Sunday, April 13, 2008

Today I Used Orkut To ...

... relive my past.

Read on..

So, it was again a very boring day today, no one at home, nothing good on TV, i did not have any unwatched episodes of any TV on my PC (btw i'm done with the second season of Sleeper Cell - its just 'okay'). If only i had Neo sports, hmm .. that would've kept me busy all day. Trust me, following a test match through the text commentary from is really really boring.I hate playing counterstrike continuously for long hours, so i had nothing at all .. I was just bored.

Went back to the only thing that never fails me - Orkut. Over the last week Orkut has been a great source of entertainment(?) for me, cos' i got into this minor row with a friend (with a few other people joining in later.. okay.. let me stop here. the argument is not the topic of this post, right ?) and we both filled each other's scrapbooks with a lot of junk ( just the usual, no big deal).

But, this today i was there for a better(?) purpose. I went to my scrapbook, hit the 'last' link and started reading my scrapbook from the very first entry.

Some tidbits.

I got my first scrap on 19/5/2006, almost two years back .. Text of my first scrap - 'hi welcome 2 orkut' from a classmate in school. hmm .. Wokay ..

After that came the flurry of ' Is that you?', 'Are you that guy from MVM?', ' Hi .. remember we studied in the same class till the eighth standard?' scraps. Started building my friend's list with that, which was just basically adding every person i ever knew till then and approving every add request. Some random guy from school, who was in a different class, with whom i prolly' spoke only once in my whole life became my 'friend' .. Wokay, no issues..

Then, there was another phase. All my classmates from college got onto orkut, so it became the primary mode of communication for all in-class/college talk. We would make exhaustive plans to complete assignments, observation books, or rather make plans to convince everyone else to not complete anything. A common phrase - ' Nalaiku class la poi paathukalam da, konjam a4 sheets konduva ( Translation: We can complete the assignment tomorrow in class, just get some blank a4 sheets).

Then started a different(interesting) phase - finding new friends through orkut, now 'new' friends might not be a exact term, cos' when you've been in the same class/department/college for two years, you are not exactly 'new' to each other. Yep, i'm talking bout' the phase when we started scrapping people we've never spoke to even though we see each other so many times, and 99% of the times its usually a member of the opposite sex. We have so many different opening lines, a common one would be ' Hi, Are you by any chance the xxxx from my class in college' or ' Hi, I'm the xxxx from your class, so you are on Orkut, eh ? just add me in'. Just the usual hormones kicking in, you can't blame the guy/gal for anything.

And then came the arguments - for people like me, who love getting into arguments very often, it becomes really difficult to keep them off orkut. So a ideal argument would run into a few 10's of scraps, each of which would be no shorter than 5 sentence lengths, these might even turn abusive at times, would prolly' go on for a day or two, at the end either the issue is resolved or the conflicting parties just lose interest.

Then there are informative 'gyaan' chats/talks, you catch up with that a friend after a long time, find that he is in a different country/city/industry etc. This is interesting - so we start sharing 'gyaan', extensive discussion about the subject again piles up the scrap junk, pages and pages of it. These conversations can sometimes be interesting to the onlookers too, if the guys in the discussion are bright enough to have a decent conversation, one just has to open up both their scrapbooks and follow the conversation to get 'gyaanified'.

Another little trick on Orkut is the 'talking through profile visiting' trick. Orkut has a stupid system in place to track profile visitors, it is supposed to display the last 5 profile visitors, but it gets refreshed only every two days. Even with that, it manages to keep track of new profile visitors, so if this girl from my class visits my profile, i get to know that after the refresh that happens the next day. So i pop in, just to give attendance - my name gets onto her profile visitors list. This is one way of letting each other know bout' the interest without even saying a word. Usually cross profile visits between a guy and a girl is followed by a 'Hi' and conversation begins, or sometimes the involved subjects develop cold feet and stick to profile visits alone, waiting for the other person to initiate conversation.

phew .. ^^ all these are stuff that i've done at some point during my Orkut sojourn, prolly' there are more ( a few dark ones too, more on that later.. ) and i was reminded of all 'that' when i reread my scrapbook today.. Nice times ..

I just have one thing to say - No regrets . I enjoyed this totally, and i even miss it sometimes.



VJ said...

Let me do my "(s)crap analysis ....

rahman said...

I never get tired of orkut!

Ela said...

ithu ellam seri....

"prolly' there are more ( a few dark ones too, more on that later.. )"

ithai pathi write soon!

Guru said...

@Ela:Vendame ..

Actual a intha post la ya neraya dark ones irukku. But i conveniently skipped the dark parts..

A few samples..

I've flamed a lot of people on orkut - just for the heck of it, sometimes just cos' i knew i could take them on easily and 'win'.

You get it right? Unnecessary bashing for timepass. I just categorized 'these' into 'arguments' on this post.

Created a fake profile for a friend - but, i did not use it to lure any girl to a isolated park and rape/murder her .. Just a few tiny pranks and the 'guy' knew bout' all this .. No issues..

And remember that 'interesting' phase i was talking bout' ? The one about scrapping unknown ( ahem .. ahem..) people. I've done that a lot, real lot. Blame it on my overactive(lil') hormones ..

Another confession, i do a 'lot' of scrapbook snooping, not just scrap books of friends but sometimes (when i'm totally totally bored) i look up profiles of random people from some random community. Total timepass. Trust me ..

More later .. wokay ?

Arun Sundar said...

Orkut - web elixir for humans. Only next to youtube.

Ela said...

Hmmm.....ellam 'Hormones' seyal!

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