Friday, March 21, 2008

Vellore Ride - 21/3/08 - 3 AM

Almost 3 months without any rides( the last one was the pondy ride after our semester exams last December) we were raring to ride someplace. We had a three day weekend, Vijay's parents were away for the weekend, cos' if they were around there was no way we could've done a Vellore ride leave alone start at 3 AM, and then my dad had the day off, so i could use his Dio( our backup scoot for all rides, another friend of mine was supposed to join us with his bike, but then he was not able to make it last minute - Dio comes to the rescue, yet again ..).

First the details ..

Riders: Venki, Vijay and Me.
Rides: Vijay's Caliber 115 and my dad's Dio.
Total Distance: 275 kms.
Started at 3 AM reached Vellore at 7.40 AM ( stopped for an hour cos' it was raining real hard) - 4h 40min
Left Vellore at 8.40 AM ( yep .. we were there only for an hour) and got back home at 12 noon - 3h 20min
Total cash spent: 900 bucks.. incl. of fuel, food and misc. expenses.


This ride was made extra special by the rains thru' the ride, there was a constant drizzle except for the 30 mins of hard rain on the way back (but we chose to ride on this time, no stops).

We spotted a Superbike near Vellore, i couldn't exactly ID the bike cos' he just whizzed past us. But then we found the bike in a Petrol bunk on the way, the bike was a Honda Hornet 900. A rider touring on a SBK .. Wow .. Sbk + Rain + NH4 = superawesome..

We stopped at a Toll Plaza, 30 kms before Vellore. The drizzle turned into a downpour and we did not want to get wet ( at 5.30 in the morning, it was really cold and we did not want to get wet on top of that) so we stopped for almost an hour. During this time the exhaust heat from the vehicles lining up at the toll booths was our savior. Vijay and Me used the exhaust heat to revive our fingers which had become numb from the cold. I'm sure the guys at the toll plaza thought we were crazy.

The food at Vellore was awesome, prolly' cos' we were really hungry ( riding continuously for close to 5 hours on an empty stomach really drains you). Vijay knew this place near the Vellore bus stand from the last time he was there, a good hotel with cheap food. Breakfast for the three of us cost only 64 bucks. We need to start eating like this on rides. No 500 bucks splurges anymore.

We borrowed Vivek's Digi cam, this time he gave us his 6 MP Casio cam( on the thiruthani ride we borrowed his 3 MP Mercury cam), but then even this time we screwed up the pics cos' the battery was drained after 20 clicks. Damn ..

Note to self: Don't trust Vivek. Next time we need to take care of this, and carry a few spare sets of batteries along.

Thats pretty much all ..

Pics from the ride

Great ride .. We had fun .. We'll not be doing any more rides for a while( till the end of exams this semester), so good that we managed to sneak in a ride this month.


ThanaMoi said...

very cool helmets.. and super cool rides... early morning rides.. must be really fun right?...

VJ said...

Kept it short??
Good one da..
just try uploading all pics in photo bucket.

Guru said...

@Thanamoi: Best ride till date..

@Vijay: Actually yes .. I mean, i did not write it the usual way describing every little thing in order.

And about the pics, i was not sure i knew to use the thumbnail display from photobucket so used blogger instead.

I'll try and upload them on pbucket some time ..

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