Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My First Time .. ;)

South Africa finished the first day of the Chennai test at 304/4, Hashim Amla unbeaten on 85, all set for his first century on Indian soil.

BTW did i tell you, I was there .. :-)

Yep, bunked college today and went for the match. This is the first time i'm watching a cricket match at a stadium. And, it wuz awesome .. The view from the stands was way better than i expected, i was actually able to recognize faces(yep, without the binoculars) in the middle of the ground.

We had the 500 bux tickets, the D stand in the MA Chidambaram stadium - The famous Royal Sundaram stand. Exactly opposite the pavilion (on the other end),so we had a lot of space to move around, we could go to the extremes of the (huge)stand to get a squarer view or stay in the middle and get a straight on view( this way we could follow the bowling - the swing, spin etc, though i didn't follow the ball much). The Press and the commentators boxes are just above the D stand, we even got a autograph from the legendary Indian leg spinner, L. Sivaramakrishnan ;) I wanted to get Rameez Raja to sign the card, but then he never came out of the box .. Maybe next time ( what ??)...

The atmosphere at the MAC was superawesome, such a huge turnout for the first day of a test match( on a weekday) proves how cricket crazy this country is.The crowd was on its toes all the time - just imagine, SA was batting first and only 4 wickets fell today. But, then there was noise all the time, courtesy- bugle whistles, bearhorns, drums, water bottle thrash music, Mexican wave attempts, musical chants; all this went on nonstop regardless of what happened on field. Every time a player got near the edge of the field, that part of the stadium would erupt - mad hysterical waving, screaming, chanting, jumping- all this to get the fielder wave back to the crowd (I was one of 'them' .. ). This is so much fun actually, we even got Sreesanth to turn and look when he was bowling from our end ;) .. But, I have a sore throat ippo .. :(

^^ about all this noise, No, i was not exaggerating .. The atmosphere cannot be described in simple words, so if you are in Chennai and if can take a day off, just get down to chepauk and watch a day's play. Totally worth it ..

Btw, a good number of tickets are reserved for daily sales, so getting tickets should not be a problem during the weekdays. Daily tickets for the D stand cost 125 bucks( Try the D stand, i think its really VFM, the benches are too tiring and you'll be stuck with a square view).

Thats pretty much all .. I think i'll be going on Friday, Saturday and Sunday too .. So aiming for 4 days .. I'm not sure though, everything depends on Venka and Kaushik. Please please get us those passes macha ..

And we did not take any pics this time, no digital cameras allowed and no one had a camera phone .. Too bad .. :(

Too make up for that,

Indha Vecchuko ..

Sachin thambi eppavo MAC vandhappo eduthathu .. (Sachin at the MAC). The best pic i got when i looked up 'MAC' on Google Images.


VJ said...

Thanks,sachin rockz :))

Venkat said...

Hoping for more action by all means... Specially Sachin...Ah.. I can't stop imagining this... Hopeful another Century on the way...

Cajun Blog said...

I've always wanted to go to a cricket match. I bet it's a lot more fun in person huh? Nice pics there too.



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