Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Some good reads ..

1. Yet another lynching incident in Bihar - A Teashop owner gets killed for a delay in serving tea.

2. TOI carries this report bout' another weird incident in UP this time - 3 brothers beat their mother to death supposedly to free her from the spirits that possessed her( hit the read link for more on this, of the 3 brothers - one of them was a MBA, another an engineer at a MNC). The incident is quite bizarre in itself, and what followed is even more shocking (stupid?).

"As news of the violence spread, several hundred residents rushed to the police station to get a glimpse of the "butchers of Vijaynagar". Some agitated residents demanded they be allowed to lynch the culprits."

WTF ? be allowed to lynch the wrong doers ? What were they thinking ?

3. Cool political ad.

Too bad ^^ this guy didn't win ..

4. Story of a Man trapped in an elevator car for 41 hours.

Additional reading: Up and then Down - The lives of elevators.

5. Man holds daughter prisoner in basement for 24 years. And all this for sexual abuse, he ended up fathering 7 children with his own daughter and also held 3 children locked up with their mum - WTF ?

Links from IndiaUncut.

btw, i've got my semester exams till May 12, this blog won't see much activity till then though i have so so much to write about. But i guess 'they' can wait ..

Thats pretty much all,



Saturday, April 26, 2008

Verdict - Dasavatharam Music is a Dud

The songs were done by noseman Himesh Reshamiya - What else do you expect ? Getting him to do the songs for this project was a big big mistake, and letting him sing a 'Tamil' song sucks even more.


The track list.

01 Ulaga Nayagan.
02 Kallai Mattum Kandal.
03 Oh Oh Sanam.
04 Mukundha Mukundha.
05 Kaa Karuppanukkum.
06 Oh Oh Sanam - Himesh Reshamiya.

Kamal has lent his voice for 'Oh Oh Sanam' and 'Mukundha Mukundha' - they are okay ..

Track6 is 'Oh Oh Sanam' with Himesh replacing Kamal, sung in his usual nasal voice and we finally have someone to beat Sukhwinder Singh (of 'Arjunar Villu' fame) in screwing up Tamil pronunciation.

Track2 'Kallai Mattum Kandaal' with lyrics by Kavignar Vaali ( the song goes like this - 'Kallai mattum kandaal kadavul theriyaadhu, Kadavul mattum kandaal kalladi theriyaadhu') by Hariharan is probably the only good track in the album.

Track5 'Kaa Karuppanukkum' prolly' the suckiest of the lot. Signature Reshamiya style heavy drum beats in infinite loop, pure crap - Thank 'god' he did not sing this himself- can't think of anything worser than that.

But, fortunately the rerecording is by Devi Sri Prasad, we won't have to endure Reshamiya's crap through the movie.

So, for now the songs are screwed up .. Lets hope the movie makes up for this.


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Changing Notes = Awesome

Just got back from AR's concert, very difficult to find words to describe my experience today. My first time live at any musical event( i think) and i started off with 'this'. I don't think i could have asked for anything better.

Now for those of you who want to know what you missed, this list is for you.

List of songs performed at the concert today.

1. Jaage Hain - Guru - Saadhana Sargam & ARR.
2. Ella Pugazhum Oruvan Oruvanuke - ATM - ARR.
3. Endendrum Punnagai - Alaipayuthe - Karthik/Naresh Iyer/Shankar Mahadevan.
4. Varadhe Nathi Karai Ooram - Sangamam - Shankar Mahadevan.
5. Vaaji Vaaji - Shivaji - Hariharan & Madhushree.
6. Barso Re - Guru - Madhushree.
7. Newyork Nagaram - Jilunu Oru Kaadhal - ARR.
8. Enaku Oru Girlfriend - Boys - Karthik & Blaaze.
9. Jashn E Bahaara - Jodha Akbar - Javed Ali.
10. Roobaroo - RDB - Naresh Iyer.
11. Munbe Vaa - JOK - Karthik/Naresh Iyer/ Chinmayi.
12. Enna Solla Pogirai - Kandukonden Kandukonden - Shankar Mahadevan
13. Kanodu Kaanbathellam - Jeans - Nithyasree.
14. Dil Se Re - Dil Se - ARR.
15. In Lamhon Ke - Jodha Akbar - Javed Ali/Karthik & Madhushree.
16. Adhiradi - Shivaji - ARR/Sayonara and others.
17. Chaiyya Chaiyya - Dil se - AR Rayhana & Shankar Mahadevan(or was it Javed Ali ?).
18. Azeeem Shah - Jodha Akbar( this was capped off with the first line of 'Veerapandi Kottaiyile') - Shivamani ('the man')/ Naresh Iyer and others.
19. Oru Koodai - Shivaji - Blaaze
Intros by Blaaze
20. Pray for me Brother - ARR
21. Bombay Theme.
22. Khwaja Mere Khwaja - Jodha Akbar - ARR
23. Udhaya Udhaya - Udhaya - Sadhana Sargam & Hariharan.
24. Ay Hairathe - Guru - Hariharan.
25. Tumhari Adao Pe - Mangal Pandey - Saadhana Sargam/ Rayhana and others.
26. Maiyya Maiyya - Guru - Neeti Mohan.
27. Maduraiku Pogadhadi - ATM - Benny Dayal & Darshana.
28. Tere Bina - Guru - ARR and Chinmayi.
29. Antha Arabic Kadaloram - Bombay - ARR/Karthik/Shankar Mahadevan.
30. Vande Maataram - 'GOD'

