Tuesday, March 25, 2008

An Article That Teaches You To Be Fake...

Check this link, found this in my feed reader today. Article from yesterday's 'The Hindu- Education Plus'.

The author writes bout' how your blog or your networking site profile can affect your career(?).

He goes on to give a few suggestions to make your blog/profile an extension of your resume and help you in your search.

He even writes bout' using blogs to gain leverage by projecting positives and avoiding negatives.

In short, He asks you to fake up.

Somehow, this article pisses me off bigtime, also his list of suggestions.

For Blogs

- Write about a recent volunteering experience like a blood donation camp, tree planting campaign(?).
- Don't put your party pics online, cos' your potential employer might see 'them' and decide you kick you off.
- Do not bad mouth your previous job or organization, this = digging your own grave.
- In your blog and the comments you post on other blogs present the kind of image you would like to project about yourself.

Community sites

- Put up pics taken at family holidays/g2g's to project a good image.
- Upload pics of your interests, hobbies showcasing your skills.

I guess i do all the above stuff myself, on my own. I don't need anyone to teach me all this .. I write bout' my volunteering experience, i definitely don't put up any party pics( i've never party .. so not so difficult), I don't exactly badmouth anyone just for the heck of it( you tell me..), i write knowing very well that I'm judged by my words. So these suggestions actually make sense.

But, then doing all this with the only intention of building a 'good-looking' blog/profile for an employer, immediately takes away all the fun for me.

If someone chooses to reject me cos' of my blog or my Orkut profile, then so be it ..


Arun Sundar said...

Nobody looks at one's blog from a career perspective unless one is a CEO or something. So, we can pretty well say UFO for now!

(UFO = U Fuck Off!).

job said...

blogs are supposed to be the free expression of our thoughts. I don't think anyone should be punished for expressing our own views or showing our private life.

ThanaMoi said...

i agree to arun there... i don think anyone would ask u for ur blog id before handing u a job... do u think they have nth better to do then read ur blog... haha...

Ela said...

what to say? we people are still lacking the grace and sophistication to separate private life culture and work culture and respect what is fun and what is serious!

Guru said...

Hmm .. I don't think any employer will base his decisions on the prospect's blog.

But then googling a name before employment is common. At least in a few sections of the industry.

Suppose you are a freelance designer or writer looking for jobs online. Your potential employers will look at your work and start judging you( you give them your portfolio and past work examples and all that, but still chances are that they'll check you personal blog too).

So, in such a case, will you start censoring your own work to present a 'clean' image?

I won't .. Thats my point ..

Cos' it takes all the fun out of writing a blog or having a profile on a community site period.

@Everyone: Thanks for commenting..

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