Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Wish all my readers (have) a very Happy Valentine's Day..

Have a great day !!


P.S: My blog isn't dead.. I'm just held up a lil' with some other stuff, i'll be back real soon ..

If you bother ..

What am i doing right now ?

Setting up a info blog (on blogger) for my department symposium, so first need to put together all the content for the micro blog and then i'm also trying to get it published on a separate domain instead of a url.

I just have a few episodes remaining in the Second Season of Prison Break, this show is so damn addictive, more than any other show i've watched. Watch this space i'll be writing bout' this ..

Also i attend college all days of the week these days, so i'm really held up with that too ..


*Sajith* said...

ama.. periya symposium.. moodikittu post pannu macha..

Arun Sundar said...

Sajith, why this virakthi?

Guru said...

Eh Sajith, we all know the symposium will *not rock* ( i can't get myself to write 'suck').

But then what needs to be done needs to be done ( does that sound right ?). So we all need to pitch in a little, and also this is the last chance we've got to organize an event (or at least something closely resembling an event), so try and extract all experience you can gain, cos' we really won't be in charge of any thing anyplace else. ;-)


Ela said...

Ok...busy bee....go on and have fun with the u invite other colleges for that or only it is an inhouse business?
appurum yean ippadi 'cos' we really won't be in charge of any thing anyplace else' -vaa thinking! this world is really really huge with lots of empty places where quite a lots of vetti payals can fill in... so B+ and cheerful!

Guru said...

This is an inter-collegiate event, we invite students from other colleges but then not many turn up. That's cos' my college isn't all that happening, but still this is an event, we are put in charge of something significant.

And bout' 'we won't be in charge of anything any place else'. That is really true, once we leave college move on to the workplace env., all the work for events will be done by someone qualified to do it ( like a show will be compered by some MC, the web site will be done by someone who's designed sites before ). We fill ins really won't have any work then ( i'm just a fill in - true; i've done a little bit of compering and i'm trying to put up a info site now, but i'm not really good at all this ). So this is kinda the last chance for fill ins like me to actually be in charge of something, cos' once we get out of college we'll just be watching the pro's at work.

This is not me being ' not positive'. This is just me being realistic..

And about me being cheerful, that is all i do ..

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