Sunday, March 9, 2008

What Did I Learn Yesterday ?

I learned this new trick from this friend of mine yesterday, a trick that could be very useful to me, that is cos' its related to something i do all the time - get into an argument. I'll not be mentioning any names here.

Read carefully cos' i'm not sure i can describe this well, this is a lil' complex ;) and very confusing (my writing)

When you need to save your skin after getting into an argument with 'absolute zero logic' and when you don't have the balls to stick to your side of the argument - First, act cool ( you don't have to 'be cool', see the difference ?).. Start talking as if the argument (or where it ends) does not really matter.. pull in some random incident that is no way related to the argument ( preferably an incident that will spark off the other guy).. Take the help of all people around you, howsoever unrelated to the argument by pulling them in asking for their opinions or support ( the guy who comes in usually does not give a shit.. but still you need to act as if his judgment or opinion really matters ).. Smile excessively and use this to drift away from the original argument.

One more thing, while you do all this, make sure you aren't listening a word of what the other guy is saying, cos' listening to him might distract you or might event tempt you to get back into the argument ( again however stupid your side of the argument is).

Yesterday, this guy we're talking bout' used all this on me and got out of this perfectly sane ( but a little heated) argument we were i was having.

This trick is quite good (when you don't mind being dirty), this comes from me. But, i don't think i'll ever find any use for this. I consider myself to be very good at arguments, now i don't mean to say i win ( can i say win ?) all the time. But, i'm a good listener and i don't have a stupid faux ego. This i guess makes me good, cos' comparing myself with other people around me ( which is the only way to rate me) i'm okay with accepting someone elses' opinion ( i'll at least pay proper attention). I hate it when people try shit like this when talking to me and this puts me off, sometimes this makes me go on the offensive, this is not to be confused with being excessively concerned with any argument ( some 'say' this, i'm sure a lot 'think' this ), when i'm concerned with an argument i behave differently and getting pissed off is definitely not my way of showing concern.

All i'm trying to say here is that, I did not give a shit about yesterday's argument and more importantly I did NOT lose.

Thats pretty much all ..


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ithu ellam vaalkai paadam...ippavavathu u managed to learn!

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