Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Flickr Page

Check it out here.

I signed up on flickr today, i've used flickr a lot ( the flickr search is an interesting place to spend time, when you are really bored try looking up your fav. tags here at flickr advanced search)but i never bothered to set up an account. This is cos' i did not have too many pics of my own to show off. I don't own a digital cam, so the only time i get to handle a cam is during a g2g ride with friends or during a match(hint.. hint).

Everytime a different cam, and even before i can get used to the settings, the day is over ( or on our rides - the battery drains out). I had very few don't have any good pics to show off, so i did not see the need for a flickr account.

Now, nothing has changed really- I still don't have a cam. :(

But, i'm into photography now( i know this is funny when ya read it). So what do i do bout' something i'm interested in ? I start reading bout' it. Started with some basic stuff (i'm very very bad even with regular photography lingo) and i'm starting to like this more with every article i read about digital photography. I'll try and buy a cam very soon, till then i'll be using mobile phone cams, borrowed cams to get my pics. Thanks everyone in advance ..

I started my flickr account by posting a few pics i clicked during the test match (Check 1|2) .

These pics were taken using a Sony DSC T7, 5.1 mp. Cropped and corrected using Picasa.

Sample pic

Hoping my flickr account will see some regular activity ( no i won't be flicking pics and posting them as my own) .. Lets see how long i can sustain this interest ;)

Cheers ..

Thanks for reading .. Really ..

btw flickr is awesome .. Best feature - Mass pic upload option.


Friday, March 28, 2008

Chennai Test - Day 3

I was at the match today ( read my first day experience here, or instead just scroll down).

Today we were at the F stand, Canara Bank stand. Paid 200 bucks for a single day ticket :(.

Man of the Moment

The Run machine - 309*

I'll be there tomorrow too, when he goes past 400, maybe even a round figure of 500 is possible ;)

And today we got to sneak a Digi cam into the stadium.

So here are the pics ..

Keeping my fingers crossed, we need to get tickets tomorrow too ;)


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My First Time .. ;)

South Africa finished the first day of the Chennai test at 304/4, Hashim Amla unbeaten on 85, all set for his first century on Indian soil.

BTW did i tell you, I was there .. :-)

Yep, bunked college today and went for the match. This is the first time i'm watching a cricket match at a stadium. And, it wuz awesome .. The view from the stands was way better than i expected, i was actually able to recognize faces(yep, without the binoculars) in the middle of the ground.

We had the 500 bux tickets, the D stand in the MA Chidambaram stadium - The famous Royal Sundaram stand. Exactly opposite the pavilion (on the other end),so we had a lot of space to move around, we could go to the extremes of the (huge)stand to get a squarer view or stay in the middle and get a straight on view( this way we could follow the bowling - the swing, spin etc, though i didn't follow the ball much). The Press and the commentators boxes are just above the D stand, we even got a autograph from the legendary Indian leg spinner, L. Sivaramakrishnan ;) I wanted to get Rameez Raja to sign the card, but then he never came out of the box .. Maybe next time ( what ??)...

The atmosphere at the MAC was superawesome, such a huge turnout for the first day of a test match( on a weekday) proves how cricket crazy this country is.The crowd was on its toes all the time - just imagine, SA was batting first and only 4 wickets fell today. But, then there was noise all the time, courtesy- bugle whistles, bearhorns, drums, water bottle thrash music, Mexican wave attempts, musical chants; all this went on nonstop regardless of what happened on field. Every time a player got near the edge of the field, that part of the stadium would erupt - mad hysterical waving, screaming, chanting, jumping- all this to get the fielder wave back to the crowd (I was one of 'them' .. ). This is so much fun actually, we even got Sreesanth to turn and look when he was bowling from our end ;) .. But, I have a sore throat ippo .. :(

^^ about all this noise, No, i was not exaggerating .. The atmosphere cannot be described in simple words, so if you are in Chennai and if can take a day off, just get down to chepauk and watch a day's play. Totally worth it ..

