Saturday, January 26, 2008

Where Will I Be On 26th Jan ?

These days do not come very often, my day today ( if everything goes as planned) promises to be interesting for three reasons ( i'm not sure if the third reason is actually going to make my day interesting, but i wish it does).

Reason 1: I'll be attending the Day 3 events at the Saarang 2008 ( the events not the pro-shows, i can't pay 200 bucks for listening to songs, i can't listen to songs on my Transcend T630 for free and who the heck is Lucky Ali ? ), check this page for the Day 3 schedule. The day will be filled with a lot of event finals and i'm looking forward to get to watch the finals of India Quiz, Extempore, What's the Good Word ? ( WTGW is some word game) and Cludeo ( this is an event that tests your observational and analytical skills ). The events end at 5.30 pm, but i'll not be able to stay till the end. Why ? Cos' of reason 2.

Reason 2: The Annual Odyssey Quiz is happening today at the Music Academy, the finals starts at 5.30 pm. I don't think i need to say anything more about this event, this should be real good - the third most popular quiz in Chennai only after The Hindu Young World Quiz and the Landmark Quiz. I'm looking forward to this one too. Just grab your writing pads and be there.

And i hope you got this right, when i say 'i'm planning to attend these events', i'm only talking about sitting as audience( of course). That is all i'm worth. But i'm going to really enjoy being there cos' i really love quizzing and i'm sure the day is going to rock at the Saarang..

Now, i was talking about a Reason 3 if you remember, this will decide the fate of the other two plans. My semester results are expected today evening ( according to this dumb site ). I'm a little nervous, i hope i get the best possible results ( which might still be very bad and i'm not talking about getting a good score here, i'm just talking about making it through the hoops). If the results are too bad i might be off my blog for a few days, so just in case you don't see any activity through the next week, you know what went wrong.

Tomorrow is the final day of the Saarang 08, you can find the Day 4 schedule here . You should prolly attend this if you can spare the time.

Adios ...


ela said...

seems like that u r an quizz guy.....i ur own way...

Guru said...

Yep .. I'm totally into watching quizzes, and i try and attend a lot of quizzes. But the (not so) surprising part is i never get better at quizzing, at every quiz i attend i'm usually the dumbest person ( that might be cos' i happen to attend only good quizzes all the time ).

Hopefully in sometime all this running around for quizzes will help me in some way.

nallai said...

. Hi dude, does anyone know where I can see the videos of saarang 2008.unforunately my pockets were empty as my brain on tat day and missed the live action.

rohit said...

If you missed the event by partying with friends ,another chance for you to watch the event again. catch the videos in

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