Saturday, May 31, 2008

Venki and his Pulsar 220.

This one is long due..

Venki got his Pulsar 220 delivered last Tuesday. Here are some pics ..

Venki and his 'Pudhu Vandi'

The Evil Eye ( fuckin' awesome pilot lamps .. )

More pics - 1|2|3|4|5|6|7

First Impressions.

The gear shifts are very non-Pulsar like; i reached neutral on my first attempt almost every single time.

The bike is being 'run-in' ( no break-in this time .. no risks with a 88k INR bike), so i've not taken her over 4k rpm ( the bike redlines at 9.5k rpm) or 65 Kmph. But the extra power is so obvious, just a little blip on the throttle at any rpm above 3k - the bike shoots forward real quick. Can't wait to rip her when the run-in thingy is over .

The headlamps are awesome. Actually they are just super bright, need to take the bike out at night to see how effective the headlamp throw is.

I'm too tall for the bike (6'1"), my knees butt into the front fairing when i sit normally. I need to sit at the rear most part of the front seat to avoid that( which is impossible when with a pillion).

Braking is superawesome, don't know if it is cos' of the rear disc brakes ( which i don't use much anyways) or cos' of the overall balance even on hard braking.

Self canceling indicators are confusing.

Exhaust note is loud and bass y, some might say it sounds like an autorickshaw .. But, i'm okay with it.

The 120/80 rear tyre adds muscle to the rear end of the bike, this becomes totally necessary cos' the front end is huge with the fixed fairing, rvm's from the fairing et al.

The exposed chain makes it very high maintenance, also the excess grease from the chain splatters over the alloy rims, so with the DIY chain care we need to be really careful, excess oiling could screw your clothes.

The pillion seat is screwed up, its tiny and has a weird shape, also the padding is not sufficient. My arse starts hurting just after 10 km..

More later .


Saturday, May 24, 2008

Off To Mysore ..

Leaving to mysore today for a short weekend trip. I'll be back on Tuesday ..


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ada - Initial Impressions.

Just got to check out the music of Tanvir Ahmed's film 'Ada'.. Well i think it'll be better known as A.R Rahman's 'Ada' after 'this' kinda music.

If you haven't heard this already, stop reading this right here and go buy/find/borrow/beg a CD from someone/somewhere and check them out, cos' IT IS AWESOME.

I've not checked all the tracks completely yet, but just skimmed through them all once. Around 3-4 tracks totally blew my mind the very first time i heard them.

Track List - Back Cover.

^^ Click for a larger image.

Tracks 1,5 and 8 are my fav. for now. I'm sure i'll start liking more when i take a proper look at them all.

Track 8, Ishq Ada by Parul Mishra is particularly awesome. I can't get myself to take a break from that song and move onto rest of the album.

Track 5, Maherbaan is by A.R Rahman, need i say more ?


Also, the music of A.R's 'Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na' was also released yesterday. I'm almost done with that download. I'm sure that will be superawesome too. Don't forget to check that out next.

More Later...


Monday, May 19, 2008

Is This Too Much To Ask For ?

After one reads a 200 page long e-book (tiny print), the least one expects is the Hero to be alive at the end. Don't we all look for Happy Endings (at least in books) ?

Whats the point in extolling the virtues of a man for a full 195 pages , only to introduce a bizarre (needless) twist in the last chapter and 'assassinate' him. Why couldn't the author just let 'him' live happily ever after with his voluptuous Italian wife ?

I just don't see the point of having an ending like this. I mean .. After staying up late to finish the story, i just needed to see him alive. If that had happened i could've gone straight to bed and i wouldn't have stayed back to write this at 2 in the morning ... Damn ..

The book i'm talking bout' here is 'The Sicilian' by Mario Puzo. 'Turi Guiliano' deserved something better methinks ..

What say ?


Friday, May 16, 2008

Newsflash: VHP leaders are DUMB.

Fresh proof has come in to prove the above said statement.

Today the VHP leadership has 'demanded' that no Pakistani player be allowed to player in the IPL. Reason: The suspected Pakistani involvement in the Jaipur blasts.

^^ This is total crap, and we'll not be talking bout' this. Cos' no amount of bashing on those lines will be enough and also i don't think it is required.