Btw, a good number of tickets are reserved for daily sales, so getting tickets should not be a problem during the weekdays. Daily tickets for the D stand cost 125 bucks( Try the D stand, i think its really VFM, the benches are too tiring and you'll be stuck with a square view).

Thats pretty much all .. I think i'll be going on Friday, Saturday and Sunday too .. So aiming for 4 days .. I'm not sure though, everything depends on Venka and Kaushik. Please please get us those passes macha ..

And we did not take any pics this time, no digital cameras allowed and no one had a camera phone .. Too bad .. :(

Too make up for that,

Indha Vecchuko ..

Sachin thambi eppavo MAC vandhappo eduthathu .. (Sachin at the MAC). The best pic i got when i looked up 'MAC' on Google Images.


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

An Article That Teaches You To Be Fake...

Check this link, found this in my feed reader today. Article from yesterday's 'The Hindu- Education Plus'.

The author writes bout' how your blog or your networking site profile can affect your career(?).

He goes on to give a few suggestions to make your blog/profile an extension of your resume and help you in your search.

He even writes bout' using blogs to gain leverage by projecting positives and avoiding negatives.

In short, He asks you to fake up.

Somehow, this article pisses me off bigtime, also his list of suggestions.

For Blogs

- Write about a recent volunteering experience like a blood donation camp, tree planting campaign(?).
- Don't put your party pics online, cos' your potential employer might see 'them' and decide you kick you off.
- Do not bad mouth your previous job or organization, this = digging your own grave.
- In your blog and the comments you post on other blogs present the kind of image you would like to project about yourself.

Community sites

- Put up pics taken at family holidays/g2g's to project a good image.
- Upload pics of your interests, hobbies showcasing your skills.

I guess i do all the above stuff myself, on my own. I don't need anyone to teach me all this .. I write bout' my volunteering experience, i definitely don't put up any party pics( i've never party .. so not so difficult), I don't exactly badmouth anyone just for the heck of it( you tell me..), i write knowing very well that I'm judged by my words. So these suggestions actually make sense.

But, then doing all this with the only intention of building a 'good-looking' blog/profile for an employer, immediately takes away all the fun for me.

If someone chooses to reject me cos' of my blog or my Orkut profile, then so be it ..


Monday, March 24, 2008

There is this guy in my class who claims to have a list of 'who-fucked-who'. We had a small argument today, he even claims to have video evidence of all these encounters (and even he asks me to come over to his place if i need to see them).

Everyplace he goes, he broadcasts this info, the rest of the dumbfks are so happy to know the latest of 'who-fucked-who'.

Whats so 'post-worthy' about this. No one fucks no one in my college. AFAIK i don't think any girl from my college is the kind who'll sleep with some random guy. That is a fact. So his list is just bullshit. Everyone knows this, but we all are happy to avoid the truth to enjoy the 'fun'.

Sometimes I'm one of them ^^. By keeping my mouth shut or by listening to these 'stories', i become one of them, right ?

I told this guy today that he was a 'sadist' and a 'hypocrite' ..

My opinion.

This is not a personal attack, I don't have anything against this guy. Swear ...

I'm not trying to say i'm a saint or anything. I'm as fucked up as 'him' or as any other guy of this age. But, i have a conscience, no denying that. I know 'Me' the best, right ?

End of topic.


Of Reality Shows ...

In this post, Chinmayi writes bout' her Singapore TV show experience, she was the co-host for the finals of a singing talent search event called Yaar Andha Star 2008 on Singapore local television. I think this show is similar to the Airtel Super Singer kinda shows we have here.

But, i was really surprised to find that the final of this event was actually telecast live. A reality show( i guess i can call this a RS, right? all talent search shows are reality shows acc. to me) being telecast live = Wow.

We're are so used to seeing every single episode of 'such' shows being hyped up. Even a minor tiff between the participants or the judges, finds a place in all the promos of the show during the preceding week. These 'reality' shows on our channels will fail miserably if they were to telecast unedited feed with no added hype( even the camera pans and the music is part of the hype, a chappa matter is given so much build up). And i'm sure the Jodi No 1 kinda shows would bomb big time if they were denied all the pre episode build up ops.

