Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ada - Initial Impressions.

Just got to check out the music of Tanvir Ahmed's film 'Ada'.. Well i think it'll be better known as A.R Rahman's 'Ada' after 'this' kinda music.

If you haven't heard this already, stop reading this right here and go buy/find/borrow/beg a CD from someone/somewhere and check them out, cos' IT IS AWESOME.

I've not checked all the tracks completely yet, but just skimmed through them all once. Around 3-4 tracks totally blew my mind the very first time i heard them.

Track List - Back Cover.

^^ Click for a larger image.

Tracks 1,5 and 8 are my fav. for now. I'm sure i'll start liking more when i take a proper look at them all.

Track 8, Ishq Ada by Parul Mishra is particularly awesome. I can't get myself to take a break from that song and move onto rest of the album.

Track 5, Maherbaan is by A.R Rahman, need i say more ?


Also, the music of A.R's 'Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na' was also released yesterday. I'm almost done with that download. I'm sure that will be superawesome too. Don't forget to check that out next.

More Later...


Balakrishnan R said...

Be original...Buy original...support A.R.Rahman... say no to piracy .. sad that you downloaded .. ok fine.. before you say it .. i don't buy all original CDs... but atleast ARR deserves that, don't you think so??

VJ said...

That works good in theory...be practical machan...That ain't possible everytime.

Guru said...

Ya, AR deserves that.. I mean, his music is worth paying for ..

That is all ..

But then CD sales does not really affect AR right? He gets paid anyways .. Also methinks he's earned enough for a lifetime(IMO).

^^ All these are just excuses.

I think i might buy original if i could afford it.

dilip said...

The songs are pretty good, though i don't understand the lyrics i can understand the music.I wonder how much it costs....

Guru said...

I think the Audio CD is priced at 160rs. Right Baga ?

Shrav said...

160?? That's pretty cheap mahn.. Maybe this time I'll buy the original instead of a download!

poker said...

Although i'm not an indian, i love Bollywood/ Tamil movies and their songs so much. I know AR Rahman and his music is good.

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