Now, methinks this is the dumbest thing they've done in recent times. haha.. Blaming a whole nation/community/religion for the wrong deeds of a small section of them is the foolishest thing one can do. Now, they've done this kind of totally unrelated blaming a lot( that is all they do), but this time it looks extra stupid, right ?

And, such a 'demand' from an organization claiming to be the 'World Hindu council' ( VHP in English is World Hindu Council) projects a very negative image about the 'whole' Hindu community( who they claim to represent). And its a pity that such a huge national party like the BJP( which is looking to be elected at the centre next term) supports all this crap. I'll always hold this against them - the BJP promotes religious communism indirectly by supporting the RSS and the VHP (IMO). Oppression of people of their own faith, and destruction of non-believers, that is what they do, right ?

Actually, i could go on and on bout' this ..

But, I guess it'll then be proof that i'm DUMB too.

End of Rant.


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Random Ramblings

Me just got back home after dropping a friend at the airport. Srikanth left for the US of A to present a paper at the ISEE 2008( International Symposium on Electronics and the Environment) at San Francisco on the 19th . His paper is on 'an alternative to the present hydrogen generation methods', and he's also got a proposal for implementation of this technique in a motorcar. He gets to go to SF with his partner and present his 'idea' at an international IEEE conference. Now, even forgetting the part that he gets to enjoy a sponsored (okay only 50% is from the sponsor, and the rest bout' 35k is his) vacation in the US of A in his third year of college; i just can't stop thinking bout' how awesome it would be to have a IEEE conference certificate in your resume file when the companies come knocking next semester. Damn..

Okay, nuff said .. Does the above paragraph sound like a crazy rant of a guy whose heart is full of envy ? Cos' that is what it is...

Actually, i'm just kidding, i'm really happy for him cos' i think he really deserves this and prolly even much more.

Other Tidbits

Srikanth'll be getting a Canon Powershot A590 IS for Venki when he gets back. It costs wonly 150$ in the US. So handed over venki's 7k INR to him, pretty good deal considering the same cam costs 11k at the Canon showrooms here in Chennai. Point to be noted: this money was earned completely through his blog by making sponsored posts. Isn't that cool ? I think its cool ..

My first time on the Kathipara flyover, and damn its awesome. I just knew a section of the junction was opened for traffic a couple of months back. But then i assumed it was the Mount road section ( guindy railway station towards the airport), but then today found out the section that was opened was actually the one from 100-feet road towards the Airport. Right from the time we started off, i kept thinking bout' all the traffic i would need to cross at Kathipara. I estimated it would take me a minimum of 20 mins, but cos' of the flyover ( which actually has 4-lanes for each direction) i did it in 2. Wow ..

Ripped my Dio real hard on the way back, throttle constantly pinned at 80Kmph and on certain longer sections the needle would climb up to 90Kmph, thats the max speed on my Dio so far with no favorable gradient whatsoever. Dropped to sane speeds once i crossed the Kathipara junction and cruised at 50Kmph all the way till home.

Thats pretty much all,

Now, i'll get back to watching a few episodes of Heroes and then crash.

More Later..


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Very Sluggish Start To The Holidays.

After all the enthusiastic talk about my holidays, i guess they've gotten off to a very slow start wonly. I hardly ever left the house these two days and i don't think i've slept so much in a day ever before. Eat-Sleep-Eat-Sleep, that is all i do. Of course there are movies, watched 'Sweeney Todd: The demon barber of fleet street' yesterday, 'Blow' the day before and planning to watch 'From Hell' today. This seems to be a 'Johnny Depp' vaaram for me.

I stayed up the whole night to read Forsyth's 'The Afghan' on my comp( does anyone else read fiction thru e-books ? or am i the only crazy one here?). This was the only remaining Frederick Forsyth book for me, now i'm done with them all. My favorite still is 'Fist of God' prolly cos' it was my first Forsyth novel and 'Mike Martin' i think is the coolest Forsyth hero ever( the same guy reappears as the lead in 'The Afghan', SPOILER: Too bad he dies in the end :( ). Now, i've run out of authors, any suggestions ? Is Robert Ludlum any good ? I've read his Bourne series of novels, they were okay ( cos' i liked the movies better).

