Saturday, March 15, 2008

Australia Dethroned ...

^^ This was the day's most important news according to TIMES NOW, the Times group's 24 hour news channel.

Now, this is so incomplete, right ? What was the real news ?

South Africa reached the top in the ICC ODI rankings released yesterday, this after their 3-0 sweep against Bangladesh and yeah they displaced Australia, so what ?

With such a headline( with huge jarring font) that stayed on almost through the morning news, they were just acting cheap and were converting normal news material into an issue with creative shitty scriptwriting. I know this is usual stuff from these news channels(?), but this particular instance pissed me off, dunno why ..

First, they took all the credit away from SA, damn.. It was they who improved their ranking and reached the top( even if India's series win helped them do this), how on earth did Australia come into the picture now. And what relevance does this news have in India ?

And i'm sure this news must not have got as much air time as it did here, anywhere else. Not even in South Africa. They just knew they could create a buzz with this insignificant( to us) piece of junk, cos' with all the recent shit that has happened, whats wrong in milking the cow a little more.

This is just another example of the 'anti-Australian' Indian media, (now don't get me wrong, they are not anti-Aus cos' of everything that happened down under during the last series, they just find Australia bashing to be very favorable on their TRP's) and on top of this they crap bout' the Australian media being biased.. funny people...

With the IPL T20 tournament coming up in a month, the news channels just have to keep the Australian cricket team in the news, they don't want people to move on from the last Australian series and all those incidents. Once the IPL tournament gets started( or soon after all the teams reach here) there'll be no dearth of content, then they'll get back to twisting statements, having talk shows to discuss a particular incident or comment, having a SMS campaign to protest some foolish issue, post some lame guy's foolish( received thru. sms) comment on a equally lame issue, as marquee text below the cleavage flashing newsreader's space.

Just another media bashing post .. I just feel a lil' relieved now .. Again i really dunno why ..



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