Friday, February 29, 2008

I'm Not Evil ( at least NOT YET )

When i started writing here at this blog regularly ( five months back) , i took up this decision- there would be no posts taking on anyone in particular, no individual hate post or 'x' sucks post. Generally with a personal blog like mine, these posts 'just happen' and also i knew ''. So i had to make this choice to keep this place clean from all the mess.

But, i think this news of my secret pact (with myself) was leaked eppadiyo, and now that 'they' know i won't be writing bout' them here, they've decided to go all out and work their shit on me. This is to let them all know ( and if 'they' are people who don't read my blog, i can't really help 'them' .. Cos' with all the crap you do, you should've seen this coming and you prolly must've started following my blog .. Just don't tell me i didn't warn you) , i'm free to break the pact anytime i want, repeat 'anytime i want'. So it is really upto you, either shut your trap and quit fooling around with me or be ready for a 'hate post'. Actually i'm just hyping this - all i'm saying is if you make my life worse ( even worser than it already is), i'm going to write down everything i feel bout' you . That will be all ..

@all: You're prolly thinking what good will a 'hate post' do in a blog that has 'not-so-many' readers, but my point - A hate post regardless of the number of readers is still a hate post and' it'll still hurt. ;)

Speaking of readership.. I just noticed, my home page has a PR1 ( remember that phase when i was trying hard to get a good PR ? .. Looking back, all that is really funny now..) .. Thank you Google ...

Coming back, Now this does not mean i'm going to start writing 'these' posts tomorrow and maybe i'll not write one ever, but i'll be really patient with this - i'm not a fool to go after everyone who disagrees with me.

This post is totally impulsive, so i really don't know if i mean everything i write here.


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Arun Sundar said...

Yaaru andha 'them'? U need any help? Naanum konjam thittatumaa? Illa Auto anuppalaama?

Guru said...

Intha chinna matter ku illam neenga vendam .. I can manage 'them' all by myself and 'auto' anuppara alavukku pogathu nu nenaikaren ..

Reason: I'm not for violence against women..

Ela said...

Ennada ithu Gandhi porantha natula ippadi oru misunderstanding between men and women!

VIJAY a.k.a VJ said...

Let me take a wild guess!!!

Are you talking about :


If so,machan,you know how mokkai she is??Freea vidu..

Guru said...

Hehe.. Not really .. ;) I mean, not 'her' in particular, but a few other people too.. ;)

I don't think i really meant everything i said in this post, this was just a rant ..

And i'll have to be really really pissed with someone to write a actual 'hate post', but then i don't think i'll let anyone get that far with me..

And bout 'her', i need to tell you the actual story tomorrow, or your could hear it from Ramanan instead ( ie. if you are interested) ..

Yayathy said...

Who ever it is, we cannot expect anyone to change according to our wish which will surely fool us..

Its better to get on with your work rather thinking about it and getting your self sucked up......


Guru said...

^^ Thats right .. I'm not expecting anyone to behave the way i want, i dunno what made you say that..

And, i'm not the kind who clutches onto something like this( though of late i've had problems with that .. Like this ).. I'll move on faster than you think ..

Anyways .. Thanks for all the concern ..

@Ela: I'm not even serious .. trust me, i'm always known to treat women better(than this) .. don't start judging me from ippo..


vijay said...

Lots happening...he he he he.

Guru said...

@Viijaay: Macha, its not exactly what you think .. None of this is really directed at anyone .. I swear.. If it looks like i'm targeting someone, maybe its cos' of the timing of this post..

And like i said, most of it does not make sense right now..

So lets not make this bigger than it actually is..

Okie ?

Ela said...

no no i am not for judging people...never...but was wondering only about this skirmishes that seems to happen often between these two races of beings...probably becoz of the tooo much attration , i guess!

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