I've been to one of these TV shoots (EQ2 - check this) , and the production is really pathetic. Nothing is really in place, everything is really messy, things go wrong all the time and the anchors were dumb( imagine having to give 5-6 retakes for a college name) .

Put these people incharge of a live show, result = The show will be more screwed up than the 'show' itself.

But, Kudos to Yaar Andha Star and Mediacorp production ( the producers of this show) for handling this well. At least Tamil audience someplace else get good content on their television. I'm okay ..



Friday, March 21, 2008

Vellore Ride - 21/3/08 - 3 AM

Almost 3 months without any rides( the last one was the pondy ride after our semester exams last December) we were raring to ride someplace. We had a three day weekend, Vijay's parents were away for the weekend, cos' if they were around there was no way we could've done a Vellore ride leave alone start at 3 AM, and then my dad had the day off, so i could use his Dio( our backup scoot for all rides, another friend of mine was supposed to join us with his bike, but then he was not able to make it last minute - Dio comes to the rescue, yet again ..).

First the details ..

Riders: Venki, Vijay and Me.
Rides: Vijay's Caliber 115 and my dad's Dio.
Total Distance: 275 kms.
Started at 3 AM reached Vellore at 7.40 AM ( stopped for an hour cos' it was raining real hard) - 4h 40min
Left Vellore at 8.40 AM ( yep .. we were there only for an hour) and got back home at 12 noon - 3h 20min
Total cash spent: 900 bucks.. incl. of fuel, food and misc. expenses.


This ride was made extra special by the rains thru' the ride, there was a constant drizzle except for the 30 mins of hard rain on the way back (but we chose to ride on this time, no stops).

We spotted a Superbike near Vellore, i couldn't exactly ID the bike cos' he just whizzed past us. But then we found the bike in a Petrol bunk on the way, the bike was a Honda Hornet 900. A rider touring on a SBK .. Wow .. Sbk + Rain + NH4 = superawesome..

We stopped at a Toll Plaza, 30 kms before Vellore. The drizzle turned into a downpour and we did not want to get wet ( at 5.30 in the morning, it was really cold and we did not want to get wet on top of that) so we stopped for almost an hour. During this time the exhaust heat from the vehicles lining up at the toll booths was our savior. Vijay and Me used the exhaust heat to revive our fingers which had become numb from the cold. I'm sure the guys at the toll plaza thought we were crazy.

The food at Vellore was awesome, prolly' cos' we were really hungry ( riding continuously for close to 5 hours on an empty stomach really drains you). Vijay knew this place near the Vellore bus stand from the last time he was there, a good hotel with cheap food. Breakfast for the three of us cost only 64 bucks. We need to start eating like this on rides. No 500 bucks splurges anymore.

We borrowed Vivek's Digi cam, this time he gave us his 6 MP Casio cam( on the thiruthani ride we borrowed his 3 MP Mercury cam), but then even this time we screwed up the pics cos' the battery was drained after 20 clicks. Damn ..

Note to self: Don't trust Vivek. Next time we need to take care of this, and carry a few spare sets of batteries along.

Thats pretty much all ..

Pics from the ride

Great ride .. We had fun .. We'll not be doing any more rides for a while( till the end of exams this semester), so good that we managed to sneak in a ride this month.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Good ads campaigns are a rarity these days, we saw one here.

That got me youtubing for good commercials. And I found these ..

Take a min off to watch this video.

And this one...

And then, take a look at this ad design from Chandra.


Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Official IPL Ad

This ad is so awesome ..

Check out 00:42, i think thats Robin Uthappa( venka correct me if i'm wrong), that particular shot is just superawesome. I keep watching that over and over ..

I'm talking bout' this shot ..

The music and that voice in the BG, rocks bigtime ..

Verdict: Great advertisement, the IPL organizers know how to put their money to best use..

^^ This ad is the first of many more such campaigns and ad films( i guess you can call them that ..).