My pick - 16, 17, 26, 27, 29, 30.

Also, if i missed out someone/a song or made mistakes with the list please let me know.

More later ..



Changing Notes - AR Concert Preview

Thanks to TOI i'll be at the concert tonight, in about 6 hours from now the maestro will start with his first song. wow .. The 'wow' will go on till 10 in the night. Three and half hours of live AR music.

Can't stop thinking about it, i'll actually be hearing songs like Anjali Anjali, Uyire Uyire, Veerapandi Kottaiyile, Pudhu Vellai Mazhai LIVE.

I'll be treated to the likes of AR, Hariharan, Shankar Mahadevan, Sadhana Sargam, Madhushree, Naresh Iyer, Javed Ali, Sivamani, Blaaze, Chinmayi .. the list just goes on.

I'll try and get some pics/videos for my blog.

btw if you've not watched the promo yet, check this.

Thats pretty much all..



Monday, April 14, 2008

Changing Notes - AR Rahman's Concert - Free Passes from Times Of India

Times of India started their Chennai edition today(check this) and they've started off by giving away (awesome) complementary passes to AR Rahman's Chennai concert which is happening on the 20th of this month. The event is co-sponsored by TOI, they are giving away free passes in exchange for a little coupon in their paper ( yeah.. ), check the page 2 of today's(14/4/08) TOI for the coupon. btw the concert starts at 6.30 pm and is happening at the St. George school grounds opposite Pachaiyappa's College.

However, the passes are only for the standing gallery, so be prepared to stand for 3-4 hours continuously (and no, we are not complaining) if you want to use these free passes. Vijay and me have 6 tickets between us, we actually bought 4 extra TOI's for the coupons and at 2 bucks per pass, this must be the lowest priced AR Rahman concert night ticket ever.

And, about the passes; I think passes will be available for a few more days ( 2 more days at least). You just need to take the coupon to one of the 'Times space centers', there are over 25 such centers in Chennai, so finding one near your place shouldn't be tough. The list of all the 'Times space centers' is in the ad. And there is no limit to the number of coupons one can redeem - you get as many passes as the number of tear away coupons you submit.


See you at the concert .. ;)

Edit: 16 April- There was a different ad in today's edition of TOI.

New requirements if you want to get these free passes today, you need to find a TOI team (they are stationed all over the city) near you and show them a copy of today's TOI to get your free pass. But here is the catch ' Only one pass per person', so you can't get passes by the bulk(i think). Too bad ..



Sunday, April 13, 2008

Today I Used Orkut To ...

... relive my past.

Read on..

So, it was again a very boring day today, no one at home, nothing good on TV, i did not have any unwatched episodes of any TV on my PC (btw i'm done with the second season of Sleeper Cell - its just 'okay'). If only i had Neo sports, hmm .. that would've kept me busy all day. Trust me, following a test match through the text commentary from cricinfo.com is really really boring.I hate playing counterstrike continuously for long hours, so i had nothing at all .. I was just bored.

Went back to the only thing that never fails me - Orkut. Over the last week Orkut has been a great source of entertainment(?) for me, cos' i got into this minor row with a friend (with a few other people joining in later.. okay.. let me stop here. the argument is not the topic of this post, right ?) and we both filled each other's scrapbooks with a lot of junk ( just the usual, no big deal).

But, this today i was there for a better(?) purpose. I went to my scrapbook, hit the 'last' link and started reading my scrapbook from the very first entry.

Some tidbits.

I got my first scrap on 19/5/2006, almost two years back .. Text of my first scrap - 'hi welcome 2 orkut' from a classmate in school. hmm .. Wokay ..

After that came the flurry of ' Is that you?', 'Are you that guy from MVM?', ' Hi .. remember we studied in the same class till the eighth standard?' scraps. Started building my friend's list with that, which was just basically adding every person i ever knew till then and approving every add request. Some random guy from school, who was in a different class, with whom i prolly' spoke only once in my whole life became my 'friend' .. Wokay, no issues..

