Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Infractionz '08 - Quiz Questions - Elims

I just compiled, collected these questions from various quizzing blogs on the web. So if you see a question here that is originally yours, i'll be very happy to credit it back to you.

Now, we had 33 q's to be answered in 25 mins.

For the answers, just highlight the area below the question ( i could've posted them directly, but this way maybe you could test yourself a lil', but if you don't want to do all that just hit Ctrl + A and take a look ). Anyways don't forget to comment afterwards. Wokay ?


1. Born as Bank of Calcutta on 2nd July 1806, mainly to fund General Wellesley’s wars against Tipu Sultan and the Marathas. It was renamed Bank of Bengal on January 2, 1809. It became the Imperial Bank of India in 1921 and was renamed to its present name after the Act of Parliament on 1st July 1955.
Name the bank.

State Bank of India.

2. How do you refer to an event that has a frequency of 1.16699016 × 10-8 Hertz?
(Clue – Think ‘lunar’..)

Once in a blue moon.

3.What are these some of the types of: up and down, circular swing (windmill), Drunk style, half-circle, figure eight, side to side, whiplash, Two up, Two down, all-out, tandem, hammer, full body?


4. What is the term for a naval vessel used to detect and defuse explosive charges?
(Hint—your computer might have one.)


5. How do we better know "id est"?

i.e - 'that is'

6. Who is the author of the following books - "Every Second Counts" and "It's not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life".

Lance Armstrong - the clue was the word 'bike'.

7. Amalgamated Bean Coffee Trading Company Ltd started its first cafe in Brigade Road, Bangalore in 1996.Today it is spread across 69 Indian cities and has around 436 outlets. How are their cafes better known as?

Cafe Coffee Day

8. What is the name of Google’s operating system for mobile phones?


9. Identify this ubiquitous icon in the World Wide Web?

RSS Feeds ( we all know this, don't we ?)

10. While browsing the net you often encounter a CAPTCHA. Can you tell us what a CAPTCHA is? (Extra points for expanding the acronym)

The word verification technique to keep out bots and spammers.
CAPTCHA - Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart.

11. Which company owns Picasa software that helps find, edit and share pictures in a Computer?


12. This former Aussie cricketer was named the Australian Father of the Year in 2005 and has the dubious distinction of running out 50 partners in ODIs and 23 in tests. Who is this famous Aussie?

Steve Waugh.

13. The world cup of which sport is known as the William Webb Ellis Trophy?


14. What company was Narayan Murthy working for prior to setting off on his own and setting up Infosys?

Patni Computer Systems ( PCS ).

15. What term coined by American financier and politician Bernard Baruch was a core part of the international political lexicon, during the post WWII era till the early nineties?

Cold War - the clue was 'WWII era till the early nineties'.

16. Which is the only country to have its map on its flag?


17. Which recent Bollywood movie was based on Stephen King's story Quitter's Inc?

No Smoking.

18. Abu Dhabi + Ajman + Dubai + Fujairah + ras-al-Khaimah + Sharjah + Umm-al-Qaiwain = ______________


19. How do we better know Vito Corleone in the world of fictional “heroes”?

The Godfather.

20. In Harry Potter, whose two parents were muggles and dentists?

Hermione Granger.

21. We all have sent emails. What does BCC stand for?

Blind Carbon Copy.

22. During the Cold War, to make things more interesting, the US and Russian Head of States had a telephone connection between themselves to call each other and call off the “war”. This gave rise to the coining of a word meaning telephone connection for emergencies. Which word?


23. How do we best know the hero of the animated series, "The Masters of the Universe”?


24. The equator passes through how many Indian states?


25. In the world of abbreviations, what is a.k.a?

also known as

26. Which well-known ice cream parlor has the tagline, “31 flavors, one for each day of the month”?

Baskin & Robbins

27. What does the whole number series have that the natural
number does not?


28. This software was invented to protect the old computer monitors from the phosphor burns that were caused by static images. What software?


29. Which tree belongs to the Govt of India, even if it grows on a private property?


30. Who is the Managing Director of Ocher Studios, a post-production studio currently serving the south Indian film industry?
(Clue – ‘She’ was in the news recently)

Soundarya Rajnikanth.

31. Identify the logo.

Rockstar Games.

32. What is the Maximum number of hard disks you can have in a machine of only 2 IDE ports?


33. According to IRS 2006, it is the highest read English publication in India. In one of its recent ads, it claims that in-spite of not carrying any stories, it still has 1,39,32,000 readers. Which publication?

Yellow Pages.


VIJAY a.k.a VJ said...

Good thinking(for invisible font colour)
Well,i got 10/33

Arun Sundar said...

Orey the Knowledge the test. good collections though, kabali says.

PREETI said...

i alwayz knew i bad at ivalo kevalam...?i dint xpect...i dnt even wanna reveal wat i scored...!

thnx for increasin my general knoelwdge!

Guru said...

@ Vijay: You knew all the answers, right ? Approm enna 10/33 ?

Your talking bout' the answers you already knew before we prepped these questions ?

@Arun: Thanks ..

@Preeti: Thanks for dropping by :)..

Ela said...

unn blog and internet bhakti valzha! rendu moonu questions adhukka devote panniirukae! but ore oru equator questiona thavira vera ethuvumae science pathi illae....Grrrr.... appurama enna maathiri jeevan ellam eppadi score pannurathu?

Anyway nice bunch of ?s!

Guru said...

Hmm .. Now that you mention it, I guess i actually 0missed out on science questions. Maybe it was cos' i don't like it so much and i subconsciously avoided all related q's.

You tend to do this, reward people with the same interests as you. Next time prolly' i'll try to prep a neutral quiz ..

Souvik said...

Really good collection, I enjoyed all the trivia. Can you post the questions of TransITion Quiz also, as you promised? Keep up the good work. I'm also a quiz enthusiast, you can contact me through e-mail.

Souvik said...

My mail ID is contactsouvik at rediffmail dot com.

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