The IPL advertisement budget is Rs 100 crore, all the ads will be made by Ogilvy & Mathers (<< this name reminds me of the very popular Marshall Bruce Mathers III). Other popular ad campaigns from O & M include - The Hutch 'boy' and 'dog' ads , 'The first Bajaj Pulsar ad - the one with the nurses walking past and the bike turning around to look at them', The Fevicol ad with the fully loaded truck on a mud track. Source

Also, check out IPL team reviews on Venka's blog 1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8.


Australia Dethroned ...

^^ This was the day's most important news according to TIMES NOW, the Times group's 24 hour news channel.

Now, this is so incomplete, right ? What was the real news ?

South Africa reached the top in the ICC ODI rankings released yesterday, this after their 3-0 sweep against Bangladesh and yeah they displaced Australia, so what ?

With such a headline( with huge jarring font) that stayed on almost through the morning news, they were just acting cheap and were converting normal news material into an issue with creative shitty scriptwriting. I know this is usual stuff from these news channels(?), but this particular instance pissed me off, dunno why ..

First, they took all the credit away from SA, damn.. It was they who improved their ranking and reached the top( even if India's series win helped them do this), how on earth did Australia come into the picture now. And what relevance does this news have in India ?

And i'm sure this news must not have got as much air time as it did here, anywhere else. Not even in South Africa. They just knew they could create a buzz with this insignificant( to us) piece of junk, cos' with all the recent shit that has happened, whats wrong in milking the cow a little more.

This is just another example of the 'anti-Australian' Indian media, (now don't get me wrong, they are not anti-Aus cos' of everything that happened down under during the last series, they just find Australia bashing to be very favorable on their TRP's) and on top of this they crap bout' the Australian media being biased.. funny people...

With the IPL T20 tournament coming up in a month, the news channels just have to keep the Australian cricket team in the news, they don't want people to move on from the last Australian series and all those incidents. Once the IPL tournament gets started( or soon after all the teams reach here) there'll be no dearth of content, then they'll get back to twisting statements, having talk shows to discuss a particular incident or comment, having a SMS campaign to protest some foolish issue, post some lame guy's foolish( received thru. sms) comment on a equally lame issue, as marquee text below the cleavage flashing newsreader's space.

Just another media bashing post .. I just feel a lil' relieved now .. Again i really dunno why ..



Blood Donation Camp.

My college organized a blood donation camp today, and yours truly was also a donor. This is the second time i'm donating blood at college, but this time the procedure was a lot more painful, i think the lady got the needle position wrong or something. For someone like me, who gets scared shitless when it comes to needles and injections ( as far as i can remember i've had less than 5 injections my whole life), blood donation is a big thing( for me).

I remember reading an article about how 'we all' assume there are enough blood donors and they themselves don't see the need to donate blood. But the actual situation is different, there is a lot of blood shortage even now as we speak, and hospitals are constantly looking for more donors.

A few facts bout' blood donation...

Donating blood will not leave you low of blood; the regeneration process is fast and in fact you will still have surplus blood after you donate. You will not faint or feel uncomfortable after donating blood. This is just a misconception.

The blood you donate can be separated into several components, including red blood cells, plasma and platelets and be used separately for different purposes.

Patients are just like donors - most of them have common blood types. Because your blood type is common, the demand for that type is greater than for rare types. So, even if your blood type is common there is still a requirement.

Every year our nation requires about 4 Crore units of blood, out of which only a meager 40 Lakh units of blood are available. ( i'm not sure bout' the figures ^^ here, but i'm sure there is a shortage)

I could write more, but i need to get back to Episode 15 of CSI Season 1.

So thats pretty much all .. And ...



Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Infractionz '08 - Quiz Questions - Elims

I just compiled, collected these questions from various quizzing blogs on the web. So if you see a question here that is originally yours, i'll be very happy to credit it back to you.

Now, we had 33 q's to be answered in 25 mins.

For the answers, just highlight the area below the question ( i could've posted them directly, but this way maybe you could test yourself a lil', but if you don't want to do all that just hit Ctrl + A and take a look ). Anyways don't forget to comment afterwards. Wokay ?


