Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Official IPL Ad

This ad is so awesome ..

Check out 00:42, i think thats Robin Uthappa( venka correct me if i'm wrong), that particular shot is just superawesome. I keep watching that over and over ..

I'm talking bout' this shot ..

The music and that voice in the BG, rocks bigtime ..

Verdict: Great advertisement, the IPL organizers know how to put their money to best use..

^^ This ad is the first of many more such campaigns and ad films( i guess you can call them that ..).

The IPL advertisement budget is Rs 100 crore, all the ads will be made by Ogilvy & Mathers (<< this name reminds me of the very popular Marshall Bruce Mathers III). Other popular ad campaigns from O & M include - The Hutch 'boy' and 'dog' ads , 'The first Bajaj Pulsar ad - the one with the nurses walking past and the bike turning around to look at them', The Fevicol ad with the fully loaded truck on a mud track. Source

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Venkat said...

Even I enjoy that shot. I watch him eagerly for this particular thing everytime he comes out to bat... I've completed the review for all the teams... Update it machan...

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