Saturday, April 26, 2008

Verdict - Dasavatharam Music is a Dud

The songs were done by noseman Himesh Reshamiya - What else do you expect ? Getting him to do the songs for this project was a big big mistake, and letting him sing a 'Tamil' song sucks even more.


The track list.

01 Ulaga Nayagan.
02 Kallai Mattum Kandal.
03 Oh Oh Sanam.
04 Mukundha Mukundha.
05 Kaa Karuppanukkum.
06 Oh Oh Sanam - Himesh Reshamiya.

Kamal has lent his voice for 'Oh Oh Sanam' and 'Mukundha Mukundha' - they are okay ..

Track6 is 'Oh Oh Sanam' with Himesh replacing Kamal, sung in his usual nasal voice and we finally have someone to beat Sukhwinder Singh (of 'Arjunar Villu' fame) in screwing up Tamil pronunciation.

Track2 'Kallai Mattum Kandaal' with lyrics by Kavignar Vaali ( the song goes like this - 'Kallai mattum kandaal kadavul theriyaadhu, Kadavul mattum kandaal kalladi theriyaadhu') by Hariharan is probably the only good track in the album.

Track5 'Kaa Karuppanukkum' prolly' the suckiest of the lot. Signature Reshamiya style heavy drum beats in infinite loop, pure crap - Thank 'god' he did not sing this himself- can't think of anything worser than that.

But, fortunately the rerecording is by Devi Sri Prasad, we won't have to endure Reshamiya's crap through the movie.

So, for now the songs are screwed up .. Lets hope the movie makes up for this.


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