1. Born as Bank of Calcutta on 2nd July 1806, mainly to fund General Wellesley’s wars against Tipu Sultan and the Marathas. It was renamed Bank of Bengal on January 2, 1809. It became the Imperial Bank of India in 1921 and was renamed to its present name after the Act of Parliament on 1st July 1955.
Name the bank.

State Bank of India.

2. How do you refer to an event that has a frequency of 1.16699016 × 10-8 Hertz?
(Clue – Think ‘lunar’..)

Once in a blue moon.

3.What are these some of the types of: up and down, circular swing (windmill), Drunk style, half-circle, figure eight, side to side, whiplash, Two up, Two down, all-out, tandem, hammer, full body?


4. What is the term for a naval vessel used to detect and defuse explosive charges?
(Hint—your computer might have one.)


5. How do we better know "id est"?

i.e - 'that is'

6. Who is the author of the following books - "Every Second Counts" and "It's not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life".

Lance Armstrong - the clue was the word 'bike'.

7. Amalgamated Bean Coffee Trading Company Ltd started its first cafe in Brigade Road, Bangalore in 1996.Today it is spread across 69 Indian cities and has around 436 outlets. How are their cafes better known as?

Cafe Coffee Day

8. What is the name of Google’s operating system for mobile phones?


9. Identify this ubiquitous icon in the World Wide Web?

RSS Feeds ( we all know this, don't we ?)

10. While browsing the net you often encounter a CAPTCHA. Can you tell us what a CAPTCHA is? (Extra points for expanding the acronym)

The word verification technique to keep out bots and spammers.
CAPTCHA - Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart.

11. Which company owns Picasa software that helps find, edit and share pictures in a Computer?


12. This former Aussie cricketer was named the Australian Father of the Year in 2005 and has the dubious distinction of running out 50 partners in ODIs and 23 in tests. Who is this famous Aussie?

Steve Waugh.

13. The world cup of which sport is known as the William Webb Ellis Trophy?


14. What company was Narayan Murthy working for prior to setting off on his own and setting up Infosys?

Patni Computer Systems ( PCS ).

15. What term coined by American financier and politician Bernard Baruch was a core part of the international political lexicon, during the post WWII era till the early nineties?

Cold War - the clue was 'WWII era till the early nineties'.

16. Which is the only country to have its map on its flag?


17. Which recent Bollywood movie was based on Stephen King's story Quitter's Inc?

No Smoking.

18. Abu Dhabi + Ajman + Dubai + Fujairah + ras-al-Khaimah + Sharjah + Umm-al-Qaiwain = ______________


19. How do we better know Vito Corleone in the world of fictional “heroes”?

The Godfather.

20. In Harry Potter, whose two parents were muggles and dentists?

Hermione Granger.

21. We all have sent emails. What does BCC stand for?

Blind Carbon Copy.

22. During the Cold War, to make things more interesting, the US and Russian Head of States had a telephone connection between themselves to call each other and call off the “war”. This gave rise to the coining of a word meaning telephone connection for emergencies. Which word?


23. How do we best know the hero of the animated series, "The Masters of the Universe”?


24. The equator passes through how many Indian states?


25. In the world of abbreviations, what is a.k.a?

also known as

26. Which well-known ice cream parlor has the tagline, “31 flavors, one for each day of the month”?

Baskin & Robbins

27. What does the whole number series have that the natural
number does not?


28. This software was invented to protect the old computer monitors from the phosphor burns that were caused by static images. What software?


29. Which tree belongs to the Govt of India, even if it grows on a private property?


30. Who is the Managing Director of Ocher Studios, a post-production studio currently serving the south Indian film industry?
(Clue – ‘She’ was in the news recently)

Soundarya Rajnikanth.

31. Identify the logo.

Rockstar Games.

32. What is the Maximum number of hard disks you can have in a machine of only 2 IDE ports?


33. According to IRS 2006, it is the highest read English publication in India. In one of its recent ads, it claims that in-spite of not carrying any stories, it still has 1,39,32,000 readers. Which publication?

