Monday, May 19, 2008

Is This Too Much To Ask For ?

After one reads a 200 page long e-book (tiny print), the least one expects is the Hero to be alive at the end. Don't we all look for Happy Endings (at least in books) ?

Whats the point in extolling the virtues of a man for a full 195 pages , only to introduce a bizarre (needless) twist in the last chapter and 'assassinate' him. Why couldn't the author just let 'him' live happily ever after with his voluptuous Italian wife ?

I just don't see the point of having an ending like this. I mean .. After staying up late to finish the story, i just needed to see him alive. If that had happened i could've gone straight to bed and i wouldn't have stayed back to write this at 2 in the morning ... Damn ..

The book i'm talking bout' here is 'The Sicilian' by Mario Puzo. 'Turi Guiliano' deserved something better methinks ..

What say ?


dilip said...

So u have finished the sicilian? Mario puzo is like that (unexpected twists) , get used to it.

background checks said...

well, sumtimes the ending jz reali making ppl feel sick bcos i for dont-know-why reason, ppl somehow wish for a happy ending in the end and when it turns out to be the opposite, for me, i will be very hate it! ^_^ Still ,enjoy the book.

poker said...

Tell me about it. We all love happy endings dont we? But sometimes some stories abruptly end with the main character dying.

spandex said...

I hate sad ending after I spend my time reading up a book. Ending that is happy and sweet make me feel satisfied. So 'author' please make us -the readers feel free and sweet

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