Monday, May 12, 2008

Itt ees all overrr .. I'm Freeeeeeee ..

I'm done with my semester exams ( just got back home). Fuck.. Never been more relieved in all my college life.

Lots of reasons, my last exam was Antennas and Wave Propagation, totally screwed up subject. Lots of derivations crap, so need to mug lots of formulae ( i'm very bad at math, so even the normal integration, differentiation steps are 'steps'). My prep wasn't all that great, decided to skip all derivations except 4-5 very very important( and simple) ones and study all the (easy)theory topics, which is basically long stories about all types of antenna. And i got lucky, the paper was full of theory q's, did really well ( for the amount i studied). All my friends who put in so much effort to mug/learn all those numerous derivations were screwed. haha .. Okay .. Chuck all that.. It is always great to end things on a good note. That way all the previous screwups are forgotten.

The next reason is, i get more than 40 days of holidays, college reopens on 23rd June ( by then i'll be a 'Senior', that is a rant for another day). Actually we get lots of holidays every even semester, but this is the first time i'll get to enjoy them fully. Every other time i'll usually have a few arrears after my current exams schedule, so when everyone else would be on holidays, i'll be stuck with screwed up exams. But then, i did my previous sem pretty well, so no more arrears.

I still have FORTY days left .. Wow .. My blog will be seeing a lot activity this month. Got nothing much to do - movies, TV shows, read/write blog posts and ofcourse we'll be doing a few rides later during June. We also have plans to go on a totally unplanned 2 day trip. Lets see whether this happens ..

More later ..


dilip said...

The title should have been "its all screwed up again",besides when do you suppose u will give me a backlink?

Ela said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhh...u...holidaying people!

Guru said...

@Dilip: Actually, this time it isn't all that screwed up like all the other times. Methinks i've done them all 'wokay' (in this case 'wokay' is 'good').

But, you never know. AU paper evaluation is a big mystery. Last time my results exceeded expectations, this time i could get screwed up too..

Then, all ^^ this talk is for later when the results come out. For now i've given my best shot. And lets see..

And check my blogroll now .. :) . I'm sorry .. I just keep forgetting..

rahman said...

All the good ol' college days!

Man I wish I had forty days to do nothing....maybe I shld quit work for a while or something :D

Doc SEO said...

40 days of're so lucky! there are many things could be done in that time frame. Wish i was that lucky..

dilip said...

well thank you then,as for the title i waz just kiddin,besides if ur happy why use the word "screwed" more than once.

Sassy said...

Congrats in finishing your semester!!!When's the party?

vidhya said...

>>But then, i did my previous sem pretty well, so more arrears.

U missed something in this line in your post...

forty days holidays is really cool.. Make sure you don't get bored in your holidays :P

Guru said...

@Vidhya: Yep, that was 'no more arrears'. Thanks for catching that for me ..

And i'm a little bored already. Lets see if it gets better from here.

Yeah, FORTY days.. ;)

( just love the way ^^ that sounds)

body builder said...

too much holidays is pretty boring actually. dont know what to do exactly. watching tv is the most common things to do.

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