Yellow Pages.


That Is All .. We're Finally Done ..

I'm not talking bout' me ending a relationship or something, but my department symposium ( remember all that domain name registration issues and 'info blog design phase' posts ?).

We were in charge of the Quiz, we had to conduct a elims and an on-stage finals for this. << This took up my whole day today. But, then the event came out pretty well ( right ?), so i guess it was worth all the effort we put in ( but then i don't claim all the questions to be mine, we just collected questions from a lot of quizzing blogs and put them together, ofcourse after some editing and all that). I prepped 33 q's for the elims and around 60 super-awesome q's for the finals, but then we did not have time to complete the full set ( we managed only 25, damn .. and a lot of my fav. q's were not used, but then prolly i'll use them for the next quizzing event at my college ( that is assuming they let me do it another time .. )

I actually had to make the slide show for the final event two times, first time was when i stayed up all night(Monday nite), bunked college in the morning and made slides for 70 q's. That afternoon in college, vijaykrishna and me were editing the ppt, and some screwed up trojan shit virus corrupted my ppt file. I did not back up my data so i had to stay up yesterday and do the whole thing again - 120 slides in 4 hours flat. hmm ..

I'll be posting questions i used in the elims here in sometime, just check them out and tell me if they were okay.. ( this time i'll surely post them here, cos' i have the doc with me somewhere here).

Tomorrow we'll be back in classes, its going to be very hard for all of us, cos' for the last two weeks we never had regular classes (and last 3 days were totally free ('op')), all cos' of this reason.

But then classes or no classes, nothing really changes for us ..

That is pretty much all ... I'll still stay up tonight, but then for different reasons.. i'll maybe watch a few episodes of CSI, i've just started with this and maybe a few hours of counterstrike, yep .. i'm back ;) ..



Sunday, March 9, 2008

What Did I Learn Yesterday ?

I learned this new trick from this friend of mine yesterday, a trick that could be very useful to me, that is cos' its related to something i do all the time - get into an argument. I'll not be mentioning any names here.

Read carefully cos' i'm not sure i can describe this well, this is a lil' complex ;) and very confusing (my writing)

When you need to save your skin after getting into an argument with 'absolute zero logic' and when you don't have the balls to stick to your side of the argument - First, act cool ( you don't have to 'be cool', see the difference ?).. Start talking as if the argument (or where it ends) does not really matter.. pull in some random incident that is no way related to the argument ( preferably an incident that will spark off the other guy).. Take the help of all people around you, howsoever unrelated to the argument by pulling them in asking for their opinions or support ( the guy who comes in usually does not give a shit.. but still you need to act as if his judgment or opinion really matters ).. Smile excessively and use this to drift away from the original argument.

One more thing, while you do all this, make sure you aren't listening a word of what the other guy is saying, cos' listening to him might distract you or might event tempt you to get back into the argument ( again however stupid your side of the argument is).

Yesterday, this guy we're talking bout' used all this on me and got out of this perfectly sane ( but a little heated) argument we were i was having.

This trick is quite good (when you don't mind being dirty), this comes from me. But, i don't think i'll ever find any use for this. I consider myself to be very good at arguments, now i don't mean to say i win ( can i say win ?) all the time. But, i'm a good listener and i don't have a stupid faux ego. This i guess makes me good, cos' comparing myself with other people around me ( which is the only way to rate me) i'm okay with accepting someone elses' opinion ( i'll at least pay proper attention). I hate it when people try shit like this when talking to me and this puts me off, sometimes this makes me go on the offensive, this is not to be confused with being excessively concerned with any argument ( some 'say' this, i'm sure a lot 'think' this ), when i'm concerned with an argument i behave differently and getting pissed off is definitely not my way of showing concern.

All i'm trying to say here is that, I did not give a shit about yesterday's argument and more importantly I did NOT lose.

Thats pretty much all ..


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Worth It !!

