Saturday, February 9, 2008

Thank You Google ..

.. for all the traffic you continue to send me through this bad patch i'm going through right now.

You might notice that i've not written anything on my blog for the past week, this is not cos' i'm busy but cos' i'm not free ( see the difference ?). But then my blog is not dead, it still gets the 50-60 visitors each day even with no new posts. And it always feels good to have visitors, cos' you are happy someone out there is reading your work. And Google has given me almost 90% of the total traffic in the last one week, i'm beginning to feel i might be liked by Google after all ( i was sandboxed for real long, that was cos' i turned away the Googlebot everytime it came knocking, actually i made the mistake of setting the blog to be invisible to search engines earlier and i realized my mistake only in Dec last year and Google has been sending a stream of visitors ever since i set that right).

I should resume my regular posting schedules very soon, but till then i have big bro Google to help me.

I'm happy :-) ( at least with my internet life and my blog )...

More later ..



Ela said...

Can understand ur happiness....same i use to feel when i see mails in my inbox...that people are thinking about me and that i have a life other than working in the lab....

BTW, some of the hits should be by me since i haven't subscribed to ur i keep on checking for updates on posts and comments whenever i have a break in thank me also for making u happy.

Guru said...

Of course .. I need to thank you of all the people .. The number you add up might be lesser, but then your visits are 'quality visits'.

My unique visitor count is no indicator of my readership, most of the search engine visitors just hop on, sometimes just after skimming the page. Like a particular post got over 500 visits from search engines till date, cos' it ranks first for that particular search term, but there is not a single comment from a SE visitor.

BTW you are from magdeburg right ? And you study at the leibniz-institut fuer neurobiologie right ? - All this info from Google Analytics.

You visited my page 43 times in the last month, and the best part is that the average time on site is 9.31 minutes compare this with my overall site average of 3.45 minutes. That tells the story ..

Ela said... u asked Google God about my existence... And of course as usual HE THE ALMIGHTY has given the correct, dependable answers.....that's why i too trust him and ask him for details often...

And the loss of privacy is the collateral damage which is hard to circumvent....

Guru said...

Yeah, It scares me too .. If Google can give the end user all this information for free, then i can stop to think how much info they have access to.

Eye In the Sky:Rest of the world::Google:Internet(rather only the WWW)

I've heard some real scary stories..

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