Sunday, March 2, 2008

Courtroom Dramas Rock...

Yep, i've finally moved on from 'heist', 'teen comedy' movies. But then this liking for courtroom movies is not a sudden newfound interest or anything. I've always liked movies with intelligent dialogues and good plot twists, also i have this thing for good (logical) law enforcement movies, but you don't get many in this genre, so the next best thing for me - 'lawyers' . A lot of these lawyer-centric movies are quite good( like Erin Brockovich, Exorcism of Emily Rose, etc..).

Watched Michael Clayton today, this one cannot be called a courtroom drama exactly cos' there is not a single court scene in this movie, but still i guess it comes under the 'law' genre. Loved it .. I'm a huge fan of George Clooney, so what do you expect ? The movie is real good.. Worth the 100 minutes of your time.

Now, i'm looking to watch more in this genre, so moving on from crime shows(Dexter and Prison break are crime shows, right?) to courtroom drama now.

A few other fav. movies of mine (which can be classified under the 'law' genre) ...

People vs. Larry Flynt

Looking for more movies like this .. Any suggestions ?

BTW today's movie - Fargo ( What's all the fuss with the Coen brothers, lemme see)


Emma said...

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Sexy Lingerie said...

Check out this old courtroom drama.

I think it is one of the best ever made.

"Inherit the Wind"

also Suspect Starring: Cher, Dennis Quaid

Ela said...

Here are the some of the court room dramas/lawyer movies that i loved watching...

Presumed Innocent
Judgement at Nuremberg
Few good men
The firm
Intolerable Cruelty

every movie was catchy and observing in one way or other...Esp. judgement at Nuremberg and Amistad are touching stories....

Also i loved one book called 'The first time' is a family drama with lots of emotions but also equally deals in court room scenes....

have fun

Guru said...

@Sexy Lingerie(;)) : Yep, i looked them up on IMDb, added both to my 'to watch' list .. Thanks ..

@Ela: I downloaded Intolerable Cruelty yesterday ( i could not find a 700mb torrent, so downloaded a 2 CD rip ), i'll be watching that next.

'The Firm' - I've read the book, John Grisham, right ? Great book .. So thats up next ..

And after that i'll get started with the rest of your list. So i guess you've given me enough for 2 more weeks at least ..

I've learned this - best way to find good movies = ask your friends. Thats cos' when people recommend movies ( or anything for that matter ) they're really careful and usually suggest the best.

This has worked for me, i've watched a lot more good movies through recommendations than through IMDb lists ..


Ela said...

So have fun...

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