Sunday, February 3, 2008

Bihar: Students Protest - Why ?

...Cos they weren't allowed to cheat during their semester exams yesterday, so these students of law(yep) refused to enter the exam hall and started vandalizing the college campus ( they burned down the office and damaged the furniture in classrooms) shots were fired in the air to scare the college administration into giving in to their demands, and after all this they finally boycotted the examination cos' the college did not budge. Their demand was very simple, they wanted to take their books, mobile phones into the exam hall ( they've been doing this for years ). But this time the state govt' had taken this decision to 'not permit' copying. Now this behavior is an example of how foolish people can get when a privilege they've been enjoying for years ( howsoever stupid and even illegal ) is suddenly taken away ( similar to the issue of reservation, which we discussed here). Now this incident did not happen at some remote college in interior Bihar, but at a college in Patna, the state capital.

They say the syllabus wasn't covered in time, so they had no other choice but to use unfair means to complete the semester.

What crap ? Doing 'it' is a different thing, but protesting to be allowed to do 'it' is plain trash.

Angry student: "How can we give the exams without using unfair means" ?

^^^ Honest question, this guy has no experience of writing an exam without using unfair means.

Bihar Education minister: "It was a firm decision of the state government not to allow unfair means in examinations"

^^^ So this is govt. policy, eh ?

Incidents like this further worsen the image of Bihar ( which is already so fcuked up .. No offense meant , i don't have anything against Biharis, but then i'm not a huge fan of their way of life - remember the numerous mob killings in the guise of moral justice, all those molestations incidents by the police, army etc., 'kidnapping rich children for ransom' stories and so many other crap ). This is one place in India that is regressing instead to moving forward.

@ Sajith: We now know why 'these' guys do' it' .. Remember 'his' expression when we find him doing 'it' ? That is cos' according to 'him' doing 'it' is how they write an exam normally. We should stop making fun them da. What say ? ;)

Source: Rediff News


VIJAY a.k.a VJ said...

Protests for not allowing to be copied????


We got to learn a lot from these guys.Machan may be we should protests against the low figure rates in every single college in chennai..

*Sajith* said...

ha.. funny thing macha.. Jus imagine our college like that..

ela said...

who is to/can be blamed? our education system has always only aimed at making students getting greater numbers so that they can be classified as intelligent candidates and eligible for some other higher courses which in turn does the same! when have we focussed on real excellence?

One with the highest number becomes the winner and it's human nature that everybody wants to be the winner!

Guru said...

@Ela: No issue should be looked at in a different way( IMO ). You talk about the flaws in the system, flaws exist in any system ( and the Indian system is particularly fcuked up ). But then this is considered the standard here, and everyone respects it. These students don't want to accept the system's rules, and they want the system to be changed to suit their needs, these people are dangerous.

All these people are potential criminals, cos' they'll always looks to bend the law to make their life comfortable. This is where is starts ...

Forget the demands of the system ( marks and numbers as you say), what makes them think they can demand such a privilege or protest for such a cause ?

My point: You can't blame the system in this case (IMHO).


ela said...

hmmmm...i always like the idea of going to the root cause of problems and try to kick start the changes from that the change is everlasting since it comes from proper understanding of the problem itself.....

i agree that these people are insane (i would not classify them as potential criminals then we have to classify almost every indian who bends the rules for their own selfish ends!)and by no means supporting that what they do is correct!

but copying in exams has been happening everywhere for a long time isn't? why all of a sudden it becomes a problem?
So is it that we are happy and ready to belive that everything is fine as long as the ugly truth is kept undercover?

Declaration: i have never ever copied in my examinations! in fact all my classmates are afraid of copying if i oversee the tests for my teachers! And i do repect ur views and really appreciate that a young mind like urs is finding time to think seriously about the social issues amidst ur own responsibilities....only i write such comments so that u can think about the problems from different views....

Guru said...

Declaration: None. ( I can't do that ) ;)

And i described them as potential criminals cos' they have a tendency to break the rules of the system in their normal life ( now thats not so different from us, you are right about that ), but they claim they have a right to break rules ( just cos' they have been doing this all their life). Now this is really serious.

Can you see anything like this happening in our city ( a protest for not being allowed to copy ) ? I don't..

Committing a crime is one thing, but claiming to have a right to commit the crime is very different. That mindset is exactly what i had in mind when i said they were 'potential criminals'.

This kind of turns one time (or small time) criminals into habitual offenders, cos' they don't realize they're doing something illegal.

Same thing with the mob policing - something is fundamentally wrong with people who think they can beat someone to death just cos' they 'suspect' him. The basis of civilization is acceptance of authority or a system, this is totally missing (again IMO).

And i agree with your idea of tackling problems from the root, but then here do we have a choice ? I don't think, no amount of criticism and discussion is going to change the system, the system will change only when it does ( not when it has to).

And i've made it a point to stop bashing the system, blaming the system is very easy but then we are stuck with it, right? So we need to look at how we can use the current system in the best possible way.

And about me writing about these issues, again i consider this (being socially involved) a sign of civilization.

And i respect your point of view, my replies though might try to contradict your views, this is by no means an argument. This is another little thing i've learnt from my blog. ( Jus thought i had to say this, this might sound totally out of context).


Gayatri said...

urupta maari thaan!

ela said...

i would not think something like this will happen in our city...not becoz we are all virtuous set of people just becoz we had been conditioned to live like that….

How many of us likes to be different and stand up for something that we believe? (whether it is right or wrong is another issue!) we had always been hyprocrites when it comes to many things……most of us are just happy to live a normal life…that’s why not many of us don’t bother to give way to an ambulance or just stand up and say that we think it is wrong when something is really wrong…

sorry to say this....i am not accusing anyone since i also belong to this society and at no point i can break myself free from this and stand alone and judge it……it is not about exceptions that I am talking about either…..there had been many sporadic exceptional situations that we have risen as a society and stood together…only if it had been a long term effect…hmmmm

And IMO civilized people do not need rules and regulations and authority to govern them becoz they are civilized enough to let the discipline come deep from themselves….

And if I were to rule our country, of course I would start with imposing strict laws and holding them in place until our people (most of the general public, not the exceptions) figure out the ways to be civilized……

Anonymous said...

The incidents you have mentioned for not liking the Bihari way of life - have all parallels in India's most literate state, Kerala too. Mobs going on rampage, lynching, cops and army taking out their fury on each other and general populace etc...

Guru said...

^^^ Good point.

But i never said all this has to do with literacy, i'm talking about the attitude of people towards the system. I'm sure Bihar will come in last in that list ( me just speculating, i could be totally wrong and i don't intend to offend anyone, but this is my POV till someone convinces me otherwise ).


Arun Sundar said...

Gummudipoondi'kku north'naaley ippadi dhaan. Jerks!

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