Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Some good reads ..

1. Yet another lynching incident in Bihar - A Teashop owner gets killed for a delay in serving tea.

2. TOI carries this report bout' another weird incident in UP this time - 3 brothers beat their mother to death supposedly to free her from the spirits that possessed her( hit the read link for more on this, of the 3 brothers - one of them was a MBA, another an engineer at a MNC). The incident is quite bizarre in itself, and what followed is even more shocking (stupid?).

"As news of the violence spread, several hundred residents rushed to the police station to get a glimpse of the "butchers of Vijaynagar". Some agitated residents demanded they be allowed to lynch the culprits."

WTF ? be allowed to lynch the wrong doers ? What were they thinking ?

3. Cool political ad.

Too bad ^^ this guy didn't win ..

4. Story of a Man trapped in an elevator car for 41 hours.

Additional reading: Up and then Down - The lives of elevators.

5. Man holds daughter prisoner in basement for 24 years. And all this for sexual abuse, he ended up fathering 7 children with his own daughter and also held 3 children locked up with their mum - WTF ?

Links from IndiaUncut.

btw, i've got my semester exams till May 12, this blog won't see much activity till then though i have so so much to write about. But i guess 'they' can wait ..

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dilip said...

i wonder who the heck wrote those lines for Mr.lopez murphy or whatever his name is,good add,i bet the argentinans saw only the first half of the add and got vexed and changed channels...lolz

Guru said...

Yep, that ad was good..

And i really don't think anyone would've left midway, at least that is exactly the target of this ad. It has enough shock value to keep the viewer on for the whole ad.

And also the ad really does not have any content, this cannot be equal to a proper speech/manifesto ad.

And, just a good ad cannot give you victory in an election, it never is so easy. This guy is prolly' an independent candidate, methinks and he still managed to come in third.

Chizmosa said...

Thanks for these great reads. I will read all of these articles and give you updates on what I think ;0

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