Took the day off from college to watch the second final in the CB series between India and Australia. I'm not the kind of guy who bunks college to watch a cricket match, but then this match was extra special after India's win in the first final, they really looked like they were going to wrap it up in Brisbane today. And they actually 'did' complete the series win today, so it was worth it - me staying home.

Today's match went about like a masala bollywood thriller ( 2 streakers pitched in for the masala part) and that made it even more worth it. And the happy ending at the end made it totally totally worth it.

This series win kinda announces the arrival of MSD's ODI team into the big boys blub ( Australia and South Africa ) and they'll no longer be called 'flukes' ( did someone call them that ? .. well 'I' did and this victory has shut me up for good(?) ) or Soap cricket specialists ( T20 that is ..)

This match was the last for the 'great' Adam Gilchrist and the 'not-so-great' (j/k) Bradley Hogg. They would've wanted to end their career with a win, but that was not to be. But then, they were just outplayed straight in the last two matches. It does not make a big difference anyways, like Gilchrist said 'it was not much of a fairy tale ending today, but I sure had a fairy tale career' ( da' man' rocks..)

That is pretty much all .. No more cricketing action till the IPL begins..

Got to get back to classes tomorrow :( .. Depressing.

BTW did i tell ya ' Sachin Rocks'.



Monday, March 3, 2008

Yippee !! My First Ever Contest Win...

I won a Words To Know Contest over at Emma's blog yesterday.

The contest was really simple, Emma blogs about 'writing' and she has a weekly series called 'Words to Know', this is just a collection of 10 new words with their meanings and for the contest, i just had to form a sentence using any four words from the list and post a comment. That was all .. This time around she did not have too many participants ( thats cos' she did not advertise this edition of the contest on the contest blogs, forums), there were only 6 contest entries and my name was picked in the random draw. I just got lucky ;)

Emma's Its Write Now has been on my feed reader for real long, i stumbled upon her blog during my MMO phase, but then her blog isn't really bout' making money online. She writes about 'writing and how, and where to write and about getting published, making money, marketing and blogging' ( in her own words), and let me just say she's among the few bloggers i admire in the MMO niche ( i guess i can put her blog under this). Her blog has a right mix of MMO content, blogging tips, writing tips and i guess thats the reason i kept following her blog even after the MMO phase passed.

The prize was $20 through PayPal ( finally my PayPal account sees some activity, i had never used PayPal till yesterday, though i signed up almost a year back). I'm looking to use this money to buy the domain name i was eyeing all these days ( now i can buy from Godaddy and pay thru PayPal instead of paying 450 bucks at Squarebrothers). So very soon this money will buy me a domain name and i'll start publishing this blog on my own domain ( i know i don't need a own domain right now, and i certainly don't deserve one, but then my present blogger url is really huge and tough to remember, right ? thats the real reason i'm looking to shift).

Thanks Emma !!!

BTW she has a post announcing my win here.

And. here is a screenshot of my PayPal homepage ( just for the heck of it ) ;)



Sunday, March 2, 2008

Courtroom Dramas Rock...

Yep, i've finally moved on from 'heist', 'teen comedy' movies. But then this liking for courtroom movies is not a sudden newfound interest or anything. I've always liked movies with intelligent dialogues and good plot twists, also i have this thing for good (logical) law enforcement movies, but you don't get many in this genre, so the next best thing for me - 'lawyers' . A lot of these lawyer-centric movies are quite good( like Erin Brockovich, Exorcism of Emily Rose, etc..).

Watched Michael Clayton today, this one cannot be called a courtroom drama exactly cos' there is not a single court scene in this movie, but still i guess it comes under the 'law' genre. Loved it .. I'm a huge fan of George Clooney, so what do you expect ? The movie is real good.. Worth the 100 minutes of your time.

Now, i'm looking to watch more in this genre, so moving on from crime shows(Dexter and Prison break are crime shows, right?) to courtroom drama now.

A few other fav. movies of mine (which can be classified under the 'law' genre) ...

People vs. Larry Flynt

Looking for more movies like this .. Any suggestions ?

BTW today's movie - Fargo ( What's all the fuss with the Coen brothers, lemme see)


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