Monday, February 18, 2008

Yaaaahoooooooo !!! My Domain Redirect Is Finally Working ..,

So whats the big deal ?

My first domain redirect ..

So what ?

This is after 'people' told me i was not capable of something as simple as a domain redirect, and even told me that the 350 450 rupees i spent had gone down the drain. 'They' said i was duped by the domain registrars and best worst part was i believed 'them' when they spoke this trash.

I was fcuking shocked ( even insulted), i was going to shut down my blog and get off the internet, i was even planning to end my life. What is the purpose of living if i cannot get a domain redirect right and on top of that i get cheated by a dumb domain registrar.

But then i'm not so dumb ( am i ? really .. am i ?) .. Nah ..

The redirect started working today, after two days.. Two days ? Ya that is how long it takes for the servers to take note of the change in CNAME settings. After the CNAME edit is made on all the DNS servers mama Google gets the redirect working. I couldn't get these 'people' to shut up these two days. 'They' were so sure that the redirect would only take 5 minutes and i was delaying without reason. Now they eat their words.. I win .

Now isn't this enough reason for a post ? .. This is my personal blog, i sure can make a post about me taking a leak .. Like someone cares about this page ;)

If you did not understand any ( or all ) of the above => You are normal .. The post isn't for you.

What happened ?

Registered a domain for my symposium and directed it to a blogspot blog. Work on the info blog has already begun and we should be done with it by tuesday (i'll post in a link here if the final work is good enough).

This is the first time i'm dealing with domain names, i've learnt quite a lot from this experience, more cos' i was sure i screwed up things, so i read up every thing i could to make it good and in the process learned a lot. Now i'm hoping to have a domain of my own for my blog real soon.

For just 350 ( or even lesser if i buy from rupees a year i'll be able to have this blog on my own domain (i'm waiting for a particular domain name to expire, so if that domain isn't renewed by mid-march, i'll grab it the day it gets free). I made the mistake of choosing a long url for my blogspot blog and i'm stuck with this, i find it difficult when i tell people about my blog, instead of giving them my blog url, i ask them to look up 'my rant space' on Google and enter the first page. So it'll be real good to publish on my own domain ( or probably i'll even have a fully blown site on my main domain and my blog will be on a subdomain) and that should happen in another month. And now that i've learned the domain redirect process ( the hard way) it'll be very easy to get the redirect done.

Thats pretty much all ..



Ela said...

Great God....I am defintely relieved to finally know that i am a normal person!

vidhya said...

Congrats!!! You proved those people who thought you where not capable of doing things :)

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