Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Flickr Page

Check it out here.

I signed up on flickr today, i've used flickr a lot ( the flickr search is an interesting place to spend time, when you are really bored try looking up your fav. tags here at flickr advanced search)but i never bothered to set up an account. This is cos' i did not have too many pics of my own to show off. I don't own a digital cam, so the only time i get to handle a cam is during a g2g ride with friends or during a match(hint.. hint).

Everytime a different cam, and even before i can get used to the settings, the day is over ( or on our rides - the battery drains out). I had very few don't have any good pics to show off, so i did not see the need for a flickr account.

Now, nothing has changed really- I still don't have a cam. :(

But, i'm into photography now( i know this is funny when ya read it). So what do i do bout' something i'm interested in ? I start reading bout' it. Started with some basic stuff (i'm very very bad even with regular photography lingo) and i'm starting to like this more with every article i read about digital photography. I'll try and buy a cam very soon, till then i'll be using mobile phone cams, borrowed cams to get my pics. Thanks everyone in advance ..

I started my flickr account by posting a few pics i clicked during the test match (Check 1|2) .

These pics were taken using a Sony DSC T7, 5.1 mp. Cropped and corrected using Picasa.

Sample pic

Hoping my flickr account will see some regular activity ( no i won't be flicking pics and posting them as my own) .. Lets see how long i can sustain this interest ;)

Cheers ..

Thanks for reading .. Really ..

btw flickr is awesome .. Best feature - Mass pic upload option.


Gayatri said...

Flickr is really cool!
I'm a very pro google but i don't this picasa stands even half a decent chance again flickr..

Guru said...

Yep.. Picasa web albums can't match Flickr.

But the picasa photo editor is real good. (I'm talking bout' the application).

Works for me, just enough for basic light correction, cropping, resizing.

rahman said...

All said and done, at the end of the day Picasa is free (upto 1gig storage on multiple albums) while Flickr only gives you two, and asks you to pay for anything beyond...bummer.

Here's a tip: edit your pix on your PC before you stash them online.

btw, nice blog!

Guru said...

Yep ..

But i was talking bout' using the 'Picasa photo editor application' for editing my pics, not 'Picasa Web Albums'.

And, i edit pics on my PC before putting them up online .. Never use online editing tools ..

So we need to pay to more than 2 albums on Flickr, eh? Thats news to me.. hmm ..

And thanks for dropping by.. ;)

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