Also started with Season 1 of 'Heroes' today, it is good so far.Two complete seasons left in this show, so that should keep me busy for at least a week.

Too bad i don't get the IPL telecast at home at least that will keep me busy in the evenings, for some reason the cable operator decided to stop giving us the channel( of course it was available through my exams, and now when i'm totally free i don't get it .. Damn ..). Got no choice but to follow the ball-by-ball text commentary on Cricinfo.

Cleaned out my room yesterday , and took my comp apart to clean everything and put it back, cos' i was bored. But very wrong choice to beat boredom, cos' when i put everything back together the UPS wasn't working. Don't know what went wrong, so i have the comp running on the regular power now. Don't think i'll buy a new one for now, if i had the money i would instead buy a DVD writer to back up all my movies and TV shows, it is very difficult to Shift+Del 10Gb of a particular TV show you love, just cos' you need to make space for the new stuff. Right now i've got less than 50mb free space on each of my partitions ( only got a 80Gb drive), and with the heroes download going on, i should choose to delete something now. Just can't decide which one but ..

Got 15 mins to make that choice or pause the download, which i won't like too much cos' i'll be left with no episodes for tomorrow. Okay i'll get back to the choosing now ...

Thats pretty much all,

More later ..


Monday, May 12, 2008

Itt ees all overrr .. I'm Freeeeeeee ..

I'm done with my semester exams ( just got back home). Fuck.. Never been more relieved in all my college life.

Lots of reasons, my last exam was Antennas and Wave Propagation, totally screwed up subject. Lots of derivations crap, so need to mug lots of formulae ( i'm very bad at math, so even the normal integration, differentiation steps are 'steps'). My prep wasn't all that great, decided to skip all derivations except 4-5 very very important( and simple) ones and study all the (easy)theory topics, which is basically long stories about all types of antenna. And i got lucky, the paper was full of theory q's, did really well ( for the amount i studied). All my friends who put in so much effort to mug/learn all those numerous derivations were screwed. haha .. Okay .. Chuck all that.. It is always great to end things on a good note. That way all the previous screwups are forgotten.

The next reason is, i get more than 40 days of holidays, college reopens on 23rd June ( by then i'll be a 'Senior', that is a rant for another day). Actually we get lots of holidays every even semester, but this is the first time i'll get to enjoy them fully. Every other time i'll usually have a few arrears after my current exams schedule, so when everyone else would be on holidays, i'll be stuck with screwed up exams. But then, i did my previous sem pretty well, so no more arrears.

I still have FORTY days left .. Wow .. My blog will be seeing a lot activity this month. Got nothing much to do - movies, TV shows, read/write blog posts and ofcourse we'll be doing a few rides later during June. We also have plans to go on a totally unplanned 2 day trip. Lets see whether this happens ..

More later ..


Saturday, May 3, 2008

This Time Its Mallika Sherawat ...

Every big film function in Tamilnadu seems to generate a new controversy, first it was Kushboo's 'Chappal Incident' then the (in)famous Shreya controversy during the silver jubilee celebrations of her film Shivaji and now its Mallika Sherawat's turn. The 'dress' she wore at the audio release of Dasavatharam is supposed to have caused 'mental agony' to the people of TN. And she went on to sit with her legs crossed when Thamizh thatha, our CM was around.

The complainant no wonder is from HMK, the self proclaimed 'Hindu Makkal Katchi' whose sole mission seems to be protecting ' Thamizh culture' - very noble, but then according to them the whole process of protecting our culture seems to start and end with making the leading ladies of Kollywood cover up.

Last time around Shreya was intelligent enough to end the issue with a quick apology and an explanation that she came in directly from a film shoot, so there was no effigy burning, effigy thrashing using chappals etc. But, Mallika isn't all that bothered .. So, i think this time we'll be treated(?) to a long drawn controversy.

btw here is the pic of the dress that caused 'mental agony' to the people of TN.

And ya, this time Mallika's dress is little over-the-top, Shreya's dress was nothing at all compared to ^^ this. But, 'mental agony' is too much methinks..


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