Tuesday, April 8, 2008

New TV Show - Sleeper Cell

I've started with another crime show(?) or rather law enforcement drama, after Season 3 of Prison Break ( watched the 13 episodes in 2 days flat) and Season 2 of CSI:NY.

Sleeper cell is not actually about a 'sleeper cell' as the name suggests, cos' this terror cell is actually active ( i'm right, right ? How can an active terror cell that is planning a mission be called a 'sleeper cell').

So, its about this moslem African-American FBI agent who infiltrates a terrorist sleeper cell in LA and the plot proceeds from thereon.

Now why am i watching this ?

Cos' of my interest in moslem culture and more particularly the exact meaning of 'jihad', a word thats oft used, but whose meaning is always debated and is never clear. I started reading up a lil' on this, and i'm still as confused as i was before i started. So we'll talk bout' this later .. Coming back ..

I started with Sleeper cell expecting a real lot, but then at the end of the first season, it wasn't what i expected. The show is so damn dumbed down, when CBS makes a TV show bout' an issue like this, shouldn't they be more convincing ? Either the research wasn't enough (which i really doubt) or the shows makers decided to keep it this way intentionally. Now, what do i really mean by 'not convincing enough' ?

These guys need a better, properly justified reason to be involved in a terrorist operation, one does not become a terrorist after a misleading initiation of what the Qur'an means ( AFAIK). I still believe in this - Not all muslims want to be terrorists, and generalizing them that way is unfair.

I'm just not convinced with the character development and also the dialogues aren't all that precise, in a scene when two intellectual Islamic radicals are trying to convince each other of the cause that he believes in (one is a 'holy warrior' and the other is a scholar who preaches the meaning of the true Qur'an and opposes the 'misinterpretation of jihad' which is terrorism ) we definitely need better lines. Damn .. these people have devoted their life for a cause they believe in, and shouldn't they have a clearer idea of their ideals? Dunno .. I'm just not convinced ..

I'll start with season 2 tomorrow. Lets see how that goes ..

Now, i just said the show was a lil' dumb, other than that the show is fine and interesting too ..


Venkat said...

The show is good as you said... I also love the BGM that goes along... I don't have enough time to watch it at atretches... So am enjoying slowly... Am still watching the first episode... Do let me know about how many episodes there are in the second one...

VJ said...

Why are all the terrorists having Muslim names??(really wonder,am breaking ma heads)(is it coincidence??)

Dunno really....May be!!!

Arun Sundar said...


one might say "Not all moslems are terrorists, but all terrorists are moslems"

Guru said...

^^ Nah ..

So Arun, are you really saying ' All terrorists are Muslims' ?

Ever heard of Nationalistic terrorist groups ? Like the LTTE, the United Liberation Front of Asom(ULFA)here back in India, the Irish Republican Army(IRA), the Sikh terrorists from Babbar Khalsa, the Maoists in Nepal ?

Even the KKK is a white supremacist terror group.

These are non-Islamic terrorist groups, so you can't really say 'all terrorists are Muslims'. That would be really shortsighted..

And Vijay, if all the terrorists you hear bout' have moslem names, then you need to start following 'real' media. Or at least 'better' media which covers more than just what is 'popular'.

rahman said...

Yup, I'd agree with Guru.
sorry pal, that's just what CNN wants us to believe.

No offence to anyone american, but as far as I've seen, the US always needs an enemy to blame stuff on.
First it was the Communists.
Then was the Soviets turn.
Now its the Moslems.

I remember the first coverage of the Tibet problem.
CNN reportedly said several times that the violence started in a "predominantly muslim neighbourhood"...yeah right!
dude, those guys are buddists!
Later they called it off after other media got wind of the news.

VJ said...

Ya ,as guru said ,there ARE other non-muslim terrorists groups...

Again as as guru said,may be Muslim terrorists groups are POPULAR

@Rahman:: Sorry dude..not trying to hurt any one there,just expressing opinions on something that is so obviously existent...Sorry if it is bothering anyone..

rahman said...

^^Dude, no sweat!

Blogs rule! ;)

Ela said...

I don't think u can get to know the islamic culture from these shows. i haven't so far come across a book which describes this culture as it is without any bias or criticims of the author so that i can have it as a starting point and go on. I have read Salman rushdie and recently Orhan parhmuk and can understand their points of critical analysis...but still i never had the chance to read Quran so far. And i am not a fan of coloring the normal human vices with religious flavor either!

rahman said...

Hi again.

btw, you guys might wanna check this out:

Shows how cliched people really are when it comes to who is a potential security threat.


Yog said...

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Guru said...

@Ela: I wasn't trying to 'learn' about Islam from these TV shows.. I think it was just normal curiosity. You are interested in something - someone makes a TV show bout' it - you just catch it for the heck of it .. That was all ..

And you are right, books are always one man's POV. How can you expect a 'book' to be unbiased, hmm ?? I just read them to check out opinions and maybe use them to intelligently(?) form my own ..

And also, i'm waiting to read the holy Qu'ran, jus looking around for an ebook of a good English version.

@Rahman: Thanks for all the interest you've shown on this post. Really appreciate it.

And, video was totally ;) ..

VJ said...

Good video Rahman...

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