Then, there was another phase. All my classmates from college got onto orkut, so it became the primary mode of communication for all in-class/college talk. We would make exhaustive plans to complete assignments, observation books, or rather make plans to convince everyone else to not complete anything. A common phrase - ' Nalaiku class la poi paathukalam da, konjam a4 sheets konduva ( Translation: We can complete the assignment tomorrow in class, just get some blank a4 sheets).

Then started a different(interesting) phase - finding new friends through orkut, now 'new' friends might not be a exact term, cos' when you've been in the same class/department/college for two years, you are not exactly 'new' to each other. Yep, i'm talking bout' the phase when we started scrapping people we've never spoke to even though we see each other so many times, and 99% of the times its usually a member of the opposite sex. We have so many different opening lines, a common one would be ' Hi, Are you by any chance the xxxx from my class in college' or ' Hi, I'm the xxxx from your class, so you are on Orkut, eh ? just add me in'. Just the usual hormones kicking in, you can't blame the guy/gal for anything.

And then came the arguments - for people like me, who love getting into arguments very often, it becomes really difficult to keep them off orkut. So a ideal argument would run into a few 10's of scraps, each of which would be no shorter than 5 sentence lengths, these might even turn abusive at times, would prolly' go on for a day or two, at the end either the issue is resolved or the conflicting parties just lose interest.

Then there are informative 'gyaan' chats/talks, you catch up with that a friend after a long time, find that he is in a different country/city/industry etc. This is interesting - so we start sharing 'gyaan', extensive discussion about the subject again piles up the scrap junk, pages and pages of it. These conversations can sometimes be interesting to the onlookers too, if the guys in the discussion are bright enough to have a decent conversation, one just has to open up both their scrapbooks and follow the conversation to get 'gyaanified'.

Another little trick on Orkut is the 'talking through profile visiting' trick. Orkut has a stupid system in place to track profile visitors, it is supposed to display the last 5 profile visitors, but it gets refreshed only every two days. Even with that, it manages to keep track of new profile visitors, so if this girl from my class visits my profile, i get to know that after the refresh that happens the next day. So i pop in, just to give attendance - my name gets onto her profile visitors list. This is one way of letting each other know bout' the interest without even saying a word. Usually cross profile visits between a guy and a girl is followed by a 'Hi' and conversation begins, or sometimes the involved subjects develop cold feet and stick to profile visits alone, waiting for the other person to initiate conversation.

phew .. ^^ all these are stuff that i've done at some point during my Orkut sojourn, prolly' there are more ( a few dark ones too, more on that later.. ) and i was reminded of all 'that' when i reread my scrapbook today.. Nice times ..

I just have one thing to say - No regrets . I enjoyed this totally, and i even miss it sometimes.



Tuesday, April 8, 2008

New TV Show - Sleeper Cell

I've started with another crime show(?) or rather law enforcement drama, after Season 3 of Prison Break ( watched the 13 episodes in 2 days flat) and Season 2 of CSI:NY.

Sleeper cell is not actually about a 'sleeper cell' as the name suggests, cos' this terror cell is actually active ( i'm right, right ? How can an active terror cell that is planning a mission be called a 'sleeper cell').

So, its about this moslem African-American FBI agent who infiltrates a terrorist sleeper cell in LA and the plot proceeds from thereon.

Now why am i watching this ?

Cos' of my interest in moslem culture and more particularly the exact meaning of 'jihad', a word thats oft used, but whose meaning is always debated and is never clear. I started reading up a lil' on this, and i'm still as confused as i was before i started. So we'll talk bout' this later .. Coming back ..

I started with Sleeper cell expecting a real lot, but then at the end of the first season, it wasn't what i expected. The show is so damn dumbed down, when CBS makes a TV show bout' an issue like this, shouldn't they be more convincing ? Either the research wasn't enough (which i really doubt) or the shows makers decided to keep it this way intentionally. Now, what do i really mean by 'not convincing enough' ?

These guys need a better, properly justified reason to be involved in a terrorist operation, one does not become a terrorist after a misleading initiation of what the Qur'an means ( AFAIK). I still believe in this - Not all muslims want to be terrorists, and generalizing them that way is unfair.

I'm just not convinced with the character development and also the dialogues aren't all that precise, in a scene when two intellectual Islamic radicals are trying to convince each other of the cause that he believes in (one is a 'holy warrior' and the other is a scholar who preaches the meaning of the true Qur'an and opposes the 'misinterpretation of jihad' which is terrorism ) we definitely need better lines. Damn .. these people have devoted their life for a cause they believe in, and shouldn't they have a clearer idea of their ideals? Dunno .. I'm just not convinced ..

I'll start with season 2 tomorrow. Lets see how that goes ..

Now, i just said the show was a lil' dumb, other than that the show is fine and interesting too ..


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