Monday, especially a Monday after a fun weekend.

*Sajith* said...

as vijay said, it would be every six working days.. coll sucks.. esp. ours..!

ela said...

Anyday that i have meet with my supervisors and listen to their mean talks would be the sickest day for me...currently it is monday....

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